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Top 40 Most Beautiful Instagram Models

Instagram models are social media influencers who attract large followings by sharing perfect photo moments on social media, as well as the latest fashion and fitness trends and their journeys.

Gigi Hadid is one of the most beloved Instagram models. Her feed is filled with modeling campaigns from high-end brands and magazines as well as pictures of her family and friends.

Instagram Models

Instagram has revolutionized how modern-day fashion models present themselves it is now a hub that enables them to portray their diverse talents along with individuality effortlessly!

Boasting millions of users globally makes it easy for newbies as well as established names an actuate space wherein they can mingle with audiences, draw inspiration from them, and even tie-up-brand collaborations.

Our blog today is an exciting collection that features 33 incredible female Instagram models who have gained immense popularity across the fashion world because of their extraordinary capabilities.

Anllela Sagra

IG: @anllela_sagra

Anllela Sagra is an accomplished fitness model from Colombia known for her body transformation videos and workout sessions. Additionally, she serves as both a personal trainer and social media influencer with an immense following on Instagram and has collaborated with several brands such as Bang Energy, BrighterWhite Teeth Whitening, and VPX Sports among many others.

Anllela is an incredible fitness model who boasts one of the most stunning bodies on the internet. Her curvier figure and a toned physique give anyone major fitness inspiration; her Instagram account features photos and videos showing her working out, eating healthily, and having fun!

Anllela initially desired to become a fashion designer and earned her degree in that field. But soon thereafter she found her passion was working out and decided to turn it into her career path. She began training at a gym, meeting a trainer who helped spark an interest in bodybuilding; later competing in fitness competitions further expanded this passion of hers.

Anllela is a widely recognized fitness model who has amassed more than 9 million followers on Instagram and is sponsored by 1Up Nutrition (a supplement brand). Her steamy photos and workout videos will surely motivate anyone.

Madi Edwards

IG: @madi_edwards

Madi Edwards is an up-and-coming Australian model and retail shop owner. Her beach girl appearance has earned her modeling work with top brands such as Lorna Jane, Sunseeker, and Billabong; additionally, she has made several magazines covers such as Vogue Australia and Maxim Australia.

She boasts an irresistibly attractive bikini body, and frequently posts swimwear photos on Instagram to her nearly 14,000-follower followers. She enjoys spreading self-love and body positivity messages; in fact, she created an entire reel video about her experience dealing with Melasma, an affliction that causes black spots on skin surfaces.

Edwards can often be found lounging around at the beach. She’s passionate about fitness, diet, and health in general – she even owns a Dachshund named Blue whom she regularly posts pictures of on Instagram!

She has charmed many men with her beauty charm and currently dates a professional gamer named Josh Carroll. Although she keeps most aspects of her personal life private, she occasionally posts warm posts to Ryan on occasion. While in the past she struggled with weight issues due to poor diet and training efforts, now her weight balance is perfected thanks to regular dieting efforts and training efforts.

Natasha Oakley

IG: @tashoakley

Natasha Oakley is best known for her beach-ready physique and dedication to living healthily. Her fitness regime consists of regular cardio workouts as well as full-body resistance training; she particularly favors high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts for their ability to burn many calories quickly.

She enjoys taking long walks as it helps her burn more calories and build leg muscles, as well as drinking plenty of water throughout the day, which helps with digestion and keeps her skin hydrated.

Monday Swimwear blogger and co-founder Leigh Anne lives by the philosophy that women should embrace their bodies regardless of size or shape, no matter when wearing bikinis on Mondays.

Mother-of-two recently took advantage of her trip to Fiji and showcased one of her designs a yellow swimsuit with a matching cover-up that showed off her slim figure and highlighted its best features blonde locks and pale skin against the vibrant blue backdrop, its low-cut neckline complemented perfectly with wide-brim fedoras and sunglasses for an eye-catching ensemble.

Camila Morrone

IG: @camilamorrone

Camila Morrone boasts two million Instagram followers, a Coach contract, an A-lister boyfriend, and the kind of squad that compels the Daily Mail to follow her around airports. Even with limited screen credits under her belt already, Morrone is quickly making herself known as one to watch.

