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Ines Rau - Her Modeling Career and Romantic Life

Ines Rau – Her Modeling Career and Romantic Life

Ines Rau is a transgender model who recently made headlines for being romantically linked with PSG star Kylian Mbappe. They were seen together at Cannes Film Festival and on Mbappe’s yacht.

She appeared nude in Playboy magazine’s 2014 issue and has also graced Balmain and Vogue runway shows, making headlines for her comments against racism and sexism.

Ines Rau: A Fashion Icon and Transgender Model

Ines Rau is a French model and Playmate of the Month for November 2017 according to Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month rankings, making history by becoming its first openly transgender Playmate. A fashion model by trade, she has appeared on runways and Balmain campaigns as well as being an advocate for transgender rights with an engaged following on Instagram and Vogue as well as news programs Sept a Huit and Quoidien featuring her regularly.

The model was born in Paris to Algerian and Moroccan French parents and assigned male at birth; later decided to undergo gender reassignment surgery inspired by Caroline “Tula” Cossey of English transgender model Caroline Cossey’s life story. Following surgery she lived as female but did not reveal her transgender identity until 24 years old when dancing for DJs in Ibiza with David Guetta becoming her friend; at 24 she posed nude alongside Tyson Beckford for OOB magazine which led to a spread which revealed her transgender identity officially and came out.

Nicole Miller model Lauren Irvin has made headlines as part of her appearances in Vogue Italia and Balmain campaigns, Barneys New York and Alexis Bittar fashion shows, support of LGBT rights, and speaking out about discrimination against transgender people; though some critics may criticize her actions or voiced criticisms against her; yet, she remains committed to strengthening herself both professionally and personally.

Rau has persevered despite criticism, continuing her career and breaking new ground within fashion. She serves as a role model and leader among transgender models in her field and also advocates for women’s equality as an activist who cares deeply about protecting the environment.

Kylian Mbappe recently signed an unprecedented record deal with PSG and has been linked with her. They were seen together at Cannes in May, appearing comfortable around each other and looking very intimate.

Rumors About Dating Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe is a famous soccer player who is currently enjoying one of the finest periods in his career. He has played some crucial matches for Paris Saint Germain and made waves worldwide thanks to his performance at World Cup 2022 in Qatar where he scored some crucial goals while leading his team all the way into a penalty shootout final against Argentina – however, they ultimately lost this match!

French striker Ines Rau is reported to be dating transgender model Marlyse Leblanc. They first made headlines as being seen together at Cannes Film Festival and later aboard a yacht together, according to Italian media outlet Corriere dello Sports. While they have not spoken out about their relationship publicly yet, both seem happy together.

Rau is a 32-year-old transgender model from Paris who made headlines as the first transgender model ever featured on Playboy’s cover and numerous international publications. She is well known in fashion circles across the world with many fans worldwide. Additionally, Rau is an advocate for transgender rights who regularly shares her experiences as an out transgender woman on social media.

Mbappe is a professional soccer player for Paris Saint Germain and France. He has won various awards and is widely considered the world’s top young player at present, recently scoring a hat-trick against Real Madrid in the 2022 Champions League final and leading his national team into the World Cup semi-finals where they defeated Germany via penalty shootout.

Mbappe has also become an influential voice in fighting for gender equality within sports, supporting numerous LGBTQ athletes and organizations as he works tirelessly towards improving lives for all people.

Mbappe and Rau’s reported relationship appears to be only superficial; neither individual has ever spoken publicly about it and Mbappe has stopped following Rau on Instagram.

The First Transgender Playmate

Ines Rau made history when she became the world of magazine modeling‘s inaugural transgender Playmate since its 1964 inception. The French model, 26-year-old Ines Rau, appears in its November/December edition – featuring a tribute to Hugh Hefner – as both a pictorial and centerfold model. Well-known among fashion enthusiasts for her campaigns for Balmain as well as for showing up on runway shows for designers like Nicole Miller.

Ines Rau was born on March 18, 1990, to Algerian parents and was raised in a Muslim household. At birth, she was assigned male, however shortly thereafter underwent gender reassignment surgery and has lived as a woman ever since. Ines is also an outspoken supporter of LGBTQ issues using her platform to raise awareness and increase acceptance.

Rau is known for both her modeling work and acting roles on television and film. She has appeared in multiple series such as Vernon Subutex, and Les Terriens du vendredi! and Salut les Terriens; critics were very complimentary of her performance in Salut les Terriens. Furthermore, she is close with DJ David Guetta who she modeled for before.

Playboy magazine featured Ines as part of its groundbreaking transgender model spread, although she wasn’t the first transgender model featured there; Caroline Cossey appeared several times without self-identifying as transgender at that time. Ines’s appearance in Playboy’s latest issue marks a landmark achievement for transgender models in the fashion industry and will bring increased visibility for them and their community.

When Ines Rau posed for Playboy magazine, many were inspired by her courage. Although she has experienced difficulties throughout her life, that has never deterred her from doing what she loves – which includes working in fashion as well as becoming a role model for other transgender women.

Ines has recently confirmed her relationship with Staiv Nation, another model. They frequently post photos together on social media and share many mutual friends; Ines can often be seen smiling broadly in her latest Instagram photos – leaving fans delighted.

More About Modeling Career of Ines Rau

Ines Rau is a fashion icon known for her daring yet elegant style. She has been featured in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines, working alongside some of the biggest names in fashion. Her stunning looks and confident personality have propelled her into fame; furthermore, she uses this platform to promote transgender equality.

Rau was born male and lived most of her life as one, yet was always more drawn to feminine things than male ones. At 16, Rau decided to undergo gender reassignment surgery, with her parents supporting this decision. Following surgery, she moved to Paris and began modeling; soon thereafter appearing in several campaigns and front-row events featuring leading fashion shows from all around the globe.

Her appearance in Playboy marked an important achievement for transgender communities worldwide and since has become an advocate for equality. Though initially controversial, she managed to overcome any backlash and continue on her path to fame.

As a model, she has appeared in multiple movies and TV series. Additionally, she has worked for Balmain, Hood by Air, and Paris Fashion Week; with curves as stunning as those seen here it’s hard to believe she was ever male!

Ines Rau is an inspirational woman who is proving she can succeed both professionally and personally. She serves as a role model to women who take risks to pursue their goals, with an optimistic and self-love-based outlook. Ines has much to contribute to the fashion industry and continues to build herself both professionally and personally.


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