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Luna Blaise

Luna Blaise: American Actress and Singer

Luna Blaise, best known for her roles as Nicole Ellis on ABC’s hit sitcom Fresh Off the Boat and Olive Stone on NBC’s sci-fi drama Manifest, has also proven herself an exceptional singer by releasing several singles including Over You and Secrets.

She first came into prominence after appearing in internet celebrity Jacob Sartorius’ music video Sweatshirt.

Luna Blaise’s Biography

Luna Blaise was born on 1st October 2001 in Los Angeles, California, and is an American actress known for her roles in several TV shows and films as well as various music videos and her solo releases.

She discovered a passion for acting early on and has been acting professionally ever since she could walk. Growing up with the director’s father Paul Boyd as her teacher has given her plenty of experience working sound stages and in front of the cameras, not to mention social media followers to grow from.

Her parents were both actors; her mother was a second-generation Mexican-American. She has an identical twin brother whom she counts among her closest friends, as well as being close with Jack Messina who co-starred on Manifest alongside her. She possesses an inborn sense of humor and delights in making others laugh.

At five, she began modeling and commercials for Mcdonald’s, KFC, Dunkin Hines, Target, Juicy Couture, and Gap brands such as McDonald’s. Soon thereafter she made her movie debut in Vicious Circle (2008) before playing Young Nina in Memoria which was produced by James Franco himself.

In 2014, she made headlines when she was cast as Nicole on the ABC television series Fresh Off the Boat alongside Randall Park and Constance Wu. Her performance earned critical acclaim and garnered her the Best Recurring Young Actress award at the 2016 Young Artist Awards. Additionally, she appeared in Jacob Sartorius’ music video for his single Sweatshirt as well as working in movies and TV series since.

After making her television debut as Olive Stone on NBC’s The Kelly Clarkson Show in 2018, she soon joined the cast of Manifest as she has an impressive voice and dance moves having studied Russian ballet for 10 years. Additionally, she has written and recorded various songs including Over You, Camera Roll and Secrets.

Luna Blais’s Career

Luna Blaise has amassed a substantial fortune through her acting and modeling career. She has worked in commercials for major brands like Dunkin’ Donuts, KFC, Target, and Juicy Couture as well as appearing in several movies and television shows. Due to her impeccable acting abilities, she has quickly become one of the industry’s rising stars; with even greater heights expected ahead.

Luna Blaise’s current focus lies on her career rather than any potential romantic relationships at this time. She tends to keep her personal life private on social media. Fans have speculated that she may currently be single and enjoying living her solo life for now; though with so many fans worldwide it’s likely she will meet someone to settle down with in due time.

Blaise also enjoys music. Her debut EP, entitled “What to Do,” contains six songs that showcase her beautiful singing voice and song-writing ability; creating her tracks as well. Blaise possesses both contemporary and classic elements to her sound that make her an exceptional singer-songwriter.

Blaise has long been in the industry and has amassed an enormous fan base on Instagram – over 1 Million! She boasts a great sense of humor, often posting amusing posts or videos to her account.

Young actress Grace Elizabeth is an incredibly gifted artist – captivating the hearts of millions with her art. With an inspirational outlook towards life, Grace encourages followers to become the best version of themselves and is also involved with various organizations advocating mental health care.

Luna Blaise enjoys eating pizza and binge-watching Netflix series in her free time, is an avid Spiderman fan, visiting New York City frequently, has an engaging personality, always smiling, being an active philanthropist who donates regularly to charities.

Luna Blaise’s TV Commercials

Luna Blaise was born October 1, 2001, in Los Angeles, California, and quickly showed an affinity for acting from an early age. Both her parents, director Paul Boyd and actress Angelina Martinez work in entertainment industry roles which only increased Luna’s love of acting further. Ever since she could remember, she would watch trailers, behind-the-scenes clips, and full-length movies with great interest.

As a child, she would recite movie plotlines aloud and create characters of her own to bring to life. At age five, she began auditioning for commercials and doing child modeling work; eventually making national TV commercials for brands such as Mcdonald’s, KFC, Target, and Gap as well as making her film debut with Vladimir de Fontenay and Nina Ljeti’s short independent movie called Memoria (2012).

she is best known for her role as Olive Stone on NBC sci-fi drama series Manifest, having previously made multiple guest appearances on ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat. Additionally, she is an accomplished singer; having released three singles Over You, Camera Roll, and Secrets independently. A strong advocate of equal human rights.

In 2022, she was cast as a leading recurring character on The CW’s Riverdale series and has also made appearances in movies and TV shows including The Grudge 3, Vicious Circle, Awkward, and American Pie: Girls’ Rules. Additionally, she will soon appear alongside Addison Rae in Netflix/Miramax feature film He’s All That and co-starring alongside Madison Pettis, Charlie Gillespie, and Hart Denton in coming of age drama Deltopia.

Luna enjoys spending her free time with family and friends. She has a particular affinity for film noir movies as well as murder mystery tales, music, and dance performances. Luna hopes to one day work alongside Steven Spielberg, Angelina Jolie, or Guillermo Del Toro on future projects.

Luna Blaise’s TV Shows

Luna Blaise, known for her role on the TV show Manifest, has quickly become one of the industry’s rising stars since debuting her talents at such an early age. Since then she has also appeared in movies and television shows. Luna’s success can be attributed to her impressive acting talents which have led to an incredible future ahead for her as an artist and actress.

She began her career at an early age, with help from both of her parents. As soon as she started attending auditions for commercial TV roles she soon started getting them; soon appearing in commercials for McDonald’s, KFC, Dunkin Donuts Target Gap with promising futures ahead. A star is certainly in the making!

Luna has proven her acting prowess time after time on both film and television screens, appearing in Vicious Circle, Memoria, Concrete Kids, Surviving Theater 9, We Are Gathered Here Today and Over You among many others. Additionally, she made an appearance in Jacob Sartorius’ debut single Sweatshirt music video.

In 2021, she made her television debut as Olive Stone on the NBC sci-fi drama series Manifest. However, it was canceled after three seasons only to later be revived by Netflix and suffered through emotional trauma due to its abrupt cancellation but the series managed to end on an upbeat note with stunning perplexity.

In the 2022 season of Manifest, viewers can expect an investigation into what led to the mysterious disappearance of Flight 93 and its subsequent aftermath. The dramatists behind Manifest have worked diligently on each episode so it will be exciting to see what their next episode holds for them.


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