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Lara Stone

Lara Stone: Dutch Fashion Model

Lara Stone has made herself known by walking the runways of renowned fashion brands. Her gap-toothed smile and mesmerizing blue eyes have captured the hearts and minds of designers, photographers, and fashion enthusiasts.

No matter her curves or fuller figure, she remains an advocate of healthy living and body positivity. Additionally, the Dutch model has become an advocate of diversity within the fashion industry.

Lara Stone’s Biography

Lara Stone has made quite an impression since entering the modeling world at only 15 years old. She quickly rose through the ranks, modeling for some of the biggest fashion labels including Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, and Dolce & Gabbana as well as appearing in many acclaimed fashion magazines.

Her unique charm captivates people of all backgrounds. Her gap-toothed smile and mesmerizing blue eyes have attracted people worldwide. Fashion brands and designers love her unconventional beauty and charm as much as we do.

At 12 years old, she was approached by a model scout in Paris Metro who offered her a modeling contract. Although her parents weren’t as thrilled about it, she convinced them to give it a try anyway and did not disappoint the scout; going on to participate in Elite Model Look Competition at age 15 without winning anything despite impressive the judges. Although not winning their competition they got signed by the agency as she dazzled them!

Early in her career, she graced runways for some of the world’s premier fashion houses such as Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Time, and Jean Paul Gaultier. Additionally, she was a semi-exclusive model for Prada as well as opening shows for Giles Deacon, Isabel Marant Fendi Stella McCartney & Christopher Kane.

Her height and curves have made her an instant hit among designers, earning her several magazine covers. In 2009, she met British comedian David Walliams whom she started dating within 10 months; they went on to marry each other and give birth shortly thereafter.

Lara Stone possesses an array of talents and is considered one of the world’s most athletic models. She can climb walls, jump several meters in the air, perform flips and somersaults while standing on thin ledges, break glass with her hands, lift boulders that weigh far more than herself, as well as running fast across ice, snow, or even through sand without falling.

Her peak human strength enables her to lift boulders that weigh more than she weighs; speed and agility also rank among her numerous accolades; speed being attained when running fast across ice or snow; peak human strength has enabled her to lift boulders that far heavier than herself in terms of weight as well as agility allowing her to run fast across ice, snow or through sand surfaces without falling.

Lara Stone’s Modeling Career

Lara Stone is a Dutch model who has made waves in fashion. Due to her curvier figure and gap-tooth smile, she is one of the most in-demand models currently working today. Stone has appeared in multiple fashion shows and campaigns as well as been featured on several magazine covers; due to her success, she has forced the fashion world to reconsider its current size standards.

Born in Geldrop, Netherlands, and traveling with her family during a vacation in Paris when she was 14, Stone was discovered at 14 while riding the Paris Metro. Later that year she entered the Elite Model Look competition but did not win. Impressing Elite executives, however, she was signed by their agency as soon as possible.

Lara Stone has quickly established herself on the runway, walking for top designers such as Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, and Stella McCartney. Additionally, she has appeared in editorials and cover shots for Vogue, American Harper’s Bazaar, and W magazine; additionally she has taken part in various fragrance, makeup, and apparel advertisements.

In 2010, she replaced Sasha Pivovarova as the face of Prada’s Infusion d’Iris perfume, modeling for Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein’s CK One Shock fragrance that same year.

Her looks have inspired other models with gapped teeth and large lips such as Georgia May Jagger, Lindsey Wixson, and Ashley Smith – and her appearance on both Vogue France and its American version has cemented her place as one of fashion’s rising stars.

Stone’s rise to stardom wasn’t without difficulty. She struggled with body image issues that eventually led to an addiction to alcohol and diet pills; ultimately entering rehab in 2009 for assistance.

Stone’s personal life remains highly private. She and English comedian David Walliams, with whom she shares one child, have been married since 2010.

Lara Stone’s Personal Life

Stone is a beloved model in the fashion world and has quickly made her mark through her distinct sense of style and self-assurance. She first entered fashion at a very young age, modeling for top brands such as Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, and Dolce & Gabbana, among many others. Forbes magazine named Stone one of their highest-earning models for 2009. Additionally, she has appeared on multiple covers with ease while remaining very comfortable behind the camera.

She is an animal enthusiast who owns multiple dogs on her farm, often sharing pictures of them on Instagram. Additionally, she is an active proponent of wildlife conservation initiatives, supporting numerous charities while making many public appearances to advocate for wildlife preservation.

Apart from her charitable endeavors, she is also an enthusiastic traveler who takes great delight in visiting new places. She has visited several countries and loves taking selfies while traveling. Additionally, she has numerous tattoos on her body and enjoys getting piercings as part of her look.

Dutch supermodel and wife Liisa De Vries is also a devoted mother and wife. She shares Alfred with former spouse David Walliams; they married in 2009 before parting ways three years later in 2015. Liisa recently shared an Instagram photo with property developer David Grievson whom she currently dates.

Her London home is truly impressive; the interiors are elegantly decorated and furnished to reflect her tasteful tastes, while she and her partner also boast a pool where they can spend quality time together.

Additionally, the home contains paintings and sculptures belonging to friends of the couple as well as one piece from Louise Nangala Egan’s Australian art that they purchased at a Hampstead art fair.

House is an aesthetically pleasing blend of old and new; Stone’s bedroom features an impressive walk-in wardrobe that would make Carrie Bradshaw green with envy, where she keeps her heels in their special section of the closet; there is also a separate room dedicated to dresses and other designer items.

Lara Stone’s Net Worth

Lara Stone is an established model with an impressive following on social media, who leverages this platform to challenge traditional beauty standards and advocate for body positivity. Through her activism, she has established herself as a role model for aspiring models and individuals alike. Additionally, Lara has contributed significantly to various charitable causes over time; these contributions have been recognized by various organizations with awards presented throughout her career.

Stone first launched her modeling career when she competed in the Elite Model Look competition at age 15. After impressing agency executives, she was quickly signed by Elite and went on to pose for magazines such as New York Magazine, Vogue (Paris American), and Harper’s Bazaar as well as advertising campaigns from H&M, Just Cavalli, CK Givenchy Belstaff Hugo Boss Orange and Calvin Klein Cosmetics.

Stone’s career extends far beyond modeling: in addition to her film work in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie in 2016, she also has roles in two short films titled Je T’Ecoute and En Moi and enjoys photography and hiking as hobbies in her free time.

Stone has achieved much in her personal life; however, she has experienced challenges in her personal life that threaten to undermine them. She struggled with alcoholism and depression in the past but has found recovery since 2009. In 2009 she sought help for addiction-related issues by entering rehab for treatment; yet despite this setback has become one of the top-paid models globally.

Stone currently resides in London with her son Alfred Williams and has recently taken a step back in terms of modeling due to the arrival of Alfred. However, she still takes part in shoots for some of the world’s premier designers and magazines; her hobbies outside work help keep her fit – an important element of success as a model! She travels frequently as well as practices yoga; these hobbies help keep her healthy – an integral component of Stone’s success as a model! She has collaborated with influencers and celebrities on projects that have increased her audience reach further!


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