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Maggie Q

Maggie Q: American Actress, Activist, Model

Maggie Q has made waves as the star of action films like Nikita and now The Protege. She strongly advocates treating her body well by eating with mindfulness.

Her telling sigh reveals her awareness that this question brings up Full Metal Jacket-esque memories of Vietnam War liaisons between American good ol’ boys and Vietnamese prostitutes.

Maggie Q’s Biography

Maggie Quigley, better known by her initials Maggie Q. is an experienced actress known for her appearances in numerous action movies and the hit teen movie series Divergent. Additionally, Maggie Q has made appearances on TV shows like Nikita, the Young Justice series, and Designated Survivor. Originally hailing from Honolulu Hawaii with Irish and Polish heritage ancestry Maggie began modeling before transitioning into acting roles, having done both Hong Kong films as well as American ones.

She made her film debut with House of the Dragon TV drama in 1998, then soon after began appearing in Chinese films as Gen-Y Cops before landing Brett Ratner’s Rush Hour 2 with him as one of her Hollywood film roles. Due to this success in this genre, she later earned leading roles such as Manhattan Midnight as well as several other Chinese movies.

Maggie Q has achieved incredible results through hard work and proper nutrition. Her diet includes an abundance of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits along with various supplements for maximum effect. Maggie is vegetarian as well as having recently converted to veganism; both eating habits help her maintain her lean figure while giving her glowing skin.

One key component of her amazing physique is her daily workout regimen. On Tuesdays she attends spin classes that help develop muscles slowly while decreasing injury risk; Thursdays are spent swimming in the ocean; additionally, she engages in high-intensity cardio workouts such as boxing or MMA on weekends.

She performs her stunts. Since childhood, she has trained in martial arts. Additionally, she has doubled for some of her roles, most notably Live Free or Die Hard and Priest (in which she had to perform all her stunts). Maggie Q has an estimated net worth of $12 Million and boasts a stunning smile and captivating eyes that have made her an international superstar. As a talented actress, she continues to stun audiences worldwide.

Maggie Q’s Movies

Maggie Q has appeared in more than 43 movies and television shows since she made her debut in 1998. Her career started in the Hong Kong film ‘House of the Dragon’ before transitioning to the American film industry shortly thereafter. Since then she has appeared in multiple action films, television series such as Nikita (starring as the titular character), voice acting roles, as well as voiceover roles in other movies/TV shows.

Hawaiian actress Kai’o Makani first found success after landing a role as Zhen Lei in Mission: Impossible III, helping her gain exposure and eventually secure other film roles such as Naked Weapon, Rice Rhapsody, and Balls of Fury.

One of her most successful movies was Die Hard: Part IV in which she appeared as Mai Linh. The film grossed an astounding $388 Million at the box office and she continued to impress audiences and earn work from other directors with her performances.

Maggie Q also appeared in the 2010 movie Ashanti which was inspired by true events, depicting an Indian girl abducted by Taliban terrorists and later released back into her home country of India. While reviews for the movie were mixed, it did well at box offices nationwide and Q was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her work in it.

In 2012, she made waves in Hollywood as one of the stars of Divergent. Set in dystopian Chicago where people are classified according to virtues, Maggie Q plays Tori Wu who works at her Dauntless tattoo place and gives Tris an aptitude test before warning her against becoming Divergent as her brother had already been murdered for being one.

He has also appeared in various tv series such as The 100, Stalker, and Designated Survivor. She will next be seen on Pivoting with Ginnifer Goodwin where she can swap out her spy gear for something more casual.

Maggie Q’s TV Shows

Actress Maggie Q grew up playing sports and remains physically active to this day. Her workouts encompass a range of fitness types, and she consumes a healthy plant-based diet; both aspects have helped Maggie Q maintain a slim figure without spending hours tracking calories.

She is also an advocate for animal rights and has made several public statements voicing her support for protecting them. She has donated money to animal shelters and organizations. Through her activism, she has amassed a substantial following on social media.

Maggie Q is currently not married nor has children, yet she does own several canine companions. In 2011, Modern Dog magazine interviewed her regarding coming from an animal-loving family and having a strong affinity for canines; furthermore, she promotes animal rescue on Instagram.

Maggie Q is currently co-starring on the NBC show Stalker alongside Dylan McDermott, filming in Atlanta along with Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Theo James, Kate Winslet, and Octavia Spencer.

She has over 10 years of experience working in Hollywood and has appeared on popular shows like Nikita, Law & Order: SVU, and The Practice as well as several independent films.

Maggie Q made her film debut as Tori in Divergent, reprising it for Insurgent and Allegiant as well. Additionally, she has also done voice work in some movies. Maggie Q has also appeared in some action films. She starred as a priestess who goes rogue to rescue her daughter from vampires in 2011’s Priest, before playing an elite Dauntless member alongside Shailene Woodley, Miles Teller, Zoe Kravitz Paul Bettany, and Veronica Roth in 2012’s Divergent movie.

Her latest movie is Martin Campbell’s action thriller The Protege, featuring Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson from Casino Royale and The Equalizer fame. Set for release on October 19, it is currently available for streaming on VOD before hitting Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD, and DVD later next year.

Maggie Q’s Personal Life

Maggie Q was born Margaret Denise Quigley in Honolulu, Hawaii to a Polish and Irish descent family. As a model and actress, she quickly achieved prominence both in Hong Kong’s film industry and Hollywood’s. She appeared in several major hits like Rush Hour 2 and Live Free or Die Hard while training martial arts as a means of self-protection – often performing her stunts!

Maggie leads an active lifestyle, including exercise and eating a plant-based diet. She believes that health is key to feeling great and looking amazing, so she strives to fit in at least an hour of movement or workout each day – often choosing yoga but has also done boxing and mixed martial arts training.

Maggie Q is a vegan who takes great care to consume a balanced diet. Her day often begins with green juice, followed by snacks like granola, fruit, vegetables, and nuts before she prepares dinner – usually some form of kitchari or another protein-packed vegetable dish.

Even with her busy schedule, she still makes time to relax with friends and family. Additionally, she enjoys traveling – she has visited Italy, France, Australia, and New Zealand – as well as participating in several charity events.

Maggie Q is estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of $12 Million. She earned this wealth through a varied career in films and TV shows that she appeared in, including working alongside notable actors such as Ving Rhames and Tom Cruise. Furthermore, Maggie Q has become known for being an adept fashion model who has appeared in various ad campaigns.

Maggie Q is currently unmarried and child-free. She has had several relationships, such as one with Dylan McDermott – whom she was engaged to – as well as with Brett Ratner and Daniel Wu, with whom she has also been linked.


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