At Paris Fashion Week, she made headlines wearing an eye-catching see-through black Khaite off-shoulder look styled with silver bow-embellished heels for an eye-catching appearance. However, her look remained simple.

Early this week, she posted an image to Instagram featuring her seductive body in a white swimsuit and high-waisted black shorts paired with stylish sunglasses.

Leonardo DiCaprio and model Freja Beha are currently in a relationship, and she recently shared several throwback photos from their vacation to St. Barts on social media. One photo features Freja frolicking around in the water while wearing only bikinis while another captures her from a closer distance as she lies face-up on a sandy beach with her eyes closed and face towards the sun.

Rocky Barnes

IG: @rocky_barnes

Rocky Barnes, 37, is an Instagram influencer known for her travel posts and fashionable outfits. She has appeared in magazines such as GQ, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue; currently living in Manhattan Beach California United States.

Her blog is an online destination for fans looking for tips and advice in fitness, fashion, and travel. Hailing from California herself, this beach girl personifies California cool. Additionally, she has traveled widely while also working with some amazing brands.

She has served as a brand ambassador for companies like AmEx and MAC, traveling extensively for these campaigns. Additionally, she owns her clothing line through Cleobella called Cleobella Vintage Tees; in an Instagram video, she recently shared some travel tips – such as packing plenty of snacks while never checking any makeup in your luggage – in which she gave some hot tips as to how best to travel. Jones and Charlie live with their mother.


IG: @ari_maj

Instagram is a social media app that enables users to upload, share, and filter photographs and videos with one another. Additionally, the platform features various filters and effects which users can apply to photos and videos taken using iPhone and Android devices. With over one billion active users globally and an intuitive, fun user experience – Instagram is currently the world’s most popular photo-sharing platform!

Instagram has been at the center of numerous controversies, with claims ranging from allegations that it censors photos and videos to targeting women’s bodies unfairly. Furthermore, it has been accused of violating privacy laws as well as copyright regulations; finally, its decision to switch from showing timelines chronologically to using an algorithm as photo order determination has also caused friction within its community.

Ariadna is an Instagram celebrity fashion model and dancer with over 72,000 followers on Instagram. She is best known as Thilo Kehrer’s girlfriend at West Ham FC and enjoys living the Wag life by taking luxurious holidays and sharing beauty routines on her account. Ariadna also possesses extensive backgrounds in yoga and dance improvisation – which have informed her approach to aerial silks and hoops. Her approach draws upon yoga philosophy, nature studies, and self-development when choosing aerial silks/hoop practices/techniques/techniques/methodologies/methodologies/techniques/techniques/self-development for aerial silks/hoops practiced within their relationship.

Courtney Tailor

IG: @courtneytailor

Courtney Tailor is an Instagram fitness influencer and model who gained fame thanks to EHP Labs supplements. She has amassed over 2 million followers and serves as their spokesperson. Additionally, Courtney holds multiple certifications as a personal trainer and bodybuilding athlete as well as being featured on numerous television shows and movies such as Everybody Wants Some!!

Model accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death last year is being sued by his family for wrongful death and funeral costs associated with their murder.

An OnlyFans and Instagram model charged with stabbing her boyfriend Christian Obumseli to death was ordered by a state judge in Hawaii to be held without bail until extradition back to Florida is complete. She boasts over two million Instagram followers. Christian’s death occurred on April 3rd in their Miami apartment.

Court documents indicate the couple had an emotionally charged and sometimes abusive relationship, including domestic violence on both sides and an elevator physical altercation months before Clenney’s murder. Just hours before her arrest, Clenney posted an Instagram Q&A video in which she answered where she saw herself five years from now by answering that she wanted children and several houses – responses which have since gone viral online.

