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Kelsey Asbille

Kelsey Asbille: American Actress

Kelsey Asbille stars as Monica Dutton on the hit series Yellowstone, acting as an anchoring presence among its raunchy cast – including John Dutton and Gil Birmingham’s Native casino mogul Thomas Rainwater – whom all engage in heated dialogue.

Fans are drawn to her Southern charm and soft voice. She recently made an appearance in Taylor Sheridan’s 2017 film Wind River as well.

Kelsey Asbille’s Biography

Kelsey Asbille is an American actress best known for her work in the TV series Yellowstone. Additionally, she has appeared in other shows and films such as Gaslight, Embeds, Full of Grace, and Pair of Kings as well as in numerous theatre plays over time.

Kelsey hails from both Chinese and European heritages; her father, Dr. James Chow, works at Columbia Skin Clinic while Jean has experience in clinical psychology and law. Kelsey attended Hammond School in Columbia South Carolina while taking dance lessons during her upbringing; after enrolling at the University of Columbia Columbia majoring in Human Rights.

Asbille made her acting debut as a guest star in 2005-2008’s series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and went on to star in roles in 2010’s Den Brother and the 2013 film Run. Since then she has had recurring roles on One Tree Hill as well as portraying Tracy Stewart on MTV’s Teen Wolf from 2015-16, along with Charlotte on Splitting Up Together, Monica Dutton in Yellowstone, and Swanee Capps in Fargo among many more television credits.

She stands 5 ft 7 inches (170 cm). Born September 9th, 1991 as a Virgo, this beauty keeps a low profile regarding her personal life while remaining an actress in demand.

Asbille has been dating English actor William Moseley, known for playing Peter Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia since 2012. They have been together since 2012 and often post photos of their dogs together on social media accounts. She’s also an experienced skateboarder and horse rider.

Kelsey is also an avid traveler who relishes exploring exotic locales for vacation, having visited Malaysia and Bulgaria among many others. Furthermore, she’s an accomplished chef who enjoys creating delicious dishes for family and friends while opting for simple yet elegant styles when selecting her wardrobe choices.

Kelsey Asbille’s Net Worth

Kelsey Asbille, an award-winning American actress since she was just a child, has established an extensive acting career since entering the industry at a very early age. She has made several movies and TV appearances such as the Disney XD series Pair of Kings as Mikayla; One Tree Hill from 2005 to 2009 as Gigi Silveri; MTV Teen Wolf as Tracy Stewart; Yellowstone as Tracy Stewart among many more recurring roles which helped build up a significant net worth; additionally Kelsey has endorsed several brands over time as well.

According to the Celebrity Net Worth website, Asbille’s net worth has been estimated at an estimated $3 Million. Her primary source of income comes from acting – beginning as an apprentice actor at community theatre before taking roles in school plays and films. Since then her career has steadily progressed as she takes on more complex and diverse roles that show off her range and represent marginalized communities and experiences in storytelling.

Asbille maintains a social media presence beyond her acting career. Here she promotes various products and shares inspirational quotes. A longtime animal lover, Asbille posts photos of her dogs regularly on her Instagram page. Furthermore, Asbille enjoys traveling with her family. Occasionally she also shares motivational quotes which encourage others to pursue their dreams.

Asbille was born in Columbia, South Carolina to parents of Chinese descent and Cherokee and English heritage respectively. She has two siblings. Asbille attended Columbia University where she earned a bachelor of English with a concentration on creative writing – she has amassed an enormous following online as well as being featured in advertisements.

Kelsey Asbille stands 5’7″. She boasts dark brown hair and green eyes. In every photo posted to social media by Kelsey Asbille she appears well-dressed with an endearing smile; keeping fans up-to-date on any changes in her life. Kelsey Asbille has also dabbled in modeling; modeling in several fashion events over time.

Kelsey Asbille’s Personal Life

Kelsey Asbille is an American actress who predominantly works in movies. She boasts a net worth of $3 Million from her acting career, which saw her land a starring role as Monica Dutton on Yellowstone – becoming very well-known among viewers of both series – as well as Wind River directed by Taylor Sheridan. Kelsey comes from a very supportive family background and believes strongly in spirituality; posting inspirational quotes online often serves as her biggest source of motivation; she frequently takes friends and family on vacation trips together!

She first experienced acting through a community theater play and decided to pursue it professionally. Since then, she has performed in several plays and television shows such as One Tree Hill teen drama. Additionally, she can speak both Mandarin Chinese and English fluently and attended Hammond School in Columbia South Carolina for high school studies.

As part of her career, she has participated in projects like Den Brother, Full of Grace, Hieroglyph, Baby Daddy, Chicago Sanitation, and Teen Wolf. Additionally, she has appeared in music videos for Hayley Kiyoko and Bonnie McKee and has made two television appearances as an actress with Yellowstone co-starring Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, Jefferson White Cole Hauser, and Ian Bohen.

Asbille is not native to the US but claims she is of Eastern Band Cherokee Indian heritage. Although she never enrolled with their tribe and no proof exists for this assertion. Furthermore, Asbille claims she is vegetarian and refrains from drinking alcohol and caffeine.

William Moseley has been her partner since 2012 and they’re enjoying an enjoyable life together. She loves animals and owns two dogs of her own; is an avid horseback rider, spending much of her free time riding through mountains; as well as enjoying bike riding.

Kelsey Asbille’s Career

Kelsey Asbille made her acting debut in community theatre plays before expanding into more roles, becoming a recurring character on One Tree Hill and then the Disney XD sitcom Pair of Kings as well as appearing in numerous movies and short films.

Young actress Jade Lewis-Vicente is currently studying human rights at Columbia University, specializing in it with a major in human rights. She holds strong views regarding social justice and believes everyone should have equal opportunity to live life to its fullest. Additionally, Jade loves fashion – particularly vintage dresses – which has seen her featured in Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2020 and 2019 campaigns as well as Oliver Peoples campaigns.

Asbille also enjoys horseback riding and enjoys horseback scenes in Yellowstone as part of her acting career. Many fans have noticed her natural riding ability; however, Asbille admits she’s terrible at it! Her horse riding scenes on film were mostly due to movie magic; Asbille credits the editor, stunt double, and wranglers for helping make it look so real on camera.

Asbille currently has several projects lined up, such as an independent film titled Run and a new series for Netflix. She has also appeared in commercials like Mercedes-Benz.

Kelsey Asbille is an impressive young actress with a promising future ahead. Her role as Monica Dutton in Yellowstone has generated much fan support, and we can only hope that we see more of Kelsey soon on screen!

Asbille was born September 9, 1991, in Columbia, South Carolina, and began acting at an early age. Raised in a small town with her younger siblings and an affinity for performing; Asbille has participated in school plays as well as community theater shows. Her credits also include appearing in the One Tree Hill television show and the Den Brother movie.


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