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Jessica Henwick

Jessica Henwick: Actress, Writer, and Director

Jessica Henwick still seems upbeat despite her BAFTA nomination and failure in its category, although Bus Girl wasn’t victorious.

English actress Liv Tyler is best known for her roles as Nymeria Sand in Game of Thrones and Jessika Pava from Star Wars; as well as Colleen Wing from Marvel TV show Iron Fist.

Jessica Henwick’s Biography

Jessica Henwick is an English actress with an estimated net worth of $5 Million. She is best known for her roles in Round of High Positions, Framework, Iron Fist, and the Star Wars series. Born August 30, 1992, in Surrey England to Mark Henwick an author, and Pearlyn Goh Kung Shan retail businesswoman parents; Jessica has two brothers.

She began acting at nine, and since has appeared in over twenty films and television shows. She made history when she became the first East Asian-descended actress to play a lead role on British TV series; becoming most notable for playing Nymeria Sand on HBO’s Game of Thrones as well as portrayals like Jessika Pavla from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Colleen Wing from Netflix’s Iron Fist/Luke Cage second season series.

Henwick is a devout Christian with strong familial ties, living in Los Angeles where she enjoys an extensive network of friends and mentors. Her parents are very encouraging of her career choices; in particular, acting has long been encouraged as a potential profession – which Henwick has pursued by appearing in multiple stage productions and short films.

Henwick became fascinated with martial arts during her early days as an actress. She attended classes at Redroofs Theater School and National Youth Theatre before receiving additional instruction from Jude Poyer as her choreographer. Furthermore, Henwick has done extensive research on Asian cultures and languages to prepare herself for the roles she portrays onstage.

Henwick made her mark when she landed the lead role of Bo in the BBC television drama Spirit Warriors in 2009. This marked the first time an actor of East Asian descent was cast in such a major role in British TV drama, opening up more opportunities including barrister pupil Amy in Silk (2014) and joining HBO series Game of Thrones as X-wing pilot Nymeria Sand for its fifth season arrangement.

Jessica Henwick’s Filmography

Henwick has proven her versatility by embodying various roles throughout her career. From movies and TV shows like Prison Break and Iron Fist to popular movies such as Into the Woods and American Pie: Revolt, she has proven that she can adapt and be memorable as any type of character thrown her way. However, Henwick is best known for her breakout performance in the Netflix series Iron Fist as Colleen Wing, making an impressive first impression and becoming one of its breakout stars with fans flocking to see her!

Henwick first found success as an actress through her first children’s television role on CBBC’s Spirit Warriors as a child actor, which marked the first time an East Asian-descended actress starred in British children’s programming. Later she made an appearance as Jane Jeong Trenka in the BBC adaptation of Obsession: Dark Desires (2013) before making another major impactful statement with Silk where her role of barrister pupil Amy attracted nearly five million viewers per episode.

Henwick made her mark as Nymeria Sand on HBO’s blockbuster series Game of Thrones during Seasons 5, 6, and 7. As one of House Martell’s Sand Snakes of Dorne, her proficiency with a bullwhip quickly made her one of its fan favorites on screen.

Henwick came second in her audition process for Star Wars: The Force Awakens but ultimately fell short to Daisy Ridley for the lead role, but made an impression supporting appearance as X-wing pilot Jessika Pava – an integral member of the resistance who Henwick captured perfectly by conveying both determination and bravery in their performances.

Henwick appeared as Dotty in Netflix series Love and Monsters as an iconic role, then reprised her performance for its spin-off radio series Love and Monsters: The Clerks’ Room. Additionally, Henwick voiced the main character of the animated kids’ show Moley; an engaging mole who lives under Windsor Castle that undergoes many adventuresome experiences; Henwick captures Dotty’s charm while simultaneously conveying her curiosity and sense of wonderment through voiceover work that made her an unmissable feature in Moley.