Gigi Hadid

IG: @gigihadid

Gigi Hadid is undoubtedly one of fashion’s most sought-after figures – it’s no wonder why! With her mesmerizing looks and remarkable poise on the runway. She’s caught the attention of many. From collaborating with prestigious brands to landing coveted spots on magazine covers. Gigi exudes both elegance and versatility that is truly unmatched.

Kendall Jenner

IG: @kendalljenner

A celebrated member of the Kardashian-Jenner dynasty. Kendall Jenner’s unparalleled beauty and innate fashion taste have earned her substantial recognition in modeling circles. Equipped with impressive runway skills and undeniable poise. She has become one of today’s most sought-after models.

Karlie Kloss

IG: @karliekloss

Karlie Kloss is a true fashion icon, known for her stunning figure and confident walk. Beyond her career in modeling. She also actively advocates for the advancement of women’s education and entrepreneurship. With her impressive platform. She strives to motivate and uplift others.

Bella Hadid

IG: @bellahadid

Bella Hadids’ rise in fashion cannot be ignored. Coming from a family lineage in modeling that includes her older sister Gigi Hadid. Bella has set herself apart with her distinctive beauty, avant-garde style, and ability to mesmerize any camera she stands in front of. These attributes have generated a devoted following for Bella alongside prestigious assignments within the industry.

Emily Ratajkowski

IG: @emrata

Emily Ratajkowskis’s undeniable allure and magnetic charisma have propelled her into the limelight. Through her empowering fashion choices and body-confident advocacy, she urges women to celebrate their unique selves.

Adriana Lima

IG: @adrianalima

As one of Victorias Secrets most beloved Angels over the past twenty years, Adriana Lima exudes both confidence and sensuality. Her unwavering dedication to maintaining her incredibly fit physique only adds to her striking stage presence – together making her an enduring symbol of beauty.

Candice Swanepoel

IG: @angelcandices

Captivating audiences with her enchanting beauty both on and off the runway Candice Swanepoel is undoubtedly one of Victoria’s Secret Angels’ most treasured members. Her Instagram profile showcases not only incredible modeling portraits but also breathtaking insights into her global adventures. Leaving followers spellbound every step of the way.

Ashley Graham

IG: @ashleygraham

As an influential figure in the fashion industry. Ashley Graham champions body positivity and inclusivity. Her achievements as a successful plus-size model disrupt long-standing beauty ideals, inspiring multitudes to celebrate their unique physiques.

Joan Smalls

IG: @joansmalls

Joan Smalls, a stunning model hailing from Puerto Rico has unquestionably positioned herself as an influential figure in the modeling industry. Her remarkable physical traits and magnetic charm have graced the catwalk for numerous distinguished fashion labels.

Hailey Bieber

IG: @haileybieber

As a distinguished public figure within the fashion industry. Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) has made tremendous strides in her career progression. Her polished sense of style and captivating editorial photoshoots have contributed significantly towards the growth of her devoted following.

Doutzen Kroes

IG: @doutzen

With her inherent grace and striking features, Doutzen Kroes stands out as a distinguished Dutch model and actress. Her admirable work for various charitable organizations while pursuing a flourishing modeling profession serves as an inspiration to many.

Cara Delevingne

IG: @caradelevingne

One cannot help but admire Cara Delevingne for her unmistakable physical attributes, playful character traits, and fearless demeanor – characteristics that have made her an adored figure among designers and photographers. In addition to modeling gigs galore. She has taken on acting pursuits to demonstrate her immense versatility.

Jasmine Tookes

IG: @jastookes

Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes stands out amongst her fellow Angels for all the right reasons. Her unique presence cannot be denied as she captures attention wherever she goes. Known for her lovely demeanor and outstanding beauty. She has accumulated a devoted fan base who admire and support her work.

Irina Shayk

IG: @irinashayk

Renowned for her captivating allure and magnetic charm, Irina Shayk is a distinguished Russian supermodel. Her impressive talents are showcased through her successful partnerships with esteemed luxury fashion brands and philanthropic contributions.

