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Heidi Gardner

Heidi Gardner: Actress, Comedian, Writer

Heidi Gardner, 39, is an American actress, writer, and voice actress best known for her role on Saturday Night Live.

She and Zeb Wells, an award-winning comic book writer, have been married for the past decade.

She currently performs with The Groundlings Main Company in Los Angeles and can be seen starring in Life of the Party and Otherhood as well as guest starring on Superstore and Veep.

Heidi Gardner’s Biography

Heidi Gardner is an American actress and comedian best known for joining Saturday Night Live (SNL) as part of its forty-third season in 2017. In this capacity, she voiced Cooch on AdultSwim’s animated series SuperMansion; additionally, she made appearances in movies like Hustle (2022) and Life of the Party (2018).

Born on 27 July 1983 in Kansas City, Missouri, and of mixed ancestry. She met and began a relationship with Zeb Wells (Marvel Comics writer). They met at Groundlings Theater and have been together since 2010.

As a teenager, Gardner worked part-time at the Tivoli Theater. From selling tickets to making popcorn, Gardner credits this experience with setting the course of her life. Following graduation from Notre Dame de Sion high school for all-girls Catholic high schools, she attended the University of Kansas before later transferring to the University of Missouri.

Gardner left college at 21 and relocated to Los Angeles where she worked in a hair salon for nine years – saving $600 before making the move – saving up another $600 once acting became more of her focus. Gardner enrolled in community workshops to learn the fundamentals of improvising before auditioning for Groundling’s basic class.

In 2014, she joined Sunday Company and decided after one year to make acting her full-time occupation. Known for playing memorable yet relatable characters such as Bailey Gismert and every boxer’s girlfriend on SNL. Her humor draws upon past movies while still referring to films, things, or people millennials would recognize.

Throughout her career, Gardner has collaborated with some of the greatest names in comedy such as Adam Sandler, Queen Latifah, Ben Foster, and Juancho Hernandez. Additionally, Gardner is well-known in her field and regularly makes movie appearances – her latest being as Kat Merrick in Hustle (2016); other notable film roles include X-Men: Apocalypse (2015) and Bratz (2015).

Heidi Gardner’s Net Worth

Heidi Gardner is an esteemed comedian renowned for her hilarious performances. She rose to prominence through her role in Saturday Night Live and has provided vocals for several animated movies; currently, her net worth stands at an estimated $1 Million. When Heidi was younger she enjoyed engaging in playful pranks with her friends.

She entered the entertainment world at 21 when she decided to drop out of college and move to Los Angeles, working at a salon for nine years before making a break into acting through The Groundlings Theater at the suggestion of friends. Since then she has taken classes there regularly and she continues performing there today.

In 2014, she joined Sunday Company at the theatre, then one year later was promoted to Main Company. Additionally, she started voice acting roles such as Bratz and Mike Tyson Mysteries; additionally, she has made appearances on Life of the Party, Crashing, and Veep television series as a guest star.

Talent and hard work have secured her a spot in the industry, appearing in many commercials to expand her earnings and follow Kansas City Chiefs and Royals teams avidly. Her beautiful physique, coupled with acting and comedy abilities, stands at 5 feet 9 inches.

She also proves her worth as a writer, having written for numerous popular TV series such as The Other Two which led producers of Saturday Night Live to bring her on as a regular cast member since 2017. Film roles like Hustle (2022) and Life of the Party helped further establish her notoriety.

Zeb Wells is a writer for Marvel Comics. They married in 2010 after meeting while attending the Groundlings theatre troupe and do not currently have any children together.

Heidi Gardner’s Awards

Heidi Gardner was born and raised in Kansas City and attended the University of Kansas to study theater and film before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams as an actress/comedian. Since moving here she has garnered several awards and nominations; most notably SNL has won her critical acclaim as well as new fans.

Gardner has become known as one of SNL’s acclaimed cast members for creating captivating yet relatable characters since her debut as part of SNL in 2017. Gardner’s iconic portrayals include those of Bailey Gismert – a teenager who reviews movies – and Angel, “every boxer’s girlfriend from every movie ever.”

MoneyLion recently hired Gardner as an elf in their holiday campaign promoting financial literacy. Over one minute, Gardner transformed herself into different hardworking roles such as an elementary school teacher, food delivery driver, and barista – spreading the word about their products.

Though she has found success in television and comedy, she remains grounded and down-to-earth. Her warm, friendly personality shines through in interviews. Additionally, she can often be found posting pictures of her family and pet dog on social media.

Gardner discussed her experiences of sexism in the entertainment industry as well as her advocacy efforts on behalf of diversity. She has spoken out against sexual harassment as well as pushed for equal pay for women working in her industry.

Gardner has made several film and television appearances, such as Life of the Party and Otherhood, as well as having recurring roles in Crashing and Superstore. Furthermore, Gardner voices Cooch on the Adult Swim series SuperMansion.

She does not publicly reveal the exact figure, but it is estimated that she reportedly earns an impressive income from acting and writing careers. With her comedy talent and tireless efforts, she has become one of the leading actresses and comedians of her time – becoming successful