Henwick made her acting debut in 2020’s drama On the Rocks as Laura, who suspects Dean (Marlon Wayans) of having an affair with a coworker. She brought out all the nuances of Laura’s character – from insecurity about being a working mother to suspicion over an infidelity situation – effectively. Later that same year she appeared as Peg in Netflix movie Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery where she received critical acclaim – an achievement which earned her praise as she now prepares to appear alongside Sofia Coppola’s film The Royal Hotel later on that same year.

Jessica Henwick’s Personal Life

Jessica Henwick has achieved great success as an actor, yet remains extremely private about her personal life. Although currently unmarried and childfree, she has been involved in multiple relationships throughout her life – currently, she’s in one with Johnny Yang who shares similar zodiac characteristics (Virgo for her, Capricorn for him). They seem like an ideal pair!

Henwick made her acting debut in 2009 when she landed the lead role of Bo on the BBC series Spirit Warriors, becoming the first East Asian actress ever cast in a major role in a British television show. Due to this achievement, she earned much acclaim, as well as being nominated for Broadcasting Awards 2011. Since then Henwick has appeared in Obsession: Dark Desires (2014), Silk (2015), and Lewis (2014) as well.

Henwick made her acting debut in 2015 on the HBO series Game of Thrones as Nymeria Sand. She shared the role with Rosabell Laurenti Sellers and Keisha Castle-Hughes (her sisters), earning several award nominations along the way. Additionally, Henwick featured in the Running on the Cracks film adaptation and appeared as barrister student Amy in the Silk TV series.

She auditioned for Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens but ultimately lost to Daisy Ridley. Later she would portray X-wing pilot Jess Pava in the Star Wars spin-off novel Weapon of a Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventure (2015) and its movie counterpart; her character is an admirer of Luke Skywalker who became popular among fans.

Henwick has also become known for her roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Colleen Wing from Iron Fist on Netflix, Suzanne Brewer from Blood of Zeus 2021, and Bugs from Matrix Resurrections (2021). Additionally, she starred in two television shows: Fortitude from 2017-20 and Ravenswood from 2019-20.

Jessica Henwick was born in Surrey, England on 30 August 1992 to Pearlyn Henwick a former retail businesswoman, and Mark Henwick an author. Jessica holds British nationality while possessing Chinese heritage; she attended Redroofs Theatre School and National Youth Theatre where she studied a mixture of theater arts and martial arts.

Jessica Henwick’s Career

Jessica Henwick has amassed an impressive body of work over time and can be found in several movies. As one of England’s premier actresses, she enjoys an immense following among audiences and followers on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook – she boasts millions of fans! Additionally, Henwick is a quite pleasant company to be around and always enthusiastically puts forth 100% into each project she undertakes. Jessica Henwick is a truly gifted and beautiful individual that puts everything she has into every piece she creates; always putting in 100% of whatever is required of her!

Henwick first began her acting career early, attending Redroofs Theatre School and National Youth Theatre as well as making her professional stage debut in 2013’s Running on the Cracks which is based on Julia Donaldson’s novel of the same name. Henwick was highly acclaimed by all, including Allan Radcliffe of The Times, for her performance in the movie. Additionally, in 2014 she made her television dramatization debut as Jane Jeong Trenka in Obsession: Dark Desires TV dramatization arrangement which proved extremely popular with viewers. She then made her HBO television series debut as Nymeria Sand in season 5 of Game of Thrones in 2015 and received widespread acclaim from viewers. Additionally, she appeared as an X-wing pilot named Jessika Pava in Star Wars film adaptation The Force Awakens as well.

She has appeared in multiple other TV shows and films such as The Defenders (2017), Luke Cage (2017), Fortitude (2nd season), Iron Fist (2017-2018), and Netflix film Underwater (2022). Additionally, she is an activist for women’s equality; donating funds and helping needy ones access education. Furthermore, as a child, she competed competitively as a pianist.

Henwick was born in Surrey, England of Singaporean-Chinese descent. She is close with both of her parents and very caring about both. Her favorite activities include arts and dance – she’s particularly fond of ballet! – as well as charity work and she maintains an optimistic and happy outlook towards life overall. Henwick enjoys an excellent relationship with both sides of her family while being an attentive daughter-in-law herself.


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