Liu Wen

IG: @liuwenlw

Influential Chinese fashion model Liu Wen is paving the way for East Asian representation on a global scale. With exceptional talents and distinctive features that captivate audiences worldwide. She has garnered immense appreciation within the modeling industry. Her noteworthy achievements as a result of high-profile branding collaborations highlight Liu Wen as a deserving role model who inspires others through hard work and determination without compromising authenticity.

Barbara Palvin

IG: @realbarbarapalvin

Regarded for her ageless allure and flexibility, Barbara Palvin represents the Hungarian modeling industry. Her propensity to collaborate with celebrated fashion entities and her role as a Victoria’s Secret Angel has cemented her identity as an acclaimed figure within international modeling circles.

Romee Strijd

IG: @romeestrijd

Victoria’s Secret model Romee Strijd sets herself apart with her confident aura and elegant personality. Her emphasis on health and fitness echoes throughout her social media posts, inspiring others to adopt a holistic approach toward achieving overall well-being.

Emily DiDonato

IG: @emilydidonato

Emily DiDonatos’ unforgettable beauty has made waves in the fashion world throughout recent years. Not only has she been featured on multiple magazine covers but she’s also worked alongside top-level photographers who’ve captured every angle of this talented model. While some may see only an incredibly beautiful person when they look at Emily it’s also worth noting that many are touched by the warmth and approachability exuded by this incredible figurehead – traits that have garnered a devoted following across numerous communities.

Josephine Skriver

IG: @josephineskriver

Josephine Skriver is renowned for showcasing an exceptional combination of charm and a distinct fashion sense via her engaging Instagram presence. Her success as a Victoria’s Secret Angel serves as an inspiration not only to fellow models but also to aspiring individuals looking to make it big in the industry.

Elsa Hosk

IG: @hoskelsa

A respected name in the modeling sphere, Elsa Hosk’s remarkable poise on the runway and ethereal features have captured many hearts. Enthusiasts can stay updated with this prominent figure via Instagram, where she posts enchanting editorials, thrilling escapades from across the globe, as well as personal snippets.

Taylor Hill

IG: @taylor_hill

Taylor Hill is a renowned Victoria’s Secret Angel who radiates a captivating appeal and natural grace. Her infectious smile and engaging personality have endeared her to both designers and fans alike. Securing her place as a beloved figure in the industry.

Sara Sampaio

IG: @sarasampaio

On her Instagram account, Sara Sampaio – a remarkable Portuguese model – showcases both her breathtaking beauty and impeccable style. Her thriving modeling career and generous philanthropic endeavors inspire countless others.

Devon Windsor

IG: @devwindsor

Recognized for both her refined beauty and strikingly lengthy legs Devon Windsor is no stranger to making waves on elite fashion runways around the world. Through sharing snapshots from exotic locations across the globe on Instagram. She allows fans to follow along with all of the exciting adventures that make up this model’s fabulous life.

Martha Hunt

IG: @marthahunt

Martha Hunt’s captivating looks and charming personality have drawn the fashion world’s focus. In her role as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, she shares empowering messages that encourage her audience.

Cindy Bruna

IG: @cindybruna

Charming audiences with both her stunning visuals and natural abilities on the runway Cindy Bruna is widely recognized as one of Frances’ most talented models. Combining Italian and Congolese heritage in her unique background she brings a fresh perspective to every performance she delivers. And off-camera? Her tireless efforts to advocate for inclusive representation prove that she’s just as remarkable offstage as she is on it.

Jourdan Dunn

IG: @jourdandunn

The fashion industry has been positively impacted by Jourdan Dunn, a prominent British model. Her exceptional presence on the runway and persistent efforts towards advocating for inclusivity have garnered her significant recognition as a pioneering figure.

Karolína Kurková

IG: @karolinakurkova

Karolína Kurková, a celebrated model from the Czech Republic, has been featured on countless magazine covers and stridden down countless runways for esteemed fashion designers. Her perpetual beauty and engaging persona never fail to enthrall spectators.

