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Iris Apatow

Iris Apatow: American Actress and Singer

Iris Apatow is the daughter of Hollywood heavyweights Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, and an acclaimed actress herself. As her parents were both movie industry veterans, it’s no secret that Iris Apatow made an early foray into acting. First appearing in her father’s film Knocked Up and later her mother’s comedy Funny People were just two examples of early roles she has taken on as an actress.

In 2016, she achieved her breakthrough role on Netflix’s Love series created by her father.

Iris Apatow’s Biography

Iris Apatow has made appearances in numerous movies and TV shows; additionally, her YouTube channel showcases videos featuring herself acting or other activities; this makes for a very popular social media personality who also works with brands to generate income for herself.

She juggles multiple responsibilities and is extremely busy, yet despite this hectic schedule she always manages to make time for family. Iris Apatow loves spending time with Maude Apatow and taking them out on adventures together. Iris enjoys an opulent lifestyle with ample earnings coming from acting. Her active social media presence promotes her brand with more than 790K followers on Instagram alone!

Iris Apatow was raised under the spotlight, making her debut in her father’s movie Knocked Up at five. Since then she has gone on to appear in various movies such as Funny People and This Is 40.

Like her mother, Iris is passionate about animals, especially dogs and cats. She owns two dogs and one cat who are all close to her. Iris’ parents have always been supportive of her career and helped with many projects related to acting. One day she hopes that one will break out.

Maude is Iris’ older sister and also boasts an accomplished acting career. She has appeared in several films and television series such as Euphoria; more recently she made an appearance as Arya Hopkins on Netflix’s Love series. Maude has also graced several magazine covers as a model.

These sisters bear an undeniable resemblance and are frequently seen together. They have even modeled for fashion shows together. Recently, they were seen sporting matching dresses while toting Louis Vuitton bags – creating the picture-perfect picture of an attractive mother-daughter duo!

Iris Apatow’s Acting Career

Maude Apatow is an emerging actress renowned for her performances across multiple productions. Born to filmmaker Judd Apatow and actress Leslie Mann, Maude first made an impression debut appearance as Sadie in Paul Rudd’s 2007 flick Knocked Up; since then she has continued appearing in many of his films while also making appearances in Love on Netflix where she played Arya Hopkins’ character.

Recently, she starred as the lead character in the HBO series Euphoria to widespread acclaim from both audiences and critics alike. Playing Lexi Howard from books in the show, her on-screen chemistry with fellow castmates was impressive as were her tributes on Instagram to them!

Maude is not only an accomplished actor but is also an accomplished singer, directing short films herself, writing her poetry, and has appeared in TV shows like Girls Trip.

Maude has performed in several Broadway plays. Her next performance will be seen in an Off-Broadway revival of Little Shop of Horrors from Feb 7 – April 2, where she will star as Audrey alongside Broadway veterans such as Tony Award-winner Matt Doyle (“Company”) as Seymour, Tony nominee Bryce Pinkham (“A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder”) as Dr. Orin Scrivello, D’Kaylah Unique Whitley (“Dear Evan Hansen”) as Ronnette as well as more.

Iris is also an actor and has made appearances in multiple productions. Her popularity on social media is continually recognized for her hard work; Iris and her sister share a close bond that often results in shout-outs between each other on Instagram.

Iris and Maude are great off-camera friends who share an appreciation of cats, fashion, and comedy. Both sisters have great senses of humor and enjoy making others laugh; both share similar musical tastes too!

They have numerous celebrity friends. Iris is currently dating Ryder Robinson, son of Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson; their relationship was made public on Valentine’s Day 2022, and can often be seen together at Los Angeles Lakers games or other events.

Iris Apatow’s Musical Career

Iris Apatow is an American actress, singer, and socialite best known for starring in the Netflix series Love and the film The Bubble. She has amassed an enormous fanbase on social media such as Instagram; Jergens and Chanel are two brands she endorses as brand ambassadors. Born in the US with a large family including mother Leslie Mann and older sister Maude Apatow; Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry runs through his line while Irish, Finnish, and Scottish background run through both of her mother’s lines; with Ashkenazi Jewish and Finnish, Finnish and Scottish background on both sides ancestry lines respectively.

Iris is an incredible singer with a stunning voice. She made her musical debut in High School Musical: The Musical series and can often be found appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show. Recently, she started dating Ryder Robinson – son of Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson; after dating briefly they recently went out for dinner together in Los Angeles.

Iris is studying at the University of Southern California and is dedicated to her acting career. She can often be found posting makeup tutorials and other content for her 1M-strong following on TikTok – Iris looks forward to taking on more roles such as villain roles soon and hopes that one movie might feature her soon as well!

At nineteen, Iris Apatow epitomizes Gen Z. She’s a confident, sultry, and talented young woman not afraid to take risks in her life, entertaining people through social media updates and reality TV programs.

Iris is the daughter of famed director Judd Apatow and actress Leslie Mann. Her father directed many acclaimed films like The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Funny People and This Is 40; Maude Apatow (Iris’ older sister) plays Lexi from Euphoria; their mother Leslie Mann is best known for roles like The Other Woman, King of Staten Island and 17 Again.

Iris Apatow’s Personal Life

Iris Apatow is the 20-year-old daughter of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann and recently made headlines after posting some topless selfies to Instagram; not everyone in her family was happy about this decision; Oliver Apatow and Ryder Robinson in particular voiced concerns.

Ryder Robinson, Hudson Hudson, and Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson’s eldest child, recently made their relationship Instagram official by posting a photo of himself kissing Iris on the cheek and posting with the red heart emoji as his caption – to which Iris responded with both smiley face and kiss emojis in response.

Although Ryder and Iris appear to be enjoying their relationship, some fans have noticed he may also be dating Maude, Iris’ older sister from HBO’s Euphoria who plays Rani on screen. Maude, 24, has had several relationships in her lifetime but has yet to comment publicly on who or what is currently romantic for her.

Even amid reports of their potential separation, Iris and Ryder remain close, and she has expressed no displeasure with Ryder’s new romantic pursuits. They often hang out together or work on projects together – such as filming the second season of Iris’ YouTube series Comfort that documents her experience growing up in Hollywood.

Iris has been hard at work developing her acting abilities and has already found roles in films like Knocked Up and This Is 40. Additionally, she has appeared in multiple television shows and commercials. Additionally, Iris is taking an active role in her career by learning to direct and write her material.


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