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Laura Berlin

Laura Berlin: German Actress and Model

Laura Berlin began modeling at just 15 years old. She soon gained experience walking for brands such as Boss, Balenciaga, Michalsky & Fornarina; also making an appearance on the cover of Elle Italy magazine.

She has appeared in television shows like Notruf Hafenkante, Blaumacher, Immenhof – Das Abenteuer eines Sommers, Emerald Green, and Split Homicide.

Laura Berlin’s Biography

Laura Berlin is a German actress and model. At 15, she was discovered by a modeling agency and started walking fashion shows for international brands such as Boss, Balenciaga, and Michalsky in Paris and Milan while still in high school. Additionally, Laura gained acting experience through school theater productions and private coaching; upon graduating from school in 2009 she took up full-time modeling work – appearing in various TV shows and films and becoming one of the most sought-after models on international runways.

She is an exceptionally versatile actress who has played various types of characters across many mediums – TV shows, movies, and even roles as Emma of Normandy in Vikings: Valhalla brought her greater fame than before.

She has also appeared in various music videos. These include Michael Patrick Kelly’s music video for Roundabouts as well as Sapore di te and Mie Backerblume songs by Mia Backerblume. Furthermore, she can be seen appearing in an Internet series entitled Alles Liebe, Annette on YouTube.

Laura Berlin has managed to remain relatively silent about her personal life despite her successful model and actress career, remaining unclear whether or not she is married, as well as providing any details regarding children she may have. Yet despite this lack of disclosure she remains positive and strives towards achieving her goals.

She has made an impressionable mark in fashion, but her true calling lies within acting. With no fear of rejection or failure and an intense passion for her craft, she has achieved remarkable success in both fields. Looking ahead, she hopes to expand as an actress and find her place within the industry; one to keep an eye on in years to come!

Laura Berlin’s Commercials

Laura Berlin Net Worth is an aspiring young German model and actress who boasts an impressive following on social media. Currently, she appears as Emma of Normandy in the Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla; however, her modeling career began at 15 when she joined VIVA Models two years later – going on to model at fashion shows such as Michalsky Balenciaga Fornarina among many others during that timeframe.

She has made appearances in several commercials and music videos for Oomphsongs rock band. Through collaborations with acting management companies, additional film projects were secured. Her roles include Charlotte Montrose in Kerstin Gier’s Ruby Red Trilogy films Rubinrot and Smaragdgrun movies as well as Jenny Hulshoff from Alles Liebe, Annette on YouTube.

Berlin has also made her mark in business entrepreneurship; she owns and operates “Laura Berlin.” Additionally, she’s an amateur gymnast.

Laura Berlin was born in Berlin, Germany on March 13, 1990, as a Pisces with Life Path number 8. Unfortunately, her parents remain unknown and details on any siblings have not been shared publicly. Laura spent much of her early life learning acting and modeling skills; attending private schools until finally attending university to earn a marketing and communications degree and graduate in 2009.

Laura Berlin has seen great success as an actress but remains single despite this achievement. According to her social media accounts, it appears she prefers living her life freely without commitments.

She currently boasts over 137,000 Instagram followers and 62 posts to her account, featuring images from her adventures, travels, and film projects. Her fans appreciate her positive outlook on life by leaving comments and giving likes in return.

Laura Berlin’s Career

Laura Berlin is a German actress and model with a captivating screen presence. Thanks to her acting talent, Laura Berlin has secured numerous leadership roles across a variety of film and television projects; additionally, she is well known for her work in music videos and commercials.

Begun her modeling career at 15, she has since appeared in fashion shows for Boss, Balenciaga, Michalsky, and Fornarina among others. Additionally, she works with established acting management agencies to secure cinema opportunities.

Berlin possesses a distinct style that blends artistic and natural influences, and her use of color, lighting, and movement conveys emotion to her characters. Additionally, she has demonstrated talent for writing and directing short films created alongside her friend Severine Schoenbach that examine relationships between men and women in contemporary Germany.

She has also appeared in various television dramas and movies, such as Der Lehrer, Notruf Hafenkante, Inga Lindstrom Blaumacher, Immenhof – Das Abenteuer eines Sommers, and Immenhof – Die Farbe Des Windes as Charly. Currently, she can be found playing Emma of Normandy on Vikings: Valhalla on Netflix while appearing as her historical counterpart Charly will feature in Immenhof – Die Farbe Des Windes as its leading lady.

Berlin has made her mark across Europe through her ad campaigns and television work, becoming an instantly recognizable brand name across both television and social media platforms; amassing over 1 million followers between Instagram and TikTok alone! Her fame has brought in significant income for her. However, despite this success, she remains grounded and down-to-earth; regularly updating fans on her life as well as giving insight into her personal affairs. Laura Berlin serves as a positive role model to young girls and has established herself as an advocate for women’s rights.

Net Worth of Laura Berlin

Laura Berlin’s net worth was estimated between $3 and $4 Million as of 2022 and she maintains an array of diverse interests that keeps her searching for new challenges – open-mindedness and her appreciation of aesthetics drive her pursuit of these endeavors, offering fresh approaches in each project undertaken; furthermore, due to her unique personality and natural beauty, she remains popular choice across an array of endeavors.

Personal Life of Laura Berlin

Laura Berlin is a German model and actress who has been working in the industry for more than 10 years. At 15, she was discovered by a modeling agency; later joining VIVA models she appeared in fashion shows for brands such as Boss, Balenciaga, Michalsky, and Fornarina as well as growing an incredible 65K following on her Instagram account.

Berlin is currently single and unmarried; she remains very discreet about her personal life and does not reveal details of any potential partners or relationships on social media platforms such as Instagram. Berlin can currently be found appearing in Vikings: Valhalla as Emma of Normandy.

She identifies as an INFP personality type, meaning that she relies heavily on intuition and values when making decisions. While this can sometimes create friction within relationships, she strives to remain positive and remain optimistic when facing challenging times.

Oomph! is not only an accomplished actress but she is also an incredible singer and dancer with an incredible range. She has participated in musical productions as well as television commercials like Oomph! and always comes up with something different. With great wit and an abundance of comedy skills, Oomph! is a delightful force.

Berlin was born March 13, 1990, in Germany to parents who are unknown to the public and an education history unknown as well. She became known to audiences through her role as Emma of Normandy on Netflix’s Vikings: Valhalla which debuted in 2022. Berlin is widely remembered for being a good-natured and down-to-earth personality who enjoyed spending time with family as well as being an animal enthusiast, posting images of pets she owns on her Instagram page regularly.


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