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Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan: American Actress

Meg Ryan rose to international stardom through her performances in romantic comedies such as When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle, as well as critically-acclaimed films such as French Kiss and You’ve Got Mail.

Meg Ryan first made waves as an actress when her breakout co-lead role in When Harry Met Sally made waves at cinematic release in 1989. This film established Meg as one of Hollywood’s leading romantic leading ladies.

Meg Ryan’s Biography

Meg Ryan was born November 19th, 1961 in Fairfield, Connecticut, and attended local schools. She graduated from Bethel High School before attending university studies (journalism at UConn and New YorkU). To supplement her college expenses she first appeared in television ads and As the World Turns soap operas; eventually leaving college a semester early to focus on acting career full-time.

She made her film debut in director George Cukor’s final film Rich and Famous (1981). From 1982-1984 she also starred in the daytime drama As the World Turns, playing an integral part in its popular romantic storyline. Additional television and smaller film roles soon followed, such as appearances in Charles in Charge, Armed, and Dangerous, and Amityville 3-D.

Rob Reiner’s When Harry Met Sally proved a critical and commercial success, propelling Ryan into stardom and opening up her film career to public attention. Sleepless in Seattle, French Kiss and You’ve Got Mail followed; as well as movies outside her usual genre such as the 1993 thriller Flesh and Bone.

She experienced a dip in stardom at the turn of the millennium after an extramarital affair caused the breakdown of her marriage to actor Dennis Quaid, but quickly rebounded by taking on roles more mature and complex than typical romance roles such as an alcoholic in When a Man Loves a Woman and helicopter pilot in Courage Under Fire; both roles brought praiseworthy reviews from critics alike.

Ryan has long been one of the most in-demand actresses. Even during career lulls, she remains in high demand as an actress; working on various projects ranging from big-budget films such as Lady Bird (for which she received a Golden Globe nomination in 2017) to small filmmaking ventures and making her directorial debut with Ithaca (also in 2015).

Meg Ryan’s Acting Career

Meg Ryan found many opportunities in Fairfield for her to pursue her passion for acting. After graduating from Bethel High School in 1979 and enrolling at New York University to major in journalism, she found additional ways to pursue it by acting in commercials and the soap opera As the World Turns. While at college, Meg took on extra roles such as commercials for television commercials or the soap opera As the World Turns and left early due to increasing success as an actress – adopting her grandmother’s maiden name Meg and making her movie debut appearance in 1981’s Rich and Famous.

After this success, she appeared in multiple TV shows and movies; becoming part of one of the most beloved soap opera couples as Betsy Stewart Montgomery on As the World Turns from 1982-1984. Additionally, in the 1990s she gained prominence for her romantic comedies co-starring Tom Hanks such as When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle.

Since her film debut in 2015 with Ithaca based on William Saroyan’s 1943 novel of the same name. she has continued acting and making films across a range of genres: comedy, drama, and thriller. Additionally, she made her directorial debut.

Ryan has often struggled to strike a balance between her professional and personal lives, yet remains successful at both. She has been married twice – most recently to actor Dennis Quaid in 1991 (they share son Jack). Though currently separated, Dennis Quaid remains close. Additionally, Ryan is working on another movie project which is yet to be announced publicly.

Meg Ryan has long been embroiled in controversy, most notably when her views on gun control caused a public fallout between her and Tom Hanks in 2014. Additionally, in 2003 she was accused of racism during an interview.

Meg Ryan was born in Fairfield, Connecticut, and is an American actress, film producer, and director. She made her mark with roles in When Harry Met Sally, Prelude to a Kiss and You’ve Got Mail as well as appearing in other movies such as The Deal, In the Cut, and City of Angels – she has even directed some independent flicks!

Meg Ryan’s Education

After graduating from Bethel High School in 1979, Meg Ryan studied journalism at both the University of Connecticut and New York University. While attending university she performed in television commercials and the soap opera As the World Turns for extra income. Meg eventually dropped out a semester before she was set to graduate to focus on acting; taking on her grandmother’s maiden name Ryan upon joining Screen Actors Guild.

Her film career kicked off with a small role in George Cukor’s 1981 movie Rich and Famous, followed by an appearance on As the World Turns from 1982-1984 as Betsy Stewart Montgomery Andropoulos who featured prominently in an extremely popular romantic storyline. Later roles would include Charles in Charge, Armed and Dangerous, and Amityville 3-D; which garnered her an Independent Spirit Award nomination.

Meg Ryan first came to prominence with her performance in When a Man Loves a Woman (1994). Subsequent roles for Meg included Restoration (1995), Courage Under Fire (1996), and Addicted to Love (1997); as well as independent films including In the Land of Women (2007), The Deal (2008), and Half the Sky (2012).

She made her screen acting debut alongside Tom Hanks in the 1998 movie You’ve Got Mail, which became a box office success. Other roles include City of Angels and Hurlyburly. Ryan made her directorial debut with Ithaca (a coming-of-age period drama).

Ryan quickly moved away from Hollywood once she made her directing debut, appearing in several films but eventually prioritizing personal life and family responsibilities. She is married to Dennis Quaid and together they share one son named Jack. As reported in a 2013 PEOPLE article, friends of Ryan commented on how much happier she seemed without its distractions and could focus on being with family.

Meg Ryan has been vocal in her fight against plastic surgery and negative comments made about her looks, vowing to continue fighting ageism in Hollywood. Unfortunately, however, she has also come under fire for using excessive fillers to look younger.

Meg Ryan’s Filmography

Meg Ryan was born Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra on November 19, 1961, and raised in Fairfield, Connecticut. While in college she studied journalism and earned extra money by appearing in commercials or bit roles on soap operas; modeling; appearing in musicals. Following graduation she made more substantial film and television appearances including one role in the 1986 military action flick Top Gun; later appeared in films Charles In Charge Amityville 3-D Promised Land among many more.

In 1989, she made her breakthrough role as Sally in When Harry Met Sally – which earned her a Golden Globe nomination – and has gone on to star in other romantic comedies including Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail. Additionally, in 1994 she played against type as an alcoholic high school guidance counselor in Luis Mandoki’s romantic social drama When A Man Loves a Woman. More recently in 1997, she voiced Anastasia as well as appearing as its helicopter pilot and war flick Courage Under Fire which received positive reviews as well as box office success from audiences worldwide.

She made several other movies, such as the 1998 hit City of Angels and the 1999 adaptation The Women. Additionally, she appeared in the 1999 biopic Jackie Kallen which received positive reviews but failed to make an impactful box office impactful impact. In 2001 she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for a supporting role in the drama The Man in the Moon while having small parts in both critically-panned Kate & Leopold and critically panned The Man in the Moon.

Meg Ryan first made headlines for her role as an insecure woman trying to find her place in the world in The Devil’s Advocate in 2005, later directing and premiering the independent comedy Fan Girl at Los Angeles Film Festival in 2015. That year she also made an appearance in the romantic comedy Serious Moonlight as well as playing an eager young girl who loved music in All Time Low; additionally lending her voice to the animated feature film The Nut Job 2. Meg is married to actor Dennis Quaid and has one child together with them.


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