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Juliana Nalu

Juliana Nalu: Brazilian Model and Influencer

Juliana Nalu is a Brazilian model and social media influencer who recently went viral for her romance with Kanye West. She frequently uploads modeling, beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle content onto her Instagram account.

She has signed with various modeling agencies and participated in Milan Fashion Week as a model for the clothing brand 6 PM. Additionally, she maintains a Tiktok account where she regularly uploads short videos.

Juliana Nalu’s Biography

Juliana Nalu was born on 17 October 1998 and works internationally as a model. She holds contracts with several agencies such as Mix Models, MGM Models, and Elite Model Management and regularly shares modeling and workout photos on Instagram with her 950,000+ followers; additionally, she boasts an active following on TikTok where she uploads dancing/modeling content.

She recently made headlines for her relationship with American rapper and fashion designer Kanye West. They were seen together in Paris, and the model has posted pictures wearing clothing designed by West as well as his “2024” cap.

No one knows exactly how Nalu and West met, but they’ve certainly been spending plenty of time together lately. Sightings include dinner at high-end LA restaurants as well as West’s post of himself singing a tune from Hamilton in Nalu’s Instagram Stories video.

Nalu is a Life Path number 9 individual, which indicates a passion for exploration. She loves traveling and participating in dance projects. With over 1M followers on TikTok where she shares dance-related and modeling content.

Nalu’s parents divorced when she was still young, leading her to reside with her mother while remaining in contact with both her father and three-half siblings. Although she prefers living a more modest lifestyle than most celebrities do, she has amassed over $1 Million through modeling and fitness work as well as sponsorships, endorsements, and appearances – much to the delight of investors!

Juliana Nalu’s Social Media

Juliana Nalu is an Afro-Brazilian model standing at 5 feet 9 inches. With beautiful brown eyes and dark locks, she stands out as a natural beauty who doesn’t require plastic surgery to maintain her beauty; instead, her success is due to hard work and dedication toward her career.

She has graced many runways for various brands and participated in fashion shows. Additionally, she boasts an impressive social media following of over 1M on TikTok and millions on Instagram – inspiring young girls aspiring to break into modeling.

Juliana has come a long way since her difficult start in life. She credits this success to her mother’s support and guidance throughout. Juliana serves as an example for youth today by helping them realize their goals, loves her family, and is grateful for everything in life.

At 18, she found success modeling in Brazil for L’Oreal’s campaign and has since then worked with multiple agencies like Mix Models, MGM Models, and Elite Model Management. Most recently she made her fashion week debut walking 6 PM’s fashion show in Milan, Italy.

At present, she is widely believed to be dating rapper Kanye West and they have been seen out on several dates around Los Angeles; Kanye has even gifted her flowers and a teddy bear from him! Furthermore, L7nnon, another well-known Brazilian rapper/singer is close by; these two women have known each other for some time now.

Juliana Nalu’s Modeling Career

Juliana Nalu is an internationally acclaimed Brazilian model and social media influencer who recently rose to fame when her name was linked with Kanye West’s. Her Instagram posts feature beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel, and fitness content; additionally, she enjoys travel. With an hourglass figure, she stands out from her peers.

Nalu began modeling at 14 and has since appeared in various campaigns and music videos by artists like Chris Brown. Her strong work ethic and enthusiasm for her fashion industry career made her one of CAL-Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras’ graduates.

Nalu is currently signed to Elite Models LA, Elite Models NYC, and Mix Models Agency, where she boasts an impressive following on Instagram. Here she regularly shares images featuring herself wearing various styles.

Nalu enjoys working out at the gym as part of her fitness regime, maintaining her lean and slim physique by eating healthily and working out regularly. Recently, she was seen working out at Alo Gym in Los Angeles in a spandex workout outfit.

Nalu has not lost touch with her roots despite becoming one of the top models in the industry. She regularly shares updates from home and has an unbreakable connection with her mother whom she credits with helping her achieve success in modeling.

Nalu is the daughter of Janaina Pinto and an unidentified father, who is currently unknown to her. She grew up in Complexo do Chapadao in North Zone Rio de Janeiro with both of them as part of their Christian household. Nalu often posts about her beliefs on Instagram.

Juliana Nalu’s Body Measurements

Juliana Nalu is a Brazilian native living in Los Angeles who has been affiliated with multiple modeling agencies. She boasts an immense social media following on Instagram, where she regularly posts beauty, fashion, and lifestyle-themed posts on her account.

Juliana stands 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 56 kg. With striking brown eyes and hair that draw attention, she began modeling at an early age – her mother always encouraging her in this endeavor – becoming one of the top models in fashion and appearing at various international shows.

Recently, she was seen out with Kanye West following the uproar surrounding his anti-Semitic social media posts. They were seen together at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica before heading towards a clothing warehouse together.

Although neither party has publicly confirmed it, Nalu appears to be supporting West’s political ambitions and may become his first lady if elected President. She recently liked a tweet that stated “The U.S. may soon have its first lady from CHAPADAO COMPLEX.” She has not shared many details of her personal life; however, she did reveal that she enjoys spending time with her family.

Nalu is also an animal enthusiast, often posting pictures of her dogs on social media. Of Afro-Brazilian descent and raised in Brazil’s favelas as a child. Following graduation, she relocated to LA where she began modeling for various companies and agencies.

Juliana Nalu’s Net Worth

Juliana Nalu has established herself in the modeling world for quite some time, amassing an enormous following through her stunning images and videos. She is well-known on TikTok with over 289K followers on her account; additionally, she has supported and promoted various brands via her social media pages.

Julianna Nalu reportedly has an estimated net worth of around $500K, according to sources. She enjoys an active presence on Instagram where her photos have been seen by millions. Additionally, she holds contracts with multiple agencies including Mix Models Agency and Elite Model Management LA according to her Instagram bio.

She enjoys a large social media following and makes money by posting pictures and videos on various platforms. Instagram followers number in the hundreds while TikTok allows her to upload short clips related to music.

This stunning model possesses an avid interest in music and dancing, having performed in front of thousands at numerous concerts. She hopes one day to become an internationally acclaimed singer.

She won a modeling contest organized by TV Globo in collaboration with Central Unica das Favelas (Cufa) in 2016, then relocated to Los Angeles where she appeared in campaigns for L’Oreal and American Eagle brands.

She and Kanye West have been romantically linked and can often be seen together in photographs. Her mother, Janaina Pinto is a devout woman who has always shown great support for her daughter’s career. She lives with Janaina Pinto in Complexo do Chapadao north of Rio de Janeiro with one brother.


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