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Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton: American Model and Actress

Lauren Hutton is a fashion icon and pioneer. As the first woman to demand a modeling contract, she graced many magazine covers and fashion shows around the world – she even voyaged across Africa! Additionally, she’s known for being an adventurer of sorts!

She has appeared in films like Paper Lion and The Gambler as well as TV series like Nip/Tuck and The Joneses. Additionally, she works as both producer and talk show host.

Lauren Hutton’s Biography

Hutton gained fame during the ’60s thanks to Vogue editor Diana Vreeland and photographer Richard Avedon, who were drawn to her blue eyes and seductive figure; these characteristics allowed them to become one of the most recognized models during this era.

Hutton made her modeling debut in 1968’s Paper Lion movie and went on to appear alongside Alan Alda and William Devane in the 1974 TV movie A Time for Love, before becoming one of the stars of the short-lived TV show Paper Dolls as well as co-starring alongside them both in 1985 TV movie Timestalkers.

Hutton continued to shape the image of mature womanhood through her embrace of sexuality and the use of celebrity to further worthy causes. A passionate traveler, Hutton has lived among tribes in remote Africa but at home in the Manhattan art world or Malcolm McLaren’s rock n roll scene. Hutton is also an avid scuba diver promoting marine conservation including shark conservation efforts as a scuba instructor; dog sledding and sailing classic wooden sailboats among her hobbies are other activities she engages in regularly. Hutton currently belongs to the Guggenheim Museum Motorcycle Club as well as being on board of National Museum Women in Arts DC board membership.

Lauren Hutton’s Personal Life

Friends refer to Hutton as a triple Scorpio, meaning she embodies intuition, stubbornness, and ambition in equal measure. As she cannot remain still long enough to establish roots or get married or have children, this may explain why she never married nor had any. Even during her days as a high-profile model in the 1960s she traveled frequently searching out new adventures.

As a model, she defied trends by being true to herself, winning herself an exclusive Revlon contract that made her one of the highest-paid models at that time – 20 days a year for $300 a day! Subsequently, she would go on to do fashion and beauty campaigns, magazine covers, runway shows, and fashion shoots; appearing also in films such as Paper Lion and American Gigolo.

She’s also an ardent supporter of women’s, environmental, and wildlife causes; passionate about dog sledding, sailing classic wooden sailboats, and spending time in Africa and China and dog sledding classic wooden sailboats as a hobby.

At 74, she is still modeling, appearing in ads for Calvin Klein underwear, Tom Ford, and Bottega Veneta. Additionally, Lauren Hutton starred in two seasons of her talk show called Lauren Hutton and Friends which featured celebrity guests. Furthermore, she starred as herself on the HBO series Nip/Tuck as well as appearing in I Feel Pretty (to be released later). Furthermore, she’s the face of Christian Dior’s perfume collection and a spokesperson for J. Crew.

Lauren Hutton’s Career

After her brief stint as a Playboy Bunny, Hutton went on to become one of the most celebrated models in history. She graced 26 covers of Vogue magazine alone – setting new trends in beauty. Additionally, Hutton remains a strong supporter of women’s health issues and environmental protection causes.

Hutton has not only proven herself a model but has also made several film and TV appearances, starring in the 1984 movie Paper Dolls and guest-starring in the primetime soap drama Falcon Crest. Additionally, she has modeled for several fashion houses such as Calvin Klein and Barney’s.

Recently, Hutton has collaborated with numerous fashion brands including CFDA Accessory Designer of the Year nominee Alexis Bittar; she serves as face for their spring 2011 campaign and has also graced runway shows featuring designers like Tom Ford and Club Monaco.

Hutton remains beautiful at 78 and still exudes her classic Southern drawl, so much so that she continues working because it gives her great joy – photo shoot challenges bring excitement, and meeting people from various backgrounds adds another layer. She loves scuba diving and travel. In an act of defiance against women feeling ashamed as they age, she posed nude at 61 to fight the shame that they sometimes experience when aging occurs – believing “beauty is timeless”. Hutton strongly advocates hormone replacement therapy as she believes it to be one of the most critical treatments for women. Thanks to her candid approach to beauty, Hutton will attend Australia for David Jones Beauty Awards ceremony held on July 19 in Sydney. Hutton makes for an engaging guest during Beauty Week coverage!

Lauren Hutton is a Model and Actress

Lauren Hutton always knew she wanted to take photos, even as an accomplished model and actress. At 18, her first photography gig was for Playboy; initially, it served as funding for travels abroad but soon afterward became an addiction! Throughout her career she shot for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue magazines as well as being most renowned for a series of portraits depicting women in various stages of undress – now considered her signature work.

She pioneered a movement to redefine older models’ image, becoming Revlon’s face at age 45. While shooting in Yugoslavia for an advertisement shoot with Steven Meisel in 1989, Barneys New York approached her about becoming their model; by agreeing, she forced our youth-dominated culture into making a U-turn.

Hutton continues modeling into her seventies, appearing recently in ads for H&M, Lord & Taylor, Alexander Wang, and Tom Ford and Bottega Veneta runway shows. Additionally, she recently launched her cosmetic line that seeks to celebrate natural beauty rather than promote contouring like Kardashian-esque contouring techniques.

Though her film career may have been less fruitful, she remains an accomplished photographer and author of multiple books. Additionally, she hosted a television show and champions gender equality – not to mention being passionate about traveling – spending much of her free time in Taos, New Mexico.

Lauren Hutton’s Acting Career

Hutton’s candid and irreverent take on beauty has earned her an invite back to Australia and department store David Jones. Hutton will serve as the face of StriVectin while sharing her ultimate beauty secrets, including Pilates and powerful skin care products.

In the late 1960s, she began modeling with an advertisement shot by Richard Avedon for Chanel. Additionally, she found roles in movie roles like Paper Lion (1968) and American Gigolo (1974). Even in her later years as a model, she continued appearing in films like The Gambler (1974) and A Time for Love (1973).

At first, she retired from modeling in the ’90s but continued appearing on television shows like Nip/Tuck. Over time, however, she began appearing in campaigns for designers such as Valentino and Tom Ford and even made an appearance at Bottega Veneta runway shows in 2016!

Hutton’s success did not come easily; she worked hard and stayed true to herself to reach it. With her fame comes many opportunities for charity work; Hutton is actively involved with women’s health foundations as well as environmental foundations. Furthermore, she promotes Hormone Replacement Therapy to prevent osteoporosis and heart disease among older women, dog sledding, and sailing classic wooden sailboats among her many hobbies.

Lauren Hutton’s TV Career

Hutton is both disciplined on the job and free-spirited off it, often donning her barefoot while adding sexual and scatological references into conversations. In 2010, when appearing as a guest judge on Project Runway reality television show, she donned a nude robe. Additionally, she has modeled for brands such as Valentino and Bottega Veneta.

She has graced over 40 covers of Vogue worldwide and 27 covers of Vogue US, and appeared in many movies including Paper Lion, The Gambler, and American Gigolo.

Lauren Hutton has made waves in both acting and modeling careers, but she also launched Lauren Hutton’s Good Stuff beauty products as a line designed for mature women back in 2002. Based out of the US but sold worldwide.

Hutton has long advocated age positivity and has spoken out against anti-aging products. She offers her advice for staying youthful by practicing pilates and drinking lots of water, but her top beauty tip is loving as many people as possible! Hutton began modeling for the Australian department store David Jones back in 1997 before she was replaced by Megan Gale in 2001. Hutton will be making an appearance at this year’s David Jones Beauty Awards ceremony scheduled to be held this July.


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