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Lily Fofana

Lily Fofana: Canadian Model

Lily Fofana, of Ivorian and Spanish descent, is represented by various agencies worldwide: APM Model Management in New York; Metropolitan/M Management in Paris; Milk Management in London, and Uno Models Barcelona.

She boasts a huge following on social media and is widely known for her modeling work; yet has been extremely secretive about sharing any details of her private life.

Lily Fofana’s Biography

Lily Fofana is an extremely acclaimed Canadian model who has attained wide fame due to her striking poses and incredible photographs. Born 19 June 1998 under the star sign Gemini and descended from both Guinean and Ivorian heritages, she is represented by multiple modeling agencies including Lab Models in Milan, APM Model Management in New York, Milk Management Agency London, and Uno Models Barcelona.

She has worked as a model for high-profile clients like Nike and Vogue magazine, in addition to modeling for Christian Cowan, Khiry, and Factory Girl fashion brands.

Apart from modeling, she is active on social media with over 13k followers on her Instagram account, and posts numerous photos and videos there. Furthermore, she maintains her own YouTube channel featuring Vlogs and internet rants.

Fofana is also an accomplished author, having published her short story collection and graduating from NYU’s MFA program. Her writing has been showcased by Sewanee Review and Granta among other publications.

She is currently dating Martino Rivas but has kept most of her details out of the limelight. While many fans want to know more, she prefers keeping her private life out of sight.

Fofana was born on 19 June 1998 and currently stands at 24. As a professional model, she has appeared in many high-profile modeling gigs over her career thus far. Represented by multiple agencies – APM Model Management in New York; Metropolitan/ M Management in Paris; Milk Management in London and Uno Models Barcelona among them -, Fofana enjoys high demand as she represents multiple agencies around the globe.

She currently has a boyfriend named Martino Rivas; however, they have yet to share details on their dating life in public media. Before that, she dated Sneako who is known for being both a musician artist and Twitch streamer.

Lily is very active on social media and boasts over 13k followers on Instagram and YouTube respectively. Her channel contains vlogs and internet rants.

Lily Fofana’s Personal Life

Lily Fofana is a prominent professional model who enjoys an immense following on social media. She has appeared in high-profile photoshoots by Jordi Terry L’Officiel photo shoot and Christian Cowan F/W 22 show among many others, represented by APM Model Management agency of New York, Metropolitan/ M Management agency in Paris, Milk Management agency London Uno Models Barcelona Uno Models Hamburg Modelwerk agencies respectively. Lily hails from Barcelona Uno Models while the Modelwerk agency represents her. Lily was born on 19 June 1998 as Gemini following Islam as her religion of choice.

Lily Fofana’s Relationship

Lily Fofana and Martino Rivas have recently entered into a romantic relationship. He is an acclaimed Spanish actor known for appearing in numerous movies and TV shows; with an expansive social media following; often receiving praise for both his acting talents and beauty, plus modeling work with several companies.

However, neither has been overt about their relationship; keeping things private. No definitive information exists as to when or why it began or why it ended; however, they have been seen together multiple times on Instagram and TikTok.

Sneako has been linked with various females, most recently appearing streaming with an unidentified brunette woman whom no one knows much about. While Sneako has yet to confirm these rumors about them dating each other officially, he has teased fans with multiple photos showing both himself and what may or may not be his partner.

Formerly, Sneako had an open relationship with model and YouTuber Lily Fofana. They could often be found together online – being frequently spotted together across Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok – leading their fans to dub them as each other’s ‘Girlfriends.’ While neither has been particularly vocal about their romance; many fans support their love story nonetheless; she is also an accomplished model having worked for multiple brands.

Lily Fofana’s Net Worth

Wesley Fofana has amassed vast wealth through his football career and endorsements, earning estimated annual earnings of around $18 Million from contracts alone. Additionally, the French defender currently earns his living playing for Saint-Etienne and Leicester City clubs – as well as representing France’s national team! Additionally, Fofana boasts an enviable fan base. In his free time, he enjoys sports photography. Lives alone in a house of his own while owning multiple lavish cars!

He sports numerous tattoos on his body and is an exceptional athlete, boasting a large family. Additionally, he excels at football and has great potential to become one of the greatest players of his time.

Lily Fofana boasts an excellent body and personality. She stands at an appropriate height, is fit, has beautiful features and charm; and is represented by various agencies including The Lab Model Management in Milan, APM Model Management in New York, Metropolitan/ M Management Paris Milk Management London Uno Models Barcelona

She has an outstanding personality and is an extremely pleasant individual in real life. Her relationship with her boyfriend is very positive and she enjoys living life to its fullest.


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