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Jeanne Cadieu

Jeanne Cadieu: Established Runway Model

Jeanne Cadieu is an established runway model who has collaborated with major brands and designers. Born in France and educated at the renowned International School of Paris, Jeanne now attends Columbia University in New York as a student.

She is in a relationship with American actor Jake Gyllenhaal and they remain very discreet about it. Additionally, she is health-minded and exercises every alternate day.

Jeanne Cadieu’s Biography

Jeanne Cadieu is a model and student born in Paris, France who now resides in New York City. She’s well-known on Instagram as well as being featured in several publications; fashion is her passion, often shares outfits with followers; fitness is important too; workout routines are frequently posted to her social media accounts for everyone to follow! In addition, Jeanne has taken part in many modeling events as well as worked with various designers and brands.

Jeanne is an extremely intelligent woman, studying at Columbia University in New York. She shows an intense interest in US politics, regularly supporting Black Lives Matter movements as well as President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Jeanne has gained fame both as a student and model, as well as being a fashion influencer with her YouTube channel and blog where she shares personal style advice and beauty tips with her followers. With an expansive following that spans all fields, Jeanne can often be found attending fashion shows and events across the world.

She has collaborated with an array of brands and designers such as Rag & Bone, Etta Sabater, and Vogue Australia – walking the runway at New York Fashion Week as a guest model. Additionally, in her free time she enjoys reading history books and traveling; taking yoga classes; dancing regularly; training with celebrity trainer Don Saladino; reading historical novels – in fact, anything that helps her relax!

Jeanne Cadieu’s Early Life

Jeanne Cadieu hails from Paris, France. She has appeared in multiple runway shows, photoshoots, and ad campaigns; as well as building up an extensive social media following for herself as an IMG Models and Elite Model Management model.

After she began dating Jake Gyllenhaal, her fame increased immensely. Although they have yet to publicly discuss their romance, the couple has been seen together quite often since and appears very serious about continuing the relationship despite its 16-year age difference.

Cadieu embodies everything modeling has to offer as she also loves reading and history. Her favorite vacation spot is Los Angeles; however, she also finds great joy in visiting family in Paris and working out regularly at the gym with trainer Don Saladino.

Cadieu juggles her career and studies at Columbia University in New York City simultaneously. A veteran in the fashion industry for over a decade now, Cadieu has graced Paris and New York Fashion Weeks multiple times as well as numerous editorial shoots.

Her parents have always been supportive of her dreams and encouraged her to follow her passions, with her father being an engineer and her mother being a businesswoman respectively. Marion is her sister whom she is particularly close with.

Jeanne Cadieu’s Career

Jeanne Cadieu has made a career out of modeling. She has appeared on countless fashion runway shows as well as worked with several beauty products and services brands.

Jeanne is an intelligent young lady and continues to pursue her studies, currently attending Columbia University in New York City. She loves history and traveling; in addition, she’s very health conscious – regularly posting posts of her workout regimen on Instagram; in fact, she trained under celebrity trainer Don Saladino previously!

Since her introduction to fashion events several years ago, she has made herself known at various fashion events – even participating in some. She has walked runway shows for various fashion brands like Etta Sabater and Rag & Bone; additionally, she has been featured in editorials and photoshoots.

Modeling has led her to land endorsement deals with several products and brands such as Goop, Solid & Striped, and INTERMIX – among others. She boasts a large following on Instagram where she frequently makes sponsored posts promoting these brands and services.

Jeanne Cadieu has worked tirelessly and achieved incredible success in her field. Her dedication and strong willpower have propelled her success so quickly; she serves as an exemplar to other models hoping to break into modeling. Jeanne is also deeply in love with Jake Gyllenhaal but remains cautious not to discuss their relationship publicly.

Jeanne Cadieu’s Personal Life

Jeanne Cadieu possesses an enviable combination of intelligence, elegance, and charisma. An avid reader and passionate advocate of French culture on Instagram posts, Jeanne takes good care to exercise regularly and eat healthily; as a vegan who believes in inner beauty she visits her family members regularly in Paris on holidays; in addition to visiting Los Angeles London Greece among many other destinations.

Jake Gyllenhaal and she have been in a relationship since 2018. While the couple prefers keeping their romance private, they have been seen at various events supporting each other.

Jeanne Cadieu is both an international model and a successful businesswoman. She owns her own couture wedding dress company called ‘Jeanne Cadieu Couture,’ producing designer wedding dresses and accessories. Additionally, she has made appearances at various renowned fashion shows including Worth New York Summer 2019, Channel Resort 2020 Paris Show Lela Rose S/S 17 Show as well as Ny Neon Yuti Chang Shows.

Jeanne Cadieu’s Net Worth

In August 2020, a controversial video showing her dancing at the Burning Man music festival with a Native American headdress and making an offensive ‘pied de nez’ gesture quickly went viral and caused outrage from many people. Within one month of its publication, she issued an apology expressing “deepest apologies for my actions in that incident”.

Recently, Jeanne has been working with several high-profile brands represented by One Management Agency and her estimated net worth is around $440,000. Additionally, she’s been dating American actor Jake Gyllenhaal who they both support greatly; often being seen together at public and media events together.

Relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeanne Cadieu stand out among celebrity couples for being especially discrete, sparking romance rumors in 2018 but remaining under wraps until September 2021 when they made their first red carpet appearance together at Maggie Gyllenhaal’s directorial debut movie The Lost Daughter premiere.

This couple isn’t exactly camera-shy, but they do tend to avoid the public eye. While out and about they tend to wear hoodies and jackets to conceal their faces from photographers. Gyllenhaal even recently stated that his girlfriend disliked being photographed – which may explain their tendency for discrete behavior.

Cadieu also maintains her acting career while also working as a model. She’s signed to Elite Model Management NYC and Women Management Paris, having walked for various designers such as Valentino and Saint Laurent on runway shows. Recently she posted on Instagram showing herself posing for Harper’s Bazaar France magazine wearing a dark color palette.

Though relatively private, she is fully supportive of her partner’s acting career and has attended several events with him. Additionally, they took a walk during the coronavirus pandemic for which they donned protective hoodies and jackets for extra warmth.

Gyllenhaal revealed in an interview with Howard Stern that as he has aged, he has begun contemplating marriage and children more seriously. He explained that as part of living his life instead of becoming obsessed with Hollywood work and Hollywood stardom, he hopes one day to start a family with his girlfriend; they often discuss this subject together.


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