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Lauren Tannehill

Lauren Tannehill: American Model

Lauren Tannehill is deeply religious and supports her husband during his NFL career. She attended A & M Consolidated High School before enrolling at Texas A & M University to major in communications and psychology.

Tannehill plans on using her modeling and charity work as well as medical experience gained through working as a cardiology assistant during college to attain her Registered Nurse qualification shortly.

Lauren Tannehill’s Biography

Lauren Tannehill is an American model and wife of National Football League star Ryan Tannehill. She has had tremendous success as an international model working for Levison’s Jewelry Inc and Maxim magazine as well as being signed with Page 713 Model and Talent Agency of Houston.

Lauren is the daughter of two professionals: a private medical practice administrator and a real estate/insurance agent. Her two brothers, Dillion, and Jordan Ufer were relocated six times due to their parents’ employment. Lauren completed her education at Texas A&M University College Station and earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Psychology.

After graduating from university, she worked as a Cardiology Assistant before entering modeling through Page 713 Model Agency in Houston. Since then she has modeled for Gucci and Levinson Jewelry collections while representing The Houston Modeling Agency as well as New Model Management Miami.

She is a devout Christian who actively supports her husband’s profession; she appeared in HBO mini-reality TV show Hard Knocks about the Miami Dolphins and regularly attends bible studies and shares bible verses online.

Personal, she has been an integral support system for her husband through various injuries and challenges in his life, he has expressed his immense appreciation to her for always being there.

Tannehill recently lost his father unexpectedly and has been grieving ever since.

The stunning and talented wife of a National Football League star is an active social media user and regularly rewards her fans with game tickets for her husband’s games. She has been an invaluable pillar of support to him throughout his professional career with the Dolphins; helping win many games while leading them into AFC Championship Games.

Lauren Tannehill’s Modeling Career

Lauren Tannehill is an American model who has been active in the industry for some time. She has worked with top fashion brands and graced multiple magazine covers during this time. Lauren is regularly booked through Page 713 Models and talent agency where she earns an attractive monthly salary; additionally, she worked as a cardiology assistant to further hone her craft professionally.

Tannehill is known for her welcoming nature and boasts an active social media presence on Instagram with over 50,000 followers. She frequently posts pictures of herself and her family to the platform and holds close ties to both of her spouses.

After meeting at college, this couple began dating. Since then, they have remained in a very contented union without plans of splitting anytime soon – their love and relationship have served as an inspiration to many who seek out their perfect partners.

At present, they reside in Texas and are providing their children with a positive environment to grow up in. Steel Tannehill and Stella Tannehill make for an amazing and beautiful family who take great pleasure in spending quality time together as a unit as well as participating in different activities together.

The beautiful model boasts an engaging personality and a hilarious sense of humor that everyone enjoys witnessing. She often makes the public laugh through humorous comments she makes about her husband or has shared amusing news regarding them both. Furthermore, they have traveled together on numerous vacations over time – always eager to seek new adventures together.

Tannehill was deeply saddened to lose her father, which was an immense shock for both she and her partner, however, they remain committed to their careers and family life.

Lauren Tannehill boasts a net worth of $1 Million earned through modeling, brand endorsements, and cardiology assistant work. Additionally, she made an appearance in HBO’s Hard Knocks show back in 2012.

Lauren Tannehill’s Married Life

Lauren Ashley Tannehill is the wife of Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Born in 1988 and living in Florida currently, Lauren Ashley Tannehill boasts both an attractive smile and an athletic body. As an experienced model, she has worked for many top brands including Gucci and Levinson Jewellery as well as Houston Modelling Agency and New Model Management Miami.

Texas A&M University awarded her with degrees in communications and psychology. She is known to show immense support for her husband during his athletic endeavors and cheer for him during games he plays. Furthermore, as a model, she has amassed an enormous fortune.

Personal life: Coco and Bear, her two puppies with partner Tom are regular posts on social media. Coco often shares photos with family, including pictures from church services that she attends; also gives a Bible reading before every game she attends.

Ryan is also a devout Christian and very active in giving back to the community, fundraising for various causes as well as regularly attending shooting ranges to stay in shape.

Steel and Stella Tannehill have two children together that they adore; both children share a strong and loving bond between themselves and their parents, who have been married for over fourteen years and truly adore each other. Together, they have always supported one another in their endeavors and found great success as professionals in various careers.

Tannehill is an extremely talented player and has made appearances at several Pro Bowls. Additionally, he was a starter on the Dolphins for seven seasons before an injury that caused him to miss all of 2022; following this, he signed a deal with Tennessee Titans.

Lauren has been an integral support system for Tannehill during his recovery. A very strong and determined woman, Lauren has helped him navigate through some very trying times in life while encouraging him to return to playing at a high level despite any injuries sustained during training sessions or games.

Lauren Tannehill’s Children

Lauren Tannehill is an American model, communications expert, human psychology practitioner, charity worker, and wife of American Football quarterback Ryan Tannehill. She holds strong Christian convictions which she expresses via social media posts and her activism on behalf of nonprofit organizations – helping found The Jason Tyler Foundation among them! Additionally, she plans on becoming a registered nurse someday soon!

Lauren is the proud mother of two children: Steel Tannehill was born in 2016 and Stella Rose Tannehill followed in 2018. Ryan Tannehill plays professional NFL for the Tennessee Titans club; they met while both attending college. Ultimately they decided to marry each other after dating for some time – in January 2012!

The couple currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with their children and have an attractive home that they spend their free time enjoying with friends and family on the boat. Both parties are passionate animal lovers; with numerous dogs living at their residence.

Tannehill graduated with her bachelor’s in Communications and Psychology from Texas A&M University. As well as modeling for several brands and being featured numerous times on television programs, she currently works at a cardiology clinic as an assistant cardiologist.

Tannehill has an extremely bright future ahead of her as she is hardworking and determined. She has amassed considerable wealth for herself and her family through modeling, brand endorsements, and cardiology assistant work. With support from her husband, they have managed to achieve tremendous success together. Tannehill can often be found engaging with fans online as she loves social media engagement; no doubt many more campaigns will come her way in the future! Her amazing sense of humor ensures positive interactions all around!


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