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Holland Taylor

Holland Taylor: American Actress

Holland Taylor was born on January 14 1943 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. She attended Westtown School – a Quaker boarding school – before attending Bennington College to obtain her degree.

She has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies, such as Bosom Buds (Ruth Dunbar) as well as Norman Lear’s The Naked Truth (Senator Margaret Powers). Additionally, she played Evelyn Harper in Two and a Half Men for which she won multiple awards.

Holland Taylor’s Biography

Holland Taylor is an American actress who has been active in acting for more than 50 years. She is best known for her roles on Broadway and television – particularly her iconic appearance on Bosom Buddies – earning an Emmy nomination and receiving multiple recurring roles on Two and a Half Men.

Holland was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 14 1943 to two siblings – her father being an attorney and her mother an artist. She attended Westtown School before going on to graduate with a major in drama at Bennington College before moving on to pursue an acting career in New York City.

Taylor began her acting career with a small role in a short film called “Love Is a Mary Splendored Thing.” Since then, she has appeared in various TV shows and films; most notably as newspaper editor on The Naked Truth series which helped gain some attention for her talents; she later joined Private Practice (based on Grey’s Anatomy) where she gained even greater notoriety – she’s even been nominated eight Primetime Emmy Awards!

Holland combines her acting with writing, having produced several plays herself. Additionally, she works as a director and producer. An animal advocate, Holland is active with several charities such as The American Heart Association as well as HIV/AIDS awareness and research work.

Holland is open about her sexuality, having had relationships with both women and men throughout her life. While she never married or had children, she currently dates Sarah Paulson (an actress), whom she first met at a party in 2005, and have been together ever since. They support each other’s careers and even starred together in one episode of the comedy TV show The Big Bang Theory! Additionally, both are avid travelers and love visiting France together.

Holland Taylor’s Filmography

Holland Taylor is an accomplished actress on both stage and TV. She is best known for her roles in critically-acclaimed movies like Bosom Buddies; as well as having written and performed in her one-woman Broadway play “Tubular Bells”. Throughout her career, she has been nominated for numerous awards such as Primetime Emmy Awards – winning one in Bosom Buddies as Judge Roberta Kittleson on The Practice, Four more times on Two and Half Men as Evelyn Harper; two were even nominated!

She has guest starred on television series such as ER and Veronica’s Closet as well as appearing on Ally McBeal and Monk regularly, as well as miniseries such as The L Word. Furthermore, she has appeared in a few feature films such as Romancing the Stone and D.E.B.S.

Taylor is also an accomplished stage actress, beginning her Broadway career with Bess in 1968 and appearing in numerous other plays such as Simon Gray’s The Cocktail Hour and Butley (for which she earned Drama Desk nominations). Furthermore, Taylor appeared as Ann Richards herself in her play based on Ann Richards’s life for which she received a nomination for Tony Award nomination.

Beatty has made her name in several notable TV shows, such as Bosom Buddies and The Powers That Be. Additionally, her recurring roles in The Practice and Two and a Half Men brought her further fame. Furthermore, she featured as one of two leads for both film adaptations of The Naked Truth as well as television adaptations of Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl.

In 2015, she began dating Sarah Paulson – an American actress 31 years her senior – albeit discreetly. Recently in an interview, Sarah confirmed her lesbianism as well as shared about her struggles with anxiety and depression; for which she has reportedly seen a therapist. Sarah supports gay rights while speaking out against racism.

Holland Taylor’s Net Worth

Holland Taylor is an established actress who has been acting in movies and TV shows for more than 50 years, becoming one of the most recognized figures and amassing a substantial fortune that she currently stands at $18 Million.

Holland is an accomplished actor, known for her many different roles over several decades. She has earned four Emmy nominations for her acting skills; perhaps best known for playing Evelyn Harper on Two and a Half Men but she also appeared in popular films and series such as The L Word, Monk, Baby Mama, and Mr. Mercedes.

Holland Taylor is known for both her acting and playwriting talents. She wrote and performed several plays based on Texas Governor Ann Richards, such as Ann. Taylor began acting professionally during the ’60s in both Broadway and off-Broadway productions; since then she has made appearances in films like The Devils, Something Old Something New Cocktail Hour Love Letters Breakfast with Les and Bess among many others.

Holland is a lesbian who has predominantly dated women throughout her life. Since 2015, she and Oscar-winning actress and producer Sarah Paulson have been dating; though the duo has experienced some difficulties due to being two decades apart in age – such as Taylor being nearly 80 years older than Paulson; they remain content within their relationship nonetheless.

This couple makes an ideal duo as both are passionate actors who share similar interests. Together they have worked on projects such as American Horror Story and The People v. OJ Simpson; moreover, they share many mutual friends and frequently hang out together. However, neither plans on marrying anytime soon as they both prefer living separate lifestyles and focusing on their careers and future projects in the meantime.

Holland Taylor’s Awards

Holland Taylor is an award-winning American actress who has received multiple nominations for both small and big screen work. She has made appearances as Evelyn Harper on Two and a Half Men as well as Ellen Kincaid in Netflix miniseries Hollywood; in addition to this, she has appeared on Bosom Buddies, The Powers That Be, and The L Word among many other series, and received four Emmy nominations specifically for Two and a Half Men roles alone! In addition to acting awards, she also wrote and performed a one-woman play about Texas Governor Ann Richards called Ann Richards: Life Story on stage that earned four Emmy nominations specifically.

Taylor earned her Tony Award nomination for her performance as Ann, which was inspired by stories told to her by those who knew Richards. Ann premiered at Austin, Texas’ Zach Theater before making its way across America and opening on Broadway at Lincoln Center’s Vivian Beaumont Theatre in 2013.

Paulson won her award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie for portraying Hillary Rodham Clinton on Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood. This year she was nominated again but was ultimately outshone by Uzo Aduba who appeared as Mrs. America co-star Uzo Aduba from Mrs. America for their respective performances in that show. Paulson made an exception this time to attend her virtual awards ceremony from their Los Angeles home together despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic pandemic pandemic pandemic while sitting alongside Holland Taylor aged 79 from their longterm partner Holland Taylor during their virtual awards ceremony from their Los Angeles home together.

While Sarah Paulson looked stunning in a stunning black sequined Fendi gown, Taylor looked chic in a St. John pink pantsuit from that designer and accessorized it with a black high-necked top and large hooped earrings from St John. Fans applauded them as couple goals as they witnessed them mouthing “you look beautiful” to each other while walking the red carpet for the 74th annual Emmy Awards ceremony.

Ben Breuchaud was there, too – wearing an elegant black suit with a matching blazer and tie from Ralph Lauren and finishing his look off with an exquisite Philip Treacy hat and Roger Vivier bag from Roger Vivier.


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