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Mabel Cadena

Mabel Cadena: Actress, Dancer, Model

Mabel Cadena was born September 23rd, 1990, and currently stands 32 years old. She recently made her Hollywood debut with the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Black Panther Wakanda Forever where she played Namora.

She made appearances alongside Tenoch Huerta, Angela Bassett, and Lupita Nyong’o as part of a trio known as Tenoch and also appeared in two television series called Capadocia and Camelia la Texana.

Mabel Cadena’s Biography

Mabel Cadena is a Mexican actress, dancer, model, and social media influencer best known for her role as Amada Diaz in El Baile de los 41. In 2022 she made her Hollywood debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever as Namora; an aquatic superheroine superheroine of the sea.

Mabel was born on 23 September 1990 in Naucalpan, Mexico, and raised in Minatitlan in Veracruz. She holds both an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a master’s in Acting from CasAzul Arts Escenicas Argos Academy located in Tlalnepantla de Baz, Mexico.

Before her Hollywood debut, Mabel was an acclaimed Mexican actress. She appeared in many hit movies and TV shows such as Venganza Postuma, Fight Back, Hernan, and Por la Mascara No fue mi Culpa: Mexico Senorita 89 Monarca where she had many different roles and continues her acting career today.

Mabel was delighted to secure her role of Namora in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. According to an interview with Bustle, Mabel initially felt unprepared and uncertain of what she should expect from the film since she hadn’t read any comics related to Namora or what exactly should come into play when portraying the role. Luckily for Bustle readers, she later clarified in detail what exactly Namora should bring and she has since experienced plenty of growth as an actress since.

Mabel Cadena managed to make this role her own, producing an outstanding performance that earned rave reviews from critics and audiences alike – earning her an Ariel Award nomination for Best Actress.

Mabel’s participation in Black Panther has opened doors that she never expected; now, she has established herself as an impressive force within Hollywood’s entertainment industry and not only played a major part in a blockbuster movie but is also featured in various advertisements and endorsements.

Mabel has amassed considerable wealth through her success and lives an extravagant lifestyle, owning numerous branded clothes and items. Additionally, in her free time, she enjoys horseback riding and boxing as recreational activities.

Mabel Cadena’s Movies

Mabel Cadena is an award-winning Mexican actress, model, dancer, and popular personality. The gorgeous starlet has graced several movies and television shows; her acting skills are exceptional and have won her many fans across all generations. She has collaborated with notable actors like Letitia Wright, Lupita Nyong’o, and Danai Gurira on projects.

Minatitlan, Veracruz is where she was born on 23 September 1990 as a Libra and follows Christianity. She remains close to both of her parents; sharing pictures of them and their closeness on social media. Her father works in business while his mother Dulce Cadena has given birth. Additionally, details regarding a younger sibling remain unavailable at this time.

Early in her career, she participated in several theater productions before making her professional acting debut in the HBO series Cappadocia as Adela Rosa – her debut performance as a professional actress. Subsequently, she continued working in movies and television shows.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was an incredible example of Latino representation in Hollywood and made great strides toward diversity within Marvel Cinematic Universe. Namora and his people were depicted with depth and had cultural connections to Mesoamerican civilizations.

Cadena was delighted by how well her film was received and spoke with Screen Rant about its impact and what it means for her.

She highlighted the significance of indigenous representation in the film. She recounted hearing as a child that people of color couldn’t be superheroes; taking on Namora’s powerhouse cousin role was her way to challenge these assumptions head-on.

Mabel Cadena is best known for her role as Ms. T in Black Panther; however, she has also appeared in various other movies and television shows including Venganza Postuma, Senorita 89, The Envoys, No Fue mi Culpa: Mexico, and Monarca. Currently, she is working on her next project of which details will soon be made known; previously she modeled for various brands as well as appearing on magazine covers.

Mabel Cadena’s TV Shows

Mabel Cadena made her television debut in 2012 when she played Adela Rosa Chavez on HBO Latin America’s Cappadocia show. Since then, she has made guest appearances in a variety of television programs like Camelia la Texana (2014), El Seor de los Cielos (2015), Once Upon a Time (2016), Las Malcriadas (2017) Ingobernable (2017) Por the Mask (2018) La Bandida (2018) Monarca (2019) and Hernan (2019).

Mabel has seen her career soar ever since making the transition from film and television acting, garnering several Ariel nominations as well as roles in Dance of the 41 (2020), Goddess of Asphalt (2020) by Julian Hernandez, and Tecuelhuetzin in Hernan (2019).

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever marks her latest project as she plays Namora, cousin to Marvel superhero Black Panther. To prepare for this role, the actress had to learn boxing and horseback riding as well as studying English language skills.

Talented actress with an impressive social media following and an active acting career. She enjoys great relationships with both her parents and sister; however, they tend not to discuss much personal matters with each other. Each year on September 23rd she throws an extravagant birthday celebration for friends and family.

Mabel has an irresistibly gorgeous figure that attracts many men. She has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows, so her fans are eager to watch what comes next from Mabel. Mabel is very active on social media; regularly posting pictures of herself. Her Instagram account boasts many followers, which allows her to promote upcoming projects as well. Mabel possesses an engaging sense of humor as well as amazing musical talents such as singing and dancing; furthermore, she exhibits positive life values by being hard-working while maintaining her positive outlook – serving as an ideal example for young girls looking for inspiration in life.

Mabel Cadena’s Net Worth

Mabel Cadena is a Mexican actress known for her roles in movies, TV shows, and theatre plays. Her impressive list of skills earned her several nominations at awards ceremonies; her estimated net worth is currently $5 Million.

Mabel was born in Naucalpan, Mexico on September 23rd, 1990. She attended Veracruz University where she earned both a BA and MA degree in acting from Veracruz. Following this training at CasAzul Artes Escenicas Argos academy in Tlalnepantla de Baz State of Mexico, she began performing stage acts such as Enemigo de Clase by Sebastian Zurita; Oedipus’ Tears by Wajdi Mouawad; Manual De Desuso by Edurne Goded; Gardenia Club by Lila Aviles among many others.

She then began appearing in both television series and films, such as Ingobernable (TV Series) and Capadocia (TV Series). Her breakout role came when she played Goddess Ramira in El baile de los 41 films; here her performance earned her recognition, earning a nomination for an Ariel Award nomination.

Following her success in Hernan, she received more opportunities and established herself as a recognized celebrity. She made an appearance in Black Panther Wakanda Forever as Namora alongside Letitia Wright, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira Winston Duke Florence Kasumba among many other talented actors and actresses.

Mabel stands 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 54 kilograms. She has a lean physique with beautiful dark brown eyes and an engaging personality; she gets along well with co-stars, has many fans on social media, and loves boxing and horseback riding, among other interests.

Mabel is currently unmarried and remains privately discreet about her personal life in public. Of Nahua origin, she can speak her native language fluently. Athletic in nature, Mabel enjoys practicing acrobatics and boxing as hobbies as well as dancing and singing – which makes for an impressive resume!


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