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Megan Martin

Meagan Martin: Professional Rock Climber

Meagan Martin is a professional rock climber who has featured in several reality TV shows such as American Ninja Warrior for seven seasons and will also soon appear in Netflix’s upcoming The Climb alongside fellow celebrity rock climber Chris Sharma.

She made history competing in American Ninja Warrior, clearing both qualifying courses as a rookie and making three trips to the National finals!

She also enjoys an impressive acting career.

Meagan Martin’s Biography

In 2007, she made the transition to television movies with Tess Tyler appearing as Tess in Disney Channel television movies Camp Rock and its sequel Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam on Disney Channel television channels. Additionally, she has guest starred on shows like Nickelodeon’s Just Jordan and CBS’s Close to Home; additionally, her role can also be found in the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Martin has seen her career take a sharp upturn since joining MTV Awkward as Julie No. 2. Additionally, she voiced and filmed Jessica for PlayStation 4 exclusive Until Dawn alongside Rami Malek and Peter Stormare, as well as playing Sharon opposite Evan Peters and Juno Temple in Tony Alpis’ drama film Safelight.

She is an enthusiastic proponent of the First Amendment, having spoken at conferences across the country. Recently she was appointed to join the Board of Trustees at Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center as well as being part of the Democratic Women’s Caucus.

Martin has worked in education for more than ten years, beginning her career as a teacher before transitioning into instructional coaching. Her love of teaching has propelled her into advocating on behalf of both teachers and students and she continually looks for opportunities to empower educators and raise student achievement.

Meagan hails from Topeka, Kansas. She loves traveling and hiking with her husband and dog; reading; art, music, and cooking are among her passions; photography has long been one of her loves since watching her father develop film in the darkroom when she was a child; vintage cameras hold particular appeal for Meagan. Her works have been displayed in both local galleries as well as private collections.

Meagan Martin’s Acting Career

Meagan Martin is an award-winning actress who has performed across film, television, and theatre on both sides of the Atlantic. Trained at LAMDA, her performances have earned critical acclaim; roles include leading in 10 Things I Hate About You to Kim Davies’ Smoke which WhatsOnStage described as “astonishing”.

She has appeared as a guest star on numerous TV programs and became well known as an accomplished rock climber on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior where she became one of the first female rookies ever to reach the finals and the third woman overall to complete Stage 1. Additionally, she competed in the Australian version of this show as well.

Theater has provided her with many opportunities to perform classic plays. She began in community theatre productions in Las Vegas before making her professional theatre debut with the Los Angeles production of 13. Additionally, she has appeared in multiple commercials for Cabbage Patch Kids and Barbie products.

Meagan has voiced Namine in all subsequent releases of Kingdom Hearts since Brittany Snow left before season two was complete. Her other voice credits include leading roles in Camp Rock and Mean Girls 2, both Disney Channel original movies. Meagan also made regular appearances on House M.D and Melissa and Joey and had four seasons on Awkward on MTV.

MTV series Mean Girls 2 featured her as Johanna “Jo” Mitchell, an outsider trying to fit into the social scene at her high school. Additionally, she appeared as Jo in Lifetime’s thriller The Good Mother as well as playing Julie No. 2 (replacing Sophie Tilson).

In March 2022, she was cast as the lead in the British rom-com feature film Ten Dates alongside Rosie Day, Rhiannon Clements, and Sagar Radia – scheduled for release in February 2023.

She has also appeared in two short films: Tap Twice and Dear Lemon Lima; for which, she was nominated for an Audience Award at Woodstock Film Festival. Additionally, she starred as Adetomiwa Edun and Jonathan Bailey in Kate Saxon’s LGBT drama radio series Hell Cats for Audible.

Rock Climbing

Meagan Martin has become an admired competitor on American Ninja Warrior due to her outstanding achievements. She ranks among the top female competitors and made it twice into Stage 1 of the finals – in addition to competing she hosts its spin-off for kids ANW Junior as well as working as a climbing commentator.

Meagan began her sporting interest at an early age while home-schooled. As she matured, her interest expanded further when she participated in gymnastics competitions and pole vaulting before realizing rock climbing was her true calling. Meagan first encountered rock climbing as part of an outdoor lesson at Aiguille Rock Climbing Center and quickly took an interest in it.

Soon thereafter, she took it seriously and soon found herself competing in regional events, winning several titles along the way and striving hard to improve her skill. Additionally, she has scaled some of the most dangerous peaks worldwide and competed in international events while coaching and mentoring youngsters at ABC Kids Climbing Center in Colorado.

Starr recently began filming her upcoming show, “The Climb,” set to air on HBO Max later this year. In it, eight amateur climbers will attempt some of nature’s toughest ascents; and one will emerge victorious to become the best amateur climber worldwide and receive a $100,000 prAna sponsorship!

Meagan Martin has amassed an impressive list of accomplishments but her personal life is currently unstable. She is dating a professional rock climber and has been seen together at various locations; yet despite this development, she remains one of the most successful female competitors on the show and still stands to gain from making another appearance.

Last week, the reigning champion was left deeply dismayed when she failed to pass through the first obstacle of this year’s finals. With her family watching from Florida and veteran competitors cheering her on from behind the ropes, she managed to only make it three steps before an unexpected misstep sent her over the edge and into the water.


Meagan Martin is an award-winning portrait and travel photographer, known for her portraiture work that has been showcased in publications like TK Business Magazine and seven eight five I Do. Meagan’s photography has also helped raise awareness for social issues like homelessness, bullying, body image issues, and volunteering; fundraising efforts like Leaping Llamas Artisan Shop use her photos for these purposes as well. Additionally, she plays the character Lucy in the Audible LGBTQ+ drama radio series Hell Cats[25]. [28]

She is also a contributing photographer for various online magazines, such as XYZ Magazine.


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