Winnie Harlow

IG: @winnieharlow

The Canadian model, Winnie Harlow, has defied traditional beauty standards and motivated numerous individuals with her inspiring journey. Her Instagram account acts as a podium for promoting acceptance and diversity.

Liu Wen

IG: @liuwenlw

Heralded as one of China’s most successful exports on the international stage. Liu Wen continues to inspire and empower aspiring East Asian models worldwide. Thanks to her striking looks coupled with consistently excellent work on numerous top-tier campaigns. She has become an icon in her industry – earning widespread recognition and respect alike.

Alek Wek

IG: @msalekwek

In the realm of modeling, Alek Wek, with her dual heritage of South Sudanese and British roots, has challenged traditional beauty conventions. With an unmistakable appearance and an ardent commitment to bringing attention to critical matters affecting Africa, she stands as an inspirational figure.

Grace Elizabeth

IG: @lovegrace_e

With her striking physical attributes and commanding runway prowess, Grace Elizabeth has earned significant recognition within the modeling sphere. She has shown tremendous devotion to honing her craft and partnering with esteemed fashion creators, which is truly deserving of praise.

Halima Aden

IG: @halima

When Halima Aden, an extraordinary Somali-American model with an unyielding spirit, took to international runways in a stunning display of hijab-wearing beauty, the world noticed. Her visceral representation and fervent activism within the fashion industry continue to ignite fervor in individuals worldwide.

Paloma Elsesser

IG: @palomija

Paloma Elsesser is more than just a plus-size model – she’s also an ardent supporter of body positivity movements across the globe. Her work challenging societal beauty standards has earned her immense respect in the industry as well as admiration from people worldwide who struggle with body image issues. Through her, Instagram accounts’ stunning visuals combined with empowering captions. Paloma encourages us all to love ourselves fiercely despite whatever impossible notions we might be sold about what ‘beauty’ should look like today.


Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes – that’s what this impressive group of female Instagram models proves! From classic beauties with years of experience under their belts to up-and-coming talents fresh on the scene they embody inclusive representation for style lovers everywhere! Using social media as a tool.

Each model has leveraged her unique background, charisma, and strength of character to promote positivity within the fashion industry. By breaking barriers and setting new standards along the way. These remarkable women have left their mark on fashion and inspired an entire generation of aspiring models, innovators, and trendsetters.

6 Advices for Instagram Models

Here are six essential pieces of advice for Instagram models:

  1. Be Authentic: As Instagram models, it’s crucial to maintain authenticity in your content. Showcase your unique personality, style, and interests, allowing your audience to connect with the real you. Authenticity builds trust and fosters a loyal following.
  2. Engage with Your Audience: Actively engage with your followers by responding to comments, liking their posts, and participating in conversations. Show genuine interest in your audience’s thoughts and create a sense of community around your brand as Instagram models.
  3. Consistency is Key: Consistency is vital for Instagram models. Regularly post high-quality content that aligns with your brand identity. Set a schedule that works for you and sticks to it, keeping your followers engaged and anticipating your posts.
  4. Collaborate and Network: Collaborate with other Instagram models, photographers, brands, and influencers in your niche. Collaborations provide an opportunity to expand your reach, gain exposure to new audiences, and build valuable connections within the industry.
  5. Utilize Story Features: Take advantage of Instagram’s story features, such as polls, quizzes, and interactive stickers, to increase engagement. Stories offer a more casual and behind-the-scenes glimpse into your life as an Instagram model, allowing your followers to connect with you on a personal level.
  6. Stay True to Your Values: As Instagram models, it’s important to stay true to your values and promote the causes you believe in. Use your platform to advocate for issues that matter to you, whether it’s sustainability, body positivity, or social justice. Authenticity and purpose resonate with your audience and can lead to meaningful connections.

Remember, as Instagram models, your online presence has the power to inspire and influence others. By following these six pieces of advice, you can create a meaningful and successful journey as an Instagram model.


Following the fashion trends and celebrities across the globe. I love writing about inspirational figures in entertainment industry. Apart from blogging over 10 years, I work as an event host in California. Feel free to reach out for any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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