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Lili Simmons

Lili Simmons: Actress, Model, Singer

Lili Simmons is an American actress, model, and singer best known for her role as Rebecca Bowman on the Cinemax series Banshee.

Tom Schulman wrote and directed this feature film starring Lili Simmons as Diana, who attempts to win at gambling but her plan takes an unexpected and dangerous turn. Sons of Anarchy actor Kim Coates plays an additional supporting role.

Starz has renewed Power Book IV: Force, its third spinoff from the original series. Joseph Sikora reprises his role of Tommy Egan who leaves New York only to become embroiled in Chicago’s drug world; along with Isaac Keys, Gabrielle Ryan, Shane Harper, Kris D. Lofton, and Adrienne Walker who round out this cast.

Lili Simmons’ Biography

Born July 23 1993 in Cardiff by the Sea a coastal community in San Diego County California – at 15 she was discovered by a talent manager who developed into one of her mentors – she first gained recognition when appearing as Rebecca Bowman on Banshee aired its pilot episode in January 2006.

She began modeling for Ford before going on to model for Bebe stores, Roxy, J.C Penney, and Saturn. Additionally, she appeared in several Matthew Lillard movies such as Fat Kid Rules the World (2012) as well as Jane by Design episodes Vegas and Zeke and Luther; playing Lola in Geek Charming an original Disney Channel movie.

In 2014, she began making appearances in Hawaii Five-0 and True Detective as recurring characters. More recently in April 2016, she was cast for an unspecified recurring role on HBO’s Westworld.

The show was an enormous hit and garnered positive reviews from critics; unfortunately, however, it was canceled after only two seasons. In 2017, she appeared as Natalie James – an iconic movie star – on the Showtime crime drama Ray Donovan. Additionally, she had a major role in Netflix’s horror flick Poor Match as well.

Lili has not been caught up in any scandalous or controversial acts to date, preferring instead to focus her energy and efforts on acting and becoming successful within her industry.

As of 2023, Lili’s estimated net worth is approximately $5 Million. Lili has experienced tremendous success in her field and is engaged in multiple projects that will propel her further toward reaching the pinnacle of her field.

She boasts an hourglass figure and gorgeous blonde locks. A fitness enthusiast, she can often be found sharing workout pictures on social media accounts. A firm believer in healthy living, she maintains a balanced diet. Furthermore, she is an accomplished singer – appearing in several popular films and TV shows as a singer.

Lili Simmons’ Filmography

There are plenty of celebrities who start strong only to gradually fade from public view over time, including Disney stars like Cory In The House’s Madison Pettis or mainstream celebrities like Famke Jensen from X-Men; both examples being people who seemed to suddenly vanish only to return later – something Lili Simmons is far from being. She has made numerous films and TV shows throughout her career so far while continuing to act today!

Simmons began modeling at 15 and was soon discovered by talent manager Kate Linden of Roxy Model Management; appearing in campaigns for Roxy, Bebe Stores, and J.C Penney. Simmons then transitioned to acting, first as Quinn Whitaker on the Hollywood is Like High School with Money web series as well as featuring in the television film Geek Charming; guest-starring on sitcoms Mr Sunshine, Zeke, and Luther as well as appearing in Disney XD movie Gone Tomahawk.

In 2012, she made her film and television debut in Fat Kid Rules the World and Jane by Design respectively. That year she also began portraying Rebecca Bowman – a rebellious Amish girl on FX series Banshee – initially auditioning for Deva Hopewell but once reading for Rebecca instead they cast her in this role and even gave her a pictorial feature in Maxim magazine!

She has also had recurring roles on Hawaii Five-0 and True Detective, with a season-long arc in February 2017 on Showtime’s Ray Donovan playing Natalie James from “a major movie franchise”.

Simmons remains relatively in the dark about what’s next for her career as she maintains an extremely private personal life. At one time however, she was romantically linked with Tom Pelphrey from Banshee; they would often post PDA-filled photos on their respective Instagram accounts and were regularly seen together at events together.


Lili Simmons is an award-winning actress known for her work in both film and television. With several successful projects under her belt and as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after celebrities, she continues to leave an indelible mark on fans through leading roles on popular shows and featured spots in blockbuster films alike.

At just 15, she was discovered by a talent agent and began modeling campaigns for companies like Roxy and Bebe Stores. Soon thereafter, she made her acting debut in Hollywood Is Like High School With Money (2010) on the web series platform; ever since then, she has made numerous films and TV series appearances.

Simmons first came to fame as Rebecca Bowman in the Cinemax series Banshee. She appeared in 32 of 38 episodes and received nominations for Critics Choice Television Awards as Best Female Performance.

Following Banshee, she quickly established herself in many popular TV series with multiple recurring roles across them all. Mia in Zeke and Luther’s single episode; Beth in two True Detective seasons episodes; Hawaii Five-O’s Amber Vitale and Melissa Armstrong; Gina Goodrich from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and adult Selina Kyle in Gotham.

In 2018, she made her big screen debut as a criminal in Double Down South, directed by Academy Award winner Tom Schulman (Dead Poets Society). This heist movie follows the journey of an individual who becomes famous in keno pool gambling but encounters dangerous people along the way.

Most recently, she has been seen co-starring in Starz’s crime drama Power Book IV: Force alongside Claudia Flynn. This spinoff and sequel of the Power TV series was recently approved for another season.

Simmons will also appear in Bone Tomahawk, featuring Kurt Russell as sheriff on a mission to rescue settlers from cannibal tribes. Simmons joins David Arquette, Sid Haig, and Kathryn Morris as other cast members in this action-packed western.

Net Worth of Lili Simmons

Lili Simmons is a talented actress who has quickly advanced her career since beginning acting. Easily one of the most searched-for celebrities online, her name has become one of the most searched-for ones too. While she may not have found success with major films in her filmography yet, she has made significant money through acting.

Simmons has appeared in multiple movies during her career and worked both as an actress and model, modeling commercials for J.C Penney and Saturn, appearing in print advertisements, commercials, and commercials promoting them as well. Simmons has amassed great wealth through modeling and acting – she currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $5 Million.

Simmons has also explored singing as well. She has taken part in multiple singing competitions and even hosted some events.

Simmons is an animal advocate and actively supports multiple conservation organizations. She’s active on social media as well, posting pictures of herself with her pet dogs. On a more personal note, Simmons remains mostly anonymous about her relationships; it has been speculated that she may be in a live-in relationship with actor Tom Pelphrey.

Lili was discovered as a professional actress when talent manager Kale Linden discovered her at 15 and introduced her to the modeling business. Since then she has made appearances on many television programs as an actress.

Her first television appearance was in the 2010 web series Hollywood Is Like High School With Money where she played Quinn Whitaker. Since then, she has made appearances in other TV series such as Zeke & Luther, Hawaii Five-0, and True Detective.

Simmons has also appeared in Bone Tomahawk and The Guilty Innocent as well as being featured in Maxim magazine pictorial in 2013. Simmons is an attractive and gifted actress with immense potential who is already making significant advancements in her career.


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