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Jessica Gomes

Jessica Gomes: Australian Model

Jessica Gomes is an Australian model best known for appearing in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues from 2008-2015, as well as being a spokesperson for various acclaimed brands.

Her multiracial background includes being born to a Portuguese father and a Chinese mother. At 13 she began taking modeling classes at Linda-Ann Model Academy before later moving to New York City and signing with IMG Models.

Jessica Gomes’ Biography

Jessica Gomes is an internationally-recognized model who has graced the pages and runways of leading fashion publications worldwide. Additionally, she is a budding entrepreneur who recently released her skincare line, Equal Beauty. Jessica’s dedication and perseverance make her a role model for young women around the globe.

Gomes, who hails from Sydney and hails from a half-Portuguese and half-Chinese background, began her modeling career at 13 with her mother encouraging her to enroll in modeling classes, leading her to enter an IMG Models contest which she ultimately won. Through IMG she has gone on to work with numerous fashion brands and publications.

Gomes has graced the covers of many prominent fashion publications throughout her career, such as Vogue, Teen Vogue, American Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, and Victoria’s Secret catalog. She has collaborated with prominent fashion brands including DKNY Jeans, Levi’s Motorola, and Biba; additionally, she is well-known in South Korea having worked for companies like Hyundai and LG Electronics.

She has appeared in multiple film projects, such as Once Upon a Time in Venice and Tigertail. Additionally, she enjoys an enormous following on social media – more than 250k Instagram followers to be precise.

Gomes boasts a sleek and sexy figure that makes her an eye-catching model. At 5ft 6 in tall and wearing a bra size 30C, her dark brown eyes stand out against a healthy body.

She keeps her personal life relatively private, providing little details on her love life or dating history. At present, she remains single and leads an undisturbed existence.

In her free time, she enjoys shopping for designer clothing and shoes – particularly Chanel as she owns several pieces from this designer brand. Additionally, she travels extensively and has amassed an extensive shoe and bag collection – in addition to modeling she also acts in films as well as voiceover for commercials! With an outstanding sense of style, she is known for having a distinct appearance.

Jessica Gomes’ Modeling Career

Jessica Gomes is a model who has graced international fashion magazines and runway shows alike. Additionally, she has become one of the most beloved faces for several beauty products thanks to her striking beauty and sensuous body – something made evident when appearing in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue as well.

Gomes was born in Sydney, Australia on September 25, 1984, to Joe and Jenny Gomes – her father was of Portuguese heritage while her mother was of Singaporean Chinese background. Growing up in Perth Australia she started modeling with Linda-Ann Model Academy at age 13. At this point, she also took acting classes and competed in her first modeling competition to kick-start her career.

Since then, she has appeared in various major publications and conducted extensive work throughout Asia and Australia. She has cultivated a significant following within East Coast hip-hop culture, often being featured as the voice introducing Rick Ross’ record label Maybach Music Group at the start of particular tracks.

In 2013, she replaced Miranda Kerr as the face of Australian retail giant David Jones, as brand ambassador for Enprani cosmetics, and its Gomes Pink lip gloss product line. Additionally, she has modeled for both Vietnamese and Australian editions of Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

Gomes has also enjoyed success in film. She starred in the 2017 movie Once Upon a Time in Venice alongside Bruce Willis and in the 2018 Australian movie Tigertail alongside him. Additionally, Gomes serves as a spokesperson and brand ambassador for DKNY Jeans and Garnier as well as Hyundai, LG, and Sean John fragrances.

Gomes is also an avid animal advocate. She uses social media to raise awareness about abused animals and raise funds for animal welfare organizations. Furthermore, she launched the Equal Beauty skincare line which promotes inclusivity and self-care.

Jessica Gomes’ Personal Life

Gomes is an alluring natural beauty who looks stunning no matter what she wears. A popular choice to grace fashion magazines and front campaigns for leading American fashion brands, she has also worked in television and film.

She is an animal advocate, supporting causes that protect animal welfare. Additionally, she has spoken about her mental health struggles and advocated for open discussion on the topic. Additionally, she has taken part in numerous events aimed at raising funds and awareness for breast cancer research as well as campaigns promoting gender equality.

Model Kyla Johnson stands out with her distinctive sense of style and often wears vintage-inspired fashions. As one of Australia’s most successful models, she has appeared eight times in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue – not to mention modeling for major clothing companies such as DKNY Jeans, Garnier, Levi’s Motorola, and Victoria’s Secret!

Gomes has also demonstrated her entrepreneurial flair by creating Equal Beauty skincare products focusing on inclusivity and self-care. She serves as an inspiring figure for young entrepreneurs and businesswomen.

Gomes is an avid fitness enthusiast and regularly posts her workout regimen on social media. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family; her relationship with her father and sister is particularly strong; in addition, she’s an accomplished dancer and has competed in multiple dance competitions.

Gomes has had an active personal life. She has dated multiple men in the past; most notably F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo; they were first seen together at a charity event in Sydney. Gomes is also passionate about ballet performances, often attending performances with her mother.

Australian model Georgia Warnock has become an eye-catching fixture at Oaks Day, where she can often be found flaunting an impressive array of ensembles – most recently donning an elegant knit dress in dark hues with ruffled details.

Jessica Gomes’ Net Worth

Jessica Gomes has earned millions through her modeling career. She has graced runways for multiple brands and been featured in multiple ad campaigns; these endeavors are estimated to generate earnings worth millions of dollars. Gomes made headlines for appearing in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues while earning additional income through brand endorsements, collaborations with influencers and celebrities, brand endorsements, and various collaborations with different influencers and celebrities.

Jessica Gomes was born and raised in Perth, Australia as the daughter of Joe Gomes (Portuguese father) and Jenny (Singaporean Chinese mother). At 13, her mother enrolled her at Linda-Ann Model Academy in Perth to take modeling classes before eventually signing with IMG Models New York City in 2004 and walking for luxury brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Urban Outfitters, Motorola Levi’s DKNY Jeans & Garnier among many more.

Gomes has not only become known for her modeling career but is also an actor, appearing in various TV shows and films. She first rose to prominence when she became a household name in Asia through My Name is Jessica Gomes and competing in Korean Dancing with the Stars competitions. Additionally, Gomes has appeared in ads for Cass Beer and Jay-Rocawear Z as well as having launched her lip gloss called Gomes Pink; ranking 34th on the AskMen International poll of “world’s most desirable women.”

Gomes was chosen to replace Miranda Kerr as the brand ambassador of the Australian retail company David Jones Limited in 2013. Additionally, she appeared in Transformers: Age of Extinction and Once Upon a Time in Venice films as an actor, as well as being an entrepreneur by owning several restaurants in Canberra and a football team.

Gomes remains unmarried and has kept her dating life private, though she maintains good relations with both parents and often shares photos of them on Instagram. She identifies as straight and has been romantically involved with Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo since 2015. They try not to talk publicly about their romance.


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