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Meagan Good

Meagan Good: Actress and Producer

Meagan Good is an actress who has distinguished herself in the film industry through her ability to convincingly portray characters onscreen. For this, she has received significant critical acclaim.

She began her career at four, and since then has appeared in various TV shows and films, in addition to having an active producer’s career.

Meagan Good’s Biography

Meagan Good is an esteemed American actress known for appearing in many films and television shows, producing, writing books, and producing other talent. Her story of success without drama or compromise serves as a true role model to young women looking for ways to pursue their goals without having to compromise their values.

Good was born August 8th, 1981 in Panorama City, California to parents with Jewish, African, Cherokee, and Puerto Rican ancestry; her father worked as a Los Angeles police officer while her mother managed child actors as talent managers. Good began her acting career at age four as an extra on various shows and eventually made her film debut in 1995 with Friday. Following several small roles on Nickelodeon shows she became known as Cousin Skeeter from 1998-2001. She then auditioned for more mature roles. In 2005, she made her acting debut in Roll Bounce and Venom; two films featuring the horror genre. Waist Deep followed in 2006 as well as providing voice-over work for Scarface: The World is Your video game. Since then, she has continued acting careers by appearing in movies like One Missed Call and DC Comics Shazam!

Meagan Good made her film debut with Think Like a Man (2012) and later featured as one of the main protagonists on the critically acclaimed NBC drama Deception the same year. Additionally, she has had supporting roles in movies such as Stomp the Yard and Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

Meagan Good has managed to strike an excellent balance between her professional and personal lives despite her hectic schedule. A devout Christian with strong religious convictions, Meagan has protected herself from unnecessary drama while remaining faithful to family values and traditional principles – she adores her Seventh-day Adventist pastor husband who serves as a motivational speaker; they currently reside in California together and plan on having another baby soon.

Meagan Good’s Acting Career

Meagan Good is an actress, producer, director, and major force in filmmaking who has produced multiple TV shows and films such as Miles from Home and The Cookout. Known for her talent and versatility, she has established herself as a major force within the industry through her production efforts. Meagan understands both the creative process and filmmaking passionately and her production efforts have resulted in some of her most noteworthy projects such as Miles from Home and The Cookout.

Meagan started her acting career at an early age, appearing in commercials and small parts on television before landing her breakout role as Eve’s Bayou’s daughter, Eve. Since then, Meagan has continued her meteoric rise through the silver screen and small screens alike with appearances in Cousin Skeeter, Deception, Californication Prodigal Son Code Black as well as being Detective Lara Vega from Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report as well as several music videos such as 50 Cent’s 21 Questions Imajin among many others.

Recently, she has expanded her abilities behind the camera as well. She starred in Tyler Perry’s A La Carte and is currently writing and directing her project; additionally, she serves as executive producer on If Not Now, When? an internet dating dramedy that follows the dating experiences of black millennials.

Meagan excels as a producer by convening talented individuals and resources into meaningful films that engage viewers emotionally. Her involvement in over fifty film and television productions attests to her talent and devotion; earning respect among peers and industry colleagues alike for her unfaltering dedication.

Meagan Good turns 41 today, and she’s starting off 2018 right by debuting a new movie – Day Shift. In speaking to ET’s Kevin Frazier about this significant milestone in her life after divorcing actor/rapper DeVon Franklin of nine years; Good admitted it has been “an interesting year”; yet remains optimistic for what lies ahead.

Meagan Good’s Personal Life

Meagan Good is an avid fitness enthusiast, sharing her workouts on social media with fans. After training hard for over a year, her results can be seen: battle ropes, donkey kicks, and hanging crunches are among her signature workout moves; she recently posted a video showing herself and her husband DeVon Franklin working out together; they set serious couple goals! Good has also appeared in films and TV series such as Think Like a Man, Deception, and Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues as well as music videos by 50 Cent, Imajin, and Memphis Bleek; together they wrote an annotated Book with DeVon Franklin called Memphis Bleek; click here for more info or her website.

Married to DeVon Franklin

Actress Meagan Good recently joined ESSENCE’s online cover story series, Of The Essence, to discuss her divorce from DeVon Franklin and what the future may hold for her. At 41, Meagan spoke candidly about why she decided to part ways and being overlooked for roles. Additionally, she discussed overcoming challenges such as skin-bleaching rumors and being mocked because of her height; these all proved challenging obstacles in her professional journey.

Good began acting at age four when her mother first introduced her and her sister La’Myia Good-Bellinger to the world of entertainment. As her mother was an accomplished dancer, Good was encouraged by her mother to take on small roles such as extra appearances on shows like Doogie Howser and M.D. before appearing in films such as Friday (1995).

Good’s transition into more mature roles came in the early 2000s with her success in Eve’s Bayou and Biker Boyz roles, earning critical acclaim and leading to appearances in Deliver Us from Eva, Roll Bounce, and Stomp the Yard films.

Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin married in 2012 but did not have any children together. Although their split may have been heartbreaking, Good does not regret her marriage – instead looking forward to beginning a new chapter and starting on the next phase of her career journey.

Good had to channel her difficult emotions into her character of Camille on Amazon Prime Video’s Harlem series, which follows four friends in their 30s who live together in New York’s Harlem neighborhood: Meagan Good, Angie (Shoniqua Shandai), Tye (Jerrie Johnson), and Quinn (Grace Byers).

Good was left “devastated” when her husband of nine years, DeVon Franklin, filed for divorce in December 2021. Though this news came as a shock, Good still considers Franklin an amazing person. In her interview with ESSENCE, she provided some helpful tips for dealing with divorce as well as her outlook for her future.


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