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Kathryn Newton

Kathryn Newton: American Actress

Kathryn Newton is an American actress best known for her roles in Gary Unmarried and films such as Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri and Lady Bird. Additionally, she will star in Detective Pikachu as one of its main protagonists.

She prefers spending her free time with friends. Additionally, she enjoys golf and has even won several local tournaments.

Kathryn Newton’s Biography

Kathryn Newton was born February 8th, 1997, and is an upcoming actress and golf player. She first gained prominence with her role as Louise Brooks on the CBS television series Gary Unmarried as well as three short films. Additionally, Newton began acting at age 4; her parents Robin and David Newton have always supported her artistic interests.

Kathryn graduated from Notre Dame High School in 2015 but put off enrolling in university studies so she could focus on acting instead. She quickly established a presence in both TV shows and film projects before receiving international acclaim for playing Claire Novak on Supernatural (CW series).

Newton is born with an astrological chart composed of elements both fire and water, making her extremely sensitive. As a result, her emotions often run high; combined with an active imagination she may even experience hallucinations or have an enhanced receptivity that borders on mediumship.

Over time, she will cement her name in Hollywood. With roles coming up in popular movies like Pokemon Detective Pikachu, The Society, and Big Little Lies; plus playing a teenage girl who swaps bodies with a serial killer in Freaky as part of a horror comedy flick; her success should only increase further Hollywood.

Newton has an avid passion for travel and adventure. She has visited over 70 countries worldwide, hiked through over 200 of them, and performed in multiple musical productions onstage. Additionally, Newton loves dogs – owning three poodle dogs of her own; playing golf competitively (competing in numerous tournaments); as well as being scheduled to appear in several future movies such as Winner and Lisa Frankenstein in 2021 as Cassie Lang (marking her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut).

Kathryn Newton’s Acting Career

Kathryn Newton began her acting career at just 4 years old. Since then, she has made several films and television appearances; including All My Children for which she appeared regularly as Mahala Burgess for almost 4 years, and Abbie Down East where she played Mahala Burgess, Mad Men, Supernatural as well as various others such as this short film Abbie Down East where Newton also featured as Mahala Burgess – her dream role! Newton is both a talented and ambitious aspiring Broadway actress!

Born February 8, 1997, in the United States to Robin and David Newton, she is the youngest of three children. Michael Newton is a professional golfer whom she admires greatly – so when he won the Masters Tournament she was very pleased.

Kathryn had always dreamed of becoming a Broadway star since she watched the musical Gypsy as a child, which inspired her to try swimming and gymnastics. While in Florida, Kathryn attended an all-girls Catholic school; when she turned 14, she transferred to Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks where she ran for school president as a freshman as well as being on their golf team.

After appearing on several television programs, she ventured into movies. Her cinematic debut came with 2011’s Bad Teacher where she made her film debut playing Chase Rubin-Rossi. Soon thereafter came Paranormal Activity 4, for which she received an Outstanding Young Artist Award nomination; later still she would go on to star in several other movies such as The Martial Arts Kid and The Society.

Kathryn is also an avid golfer, competing in multiple tournaments and coming in second at the Women’s PGA Championship at 16. Her father David is an airline pilot while her mother Robin runs her own business; Kathryn owns three poodles which she likes taking pictures of.

She has appeared in movies and television shows including Gary Unmarried, Supernatural, and Big Little Lies. Additionally, in 2019, she will make appearances in Detective Pikachu as well as Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

Kathryn Newton’s Filmography

Kathryn Newton does not want a romantic relationship. Instead, she has focused on building her career in acting. Kathryn is a highly sought-after actress with much success – appearing in various movies and TV shows such as Pokemon Detective Pikachu; Netflix series The Society; Amazon prime’s The Map of Tiny Perfect Things and several films such as Bad Teacher and Paranormal Activity 4.

Newton loves spending her free time with her dogs. An animal enthusiast, Newton often posts adorable poodle photos on Instagram. Waking up and seeing them greet her each morning is often her highlight of the day; close friends provide invaluable support during difficult times.

Kathryn Newton will soon appear in several major projects this year, such as Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Realm 2023 as Ant-Man’s Wasp and in Lisa Frankenstein with Cole Sprouse and Winner with Emilia Jones. Additionally, Kathryn will star alongside Vince Vaughn in Freaky as a high school student who swaps bodies with a serial killer.

Newton was born and raised in Florida before attending an all-girls Catholic school, although she did make appearances in a few TV shows and films as a child star. Although she yearned to lead a more normal existence – running for school president during freshman year but failing to win; acting continued calling her back though and she eventually won two Young Artist awards for Gary Unmarried performance.

Newton has established herself as a successful adult with both an established acting career and a beautiful home to call her own. She enjoys yoga and has her line of yoga clothing called Love, Kate. In addition to that, she also likes playing golf and has won three local championships; additionally, she plans on expanding her clothing line for golf shortly. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and photography – she even won an award for the latter subject matter!

Kathryn Newton’s Personal Life

Kathryn Newton, best known as Cassie Lang in Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Realm, excelled on her high school golf team as an accomplished two-handicap player before she dropped out to pursue acting full-time. However, Kathryn’s passion for golf remains strong: this week at Scotland’s Alfred Dunhill Links Championship she will join Samuel L Jackson, Michael Douglas, and Hugh Grant among many others in a competition pairing amateurs with professional golfers for an enjoyable golf tournament experience.

Newton, who is currently filming her Amazon Prime Video debut The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, will join US rocker, Huey Lewis, Bon Jovi bassist Tico Torres, and former West Ham captain Mark Noble among others to participate. The tournament runs from September 29 to October 2 on Old Course St Andrews Carnoustie Kingsbarns with Danny Willett as defending champion facing off against Rory McIlroy Shane Lowry Francesco Molinari among others for glory.

Paranormal Activity 4 actress, as well as having appeared in HBO’s Big Little Lies and Amazon’s forthcoming Freaky series, has been golfing since she was eight. After qualifying for the U.S. Women’s Open in 2012 but withdrawing before the sectional qualifying round owing to a commitment to acting rather than winning majors (she says winning an Open would have been amazing), she eventually decided to focus on acting instead of golf.

Newton has become no stranger to hitting the links, as she also regularly competes on tennis tours such as the ATP Challenger Tour and Wimbledon Championships. Additionally, she serves on Team United States Ryder Cup as well as participating in charity events.

Though Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum realm doesn’t feature any golf scenes, Newton revealed on Thursday’s episode of Jimmy Fallon that she would like Bill Murray’s character – playing Margaret – to become a golfer in future films. Newton plays Margaret who becomes trapped in a time loop.


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