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Madelyn Cline

Madelyn Cline: American Actress and Model

Madelyn Cline is a well-known actress who dropped out of college to pursue acting. Currently, she stars as Alice on the Netflix series Outer Banks but she has also made numerous TV and film appearances.

Mark and Pam support her career pursuit. She belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and holds American nationality.

Madelyn Cline’s Biography

Madelyn Cline was born and raised in Goose Creek, South Carolina. Madelyn Cline is an emerging young actress best known for her breakout performance as Sarah Cameron on Netflix’s Outer Banks series. Since then, she has made appearances in other popular shows like The Originals and Stranger Things as well as making an appearance in Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery movie in West Hollywood where she currently resides and portrays Whiskey.

Cline began her modeling career at just 10 years old, appearing in large-scale print ads for brands like American Girl and Toys R Us. Soon thereafter she started acting, spending summers in New York City appearing in TV commercials such as Sunny D and T-Mobile as well as appearing in films such as Boy Erased and Vice Principals.

Mark and Pam Cline, Cline’s parents, are both accomplished professionals; her father works in water system engineering while her mother acts as a real estate agent. Cline left Coastal Carolina University early to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles against her parent’s wishes; eventually, however, they came around and supported their daughter’s decision.

Cline is an avid Christian who adores spending time with her family. Additionally, she maintains close ties to Chase Stokes – her co-star from 2021-2022 before they broke up.

Madelyn Cline’s Acting Career

Madelyn Cline epitomizes the phrase, “You can’t take the country out of a girl.” Born and raised nearby where Outer Banks films on Netflix, Madelyn is no stranger to film and television roles such as her uncredited appearance in Vice Principals or her recurring part on Stranger Things; managed by Paradigm Talent Agency.

Madelyn Cline took an unusual path in her pursuit of acting. While many performers leave college early and head for Los Angeles in hopes of making it big, Madelyn decided to complete school before embarking on her professional acting career full-time. Although her parents disapproved, Madelyn was determined to follow her passion and make it work.

After graduating high school, Madelyn attended Coastal Carolina University to study theatre. However, after discovering acting was her true calling she dropped out and relocated to Los Angeles to pursue it full-time. Soon thereafter her hard work paid off when she quickly secured a starring role on Outer Banks!

Fans fell in love with Cline’s portrayal of Sarah Cameron and the show was an instantaneous hit. Not only does the cast have great on-screen chemistry; but off-screen they appear to have just as much fun! According to Cline’s Instagram, she and Outer Banks co-star Chase Stokes have been dating each other and were even quarantined together during a coronavirus pandemic!

Madelyn Cline’s Modeling Career

Cline has an endearing personality that attracts 16 million followers on social media, capturing her audience’s hearts with authenticity while also embodying Hollywood glamour and engaging with Gen Z viewers. Her favorite movie is 23rd Psalm: Redemption; she enjoys photography, road trips, drawing, and hiking as hobbies. Matilda was her role in the 2009 short Milites Christi while Willow in Savannah Sunrise was another prominent role she portrayed before making an appearance as Maya Smith in the 13th Hour drama film.

Madelyn was raised in a traditional household by her parents Pam (a real estate agent) and Mark (a water system engineer), both professionals. When she won a modeling competition as a child, both were supportive. When she decided to enter television commercials for T-Mobile, Next Clothing, Sunny D, and other brands in New York City during the early summers of teenhood – her parents even encouraged this choice! Later she went on to appear in films such as Boy Erased, Vice Principals as well as TV series such as The Originals and Stranger Things among many other roles.

However, the pressure to uphold a certain body image became too much for this young star and she struggled with an eating disorder. With help from family and friends, she overcame this obstacle while remaining committed to leading a healthy lifestyle – enjoying horses while speaking French fluently among other interests.

Madelyn Cline’s Education

Madelyn Cline is an up-and-coming actress best known for her roles on iconic shows like Stranger Things and The Originals. Since then, she has gone on to star in Boy Erased before making waves as part of the Netflix teen series Outer Banks.

Cline was born and raised in Goose Creek, South Carolina where she began modeling as a child. While attending Coastal Carolina University she dropped out to pursue acting full-time in Los Angeles; although initially, her decision caused consternation among family members. Soon enough however she started landing significant roles; according to Vogue interview transcripts, Cline described her experience as life-changing.

She first gained prominence through a role in 23rd Psalm: Redemption in 2011, helping her gain initial exposure. Savannah Sunrise offered another platform where she played Willow. But her breakthrough role came with Outer Banks when Sarah Cameron cast her in 2020 as Sarah.

She portrays a rebellious young woman with an interest in her boyfriend’s best friend; their complex relationships include those between Baptist pastors who believe in conversion therapy, as well as her parents, whom she finds particularly troublesome.

Though Madelyn Cline may appear shallow on-screen, she is an accomplished actor whose talent far surpasses being just a pretty face. With an exceptional talent for making characters seem real and connecting with audiences alike, Madelyn is more than just another pretty face!

Madelyn Cline’s TV Series

Cline made her acting debut with a small role in Stranger Things 2, the popular Netflix sci-fi series. She appeared in two episodes as Tina, an antagonistic girl who antagonizes our main characters; for these scenes, she wears a dark brunette haircut that almost renders her unrecognizable.

Although her role on the hit show lasted only briefly, it gave her plenty of exposure. Since then, she has gone on to star in multiple movies and TV series – most recently Outer Banks as Sarah Cameron from an affluent family; GLAAD award-winning drama Boy Erased as well as indie horror flick The Giant are among them.

Madelyn Cline has made waves both on film and television as well as modeling. She has worked for brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, and Victoria’s Secret as well as appearing in various TikTok videos.

Cline and Chase Stokes began sharing sweet photos of each other on Instagram and recently celebrated their first-anniversary wearing red outfits, fueling speculation of real-life romance rumors. Furthermore, these two actors formed incredible chemistry during Outer Banks filming; during its shooting, they bonded even more as they were quarantined together in April 2021 for five weeks as part of an outbreak.

Madelyn Cline’s Commercials

Madelyn Cline may be Hollywood’s new “it girl”, but before her breakout role on Netflix’s Outer Banks, she was just another young actor from Goose Creek, South Carolina. Starting as a child actor for brands such as T-Mobile and Next clothing commercials; briefly attending college at Coastal Carolina University before dropping out and going full time into acting with 23rd Psalm: Redemption (2011) followed by Savannah Sunrise and Vice Principals as films/TV shows respectively.

Outer Banks was her breakthrough role. Premiering April 2020 and part of the Netflix Originals series that has taken Hollywood by storm.

Cline’s character Sarah is John B. Routledge’s (Chase Stokes) love interest and daughter of one of Ward Cameron’s main enemies; although Sarah comes from a Kook family background she opts to sideline herself from them and join the Pogues instead.

Since the show debuted, viewers have been curious as to the actress’ net worth. Cline has become one of the most sought-after young actors in Hollywood and her popularity shows no signs of abating any time soon.


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