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Mika Schneider

Mika Schneider: French Fashion Model

Mika Schneider is a fashion model who recently came into the public eye. She appeared in over 30 shows during Paris Fashion Week alone, and her modeling career is just starting off!

She enjoys an active social media career and is involved in multiple philanthropic endeavors, often working alongside influential influencers and celebrities to expand her reach and impact.

Mika Schneider’s Biography

Mika Schneider has modeled for brands including Chanel, Saint Laurent and Miu Miu as well as appearing in campaigns for Zara and Givenchy. Additionally, she modeled two group covers of Vogue Japan! Additionally, she holds dual citizenship with both France and Japan and enjoys adventure travel; proficient in French, Japanese, English as well as some Russian and German.

Schneider has a knack for captivating audiences with her stunning beauty and captivating presence, inspiring many followers to pursue their goals despite obstacles they might face. When not on the runway showcasing her striking features, Schneider participates in various charitable endeavors.

Mika was born August 30th 2001 and currently resides in Paris, France. Her Life Path 5 indicates she is an individual seeking truth while also travelling extensively for work purposes.

She has graced many magazine covers and her Instagram photos have amassed many tens of thousands of likes; making her one of the world’s most in-demand models.

Mika has also established herself as an accounting firm shareholder of Soukup, Bush and Associates P.C. She specializes in 401(k) audits, small business audits and reviews/compilations reports and tax consulting for both individuals and small businesses.

Even though she keeps herself very busy, she always makes time for travel and family time. Additionally, she has an interest in naturopathy and reflexology and owns a cat named Kiki who she considers her pet.

Mika Schneider’s Net Worth

Mika Schneider is an exceptional fashion model who has attained incredible success at such an early stage of her career. She has graced runways for big names like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Prada with her beauty, grace and charm; winning several prestigious modeling contests along the way and earning significant income through modeling work.

Mika Schneider goes beyond her successful career to support various philanthropic efforts. She believes it is essential to give back to the community, and has a genuine dedication for helping others. Additionally, she often works alongside influencers and celebrities to promote their brands or projects.

She holds dual citizenship between France and Japan and is an enchanting natural beauty with an endearing charm that draws people in wherever she goes. A member of The Dreamers dance troupe, her beautiful features have captured millions of fans around the globe with stunning looks and charming personalities that charm.

Mika is proud of her multiracial ethnicity and the unique style that marries French and Japanese influences in her fashion sense. Known for her radiant beauty and graceful walking on the ramp, Mika has earned praise as a model and runway competitor.

Even with her busy schedule, she always finds time for family and friends. She enjoys traveling and experiencing various cultures while hiking and surfing are also passions of hers. Additionally, she is an avid reader and writer as well as possessing an avid curiosity in learning new languages – having become fluent in several.

Cara has appeared at numerous renowned fashion shows and walked for designers such as Oliver Hadlee Pearch, David Sims, Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen and Craig McDean – earning her much recognition among industry insiders with her seductive moves and graceful ramp walks – she has even graced top magazines like Vogue Italia!

Cara has gained widespread praise in the fashion world thanks to her sensuous moves on stage and graceful walk on ramp, earning her much praise in Vogue Italia magazine as well. She has an extremely positive outlook and serves as an inspirational role model role model. Her net worth stands at an estimated $2 Million dollars!

Mika Schneider’s success story is an inspiration of hard work and perseverance. Her drive for success and unafraid nature have enabled her to achieve all her goals; including an impressive modeling portfolio and charitable work.

Mika Schneider’s Modeling Career

Mika Schneider has been modeling professionally for several years now. She brings with her an extensive arsenal of skills that enable her to stay relevant and successful in fashion, as well as an undying dedication to perfecting her craft and the way that she operates.

She has graced top-tier designers such as Chanel, Saint Laurent, Miu Miu and Prada as well as modeling campaigns from Zara and Givenchy. In addition to modeling she is an accomplished dancer and has performed on stage productions.

Her mother submitted photos to Japanese modeling agency Bon Image and shortly thereafter Elite Model Management’s French division discovered her through Instagram. She holds dual citizenship and speaks French, English and Japanese fluently; with many interests including travelling and discovering new cultures; yoga; naturopathy and reflexology are some of her passions.

Though her schedule is demanding, she still makes time for charitable causes and projects in her community. Through this generosity she has amassed an enormous following on social media as well as inspired many young people to pursue their goals.

She likes spending her free time with family. Her husband is a pilot, so whenever possible she enjoys traveling alongside him. In addition, she plays softball and golf with friends.

Mika joined Soukup, Bush & Associates in November 1997 as a shareholder. She holds Certified Public Accountant status both in Colorado and Texas and oversees 401(k) audits, small business audits and reviews, compilations as well as tax consulting and planning for clients.

She is an avid traveler who has traveled to countless countries throughout her lifetime. Additionally, she has appeared on television and published books. Additionally, in addition to her professional life she is an active volunteer at American Red Cross of Austin where she serves on its board of directors.

Mika Schneider’s Personal Life

Mika Schneider was raised by French and Japanese parents in Paris, Tokyo, Moscow and Chennai (India), speaking French, English as well as some Russian and German. Mika’s life path number 5 indicates her passion for exploring truth and deeper meaning – something demonstrated through her participation in charitable projects and endeavors around the globe.

She first went through Japanese modeling agency Bon Image before Elite Model Management’s French division discovered her through Instagram. Soon thereafter she made her debut at Prada’s S/S 2020 fashion show as well as Tom Ford’s Los Angeles show as bride; also, two group covers of Vogue Japan were dedicated to her, plus advertisements from Chanel, Loewe, Moncler, Givenchy Zara Saint Laurent Fendi and Louis Vuitton were created featuring her!

Schneider currently resides in Paris, France where she shares a three-bedroom flat in Montmartre with her sister and mother. Additionally, she employs a personal assistant and photographer who assists in managing day-to-day duties.

She boasts multiple income sources from her social media career, brand promotions and endorsements as well as writing, yoga and fitness classes as side hustles. When not engaging audiences on social media she enjoys traveling and long hikes as well as exploring new cultures and cuisines; in her free time she attempts to lead a healthy lifestyle by providing organic meals and regular workouts and also hopes to inspire others by sharing her own life journeys with them.


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