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Maye Musk

Maye Musk: Model and Dietitian

Maye Musk built an impressive modeling career, landing covers of multiple high-profile magazines, before becoming the billionaire behind Tesla and SpaceX. She also published two books – Feel Fantastic and A Woman Makes a Plan.

Dietitian-nutritionist and model, she advocates for a healthy lifestyle and shares her advice regularly online and through interviews. She follows a straightforward diet without overindulgence or excess.

Maye Musk’s Biography

People usually associate Elon Musk with billionaire tech mogul and SpaceX founder, Elon. However, his mother Maye Musk is also an influential figure. Recently she appeared on Mother’s Day with Elon and wowed viewers with her beauty, style, and charm.

Born in Canada and moving to South Africa as a child, Maye began modeling professionally in her 20s. Since then, her work has seen her grace the cover of multiple magazines such as Time’s Health Edition and international Vogue publications, and CoverGirl spokesperson roles.

Elon, Kimbal, and Tosca were raised alone by their mother; she fought tirelessly for their well-being by taking multiple jobs to support them – even working as a dietician to assist patients with diet-related medical problems.

Maye Musk hails from an adventurous family. Joshua Musk was an explorer who traveled throughout Africa in search of lost cities; their adventurous family would travel by foot for miles camping out along the way and eating whatever was available along their journeys.

Maye and her children eventually relocated to Toronto, Canada, whereupon moving into their small apartment Maye spent weeks tearing out staples from walls and pulling green velvet vines out before beginning any decorating efforts.

Now, Maye has established herself as an established model and published several books. With her no-nonsense approach and belief that people should “be true to themselves and pursue what they desire,” Maye believes that life’s hardships have helped mold her into who she is now; thus she shares hard-won wisdom through her 2019 book A Woman Makes a Plan with readers.

Maye Musk’s Modeling Career

Maye Musk has long been recognized for her beauty and confidence as a model, garnering many brands’ interest over her 30-year career spanning multiple runways while remaining true to herself and her values and principles. She serves as a role model to women everywhere and an inspiration to any who wishes to follow their own goals.

At 15 years old, Musk began modeling. Although she never won the Miss South Africa beauty contest, this did not deter her from pursuing her goals and modeling for various magazines, and signing with one of the top agencies worldwide: IMG. Additionally, she walked New York Fashion Week runway shows and was featured in Dolce and Gabbana campaigns before later becoming a CoverGirl spokesmodel and appearing on billboards in Times Square.

Hard work and perseverance have forged her into the person she is today. Working as a dietitian with two master’s degrees under her belt while finding time for modeling as her true passion, she has proven herself unstoppable and an undisputable force to reckon with.

Maye Musk is not only known for her successful modeling career but is also an adoring mother and generous philanthropist. She is a mother to three children – including billionaire Elon Musk of SpaceX and Tesla fame – as well as being committed to health and sustainability issues through The Musk Foundation she established herself. Maye has demonstrated her dedication and hard work and her success serves as an example for everyone striving to fulfill their dreams.

Maye Musk’s Marriage

Maye Musk is not only a model and dietitian, but she works closely with her son’s tech companies as well. She has appeared in Special K cereal boxes, Revlon ads, and even Beyonce videos; she was even one of South Africa’s top models before branching out into Canada and the United States. Maye practices yoga regularly to maintain her body. Additionally, Time magazine featured Maye on its health issue cover in 2015.

At Musk’s family, adventure runs deep. Her parents Winnifred Josephine “Wyn” Haldeman and Joshua Norman Haldeman were bold explorers; searching for the Lost City of Kalahari while flying around in a single-engine prop plane. Her children followed in their footsteps: Elon heads Tesla and SpaceX companies while Kimbal oversees the nonprofit Big Green that teaches children to grow their food; Tosca is now producing at Passion Flix using bestseller romance novels to produce inspiring movies that teach empowering life lessons!

Even with their wealth, the Musks have not been without struggles. Maye recounted in one interview how their family struggled to make ends meet while she held multiple jobs at once, but she has not allowed bad times to keep her down.

Today, Maye Musk is an active 74-year-old who enjoys spending time with her children. She accompanied Elon to events like the Met Gala and Twitter meetings as well as SpaceX rocket launches in California; she’s also a huge supporter of his dream to send humans to Mars – she recently shared this insight in an illuminating interview with The Times.

Maye Musk’s Divorce

Elon Musk, CEO of advanced companies Tesla and SpaceX. She had an acclaimed modeling career both in Canada and the US doing nude photoshoots for magazines such as Vogue. Additionally, she was educated as a dietician who taught college courses before becoming an author herself.

Maye Musk was married to Errol Musk from 1970-1979. They welcomed Elon into the world in South Africa before migrating back home – first Canada, then California before eventually settling in Austin Texas where Maye reportedly left because of Errol’s frequent infidelity. The marriage eventually disbanded due to frequent infidelity by Errol.

As soon as she had secured her independence, Maye began dating again before marrying David Wilson again in 1992 and having three children before divorcing again in 2022.

After Maye and his former spouse divorced in 2018, she started dating Canadian musician Grimes in 2018. They attended the Met Gala together that same year before making it official that they were an item. Unfortunately, however, their relationship ultimately broke apart shortly thereafter and Grimes has since begun dating Shivon Zilis who works at Musk’s artificial intelligence company Neuralink.

Errol Musk has mostly avoided public attention; although once an accomplished gold miner, he left this industry behind to focus on raising a family and providing them with financial security. Although occasionally interviewed over time, he prefers not being in the spotlight and prefers keeping to himself.

Maye Musk’s Children

Elon Musk is one of the wealthiest individuals on Earth, as well as an accomplished scientist and entrepreneur with his own companies. Yet what many don’t realize is that he’s also a very involved father to his children – with Maye Musk providing both strength and support throughout their adventures, helping mold their values along the way.

She is well known for publicly supporting his endeavors on social media, never faltering when standing up for them when necessary. In 2022, she even aimed the Obama Administration for not crediting Tesla with helping reduce climate change.

Maye has experienced an unpredictable career journey, yet has always found ways to keep her feet steady. Aside from modeling work and nutritionist consulting services, Maye maintains her private practice in nutrition therapy as a nutritionist and private practice nutritionist based out of Los Angeles. Her modeling career has taken her around the world where she has appeared on Time’s health edition as well as international versions of Vogue and Women’s Day magazine covers.

As Ouma to her grandchildren, she cherishes every second she spends with them – whether playing games with them or simply spending time together.

Maye finds great pleasure in watching her grandchildren flourish and succeed in their chosen fields, following in her footsteps to live their lives to their fullest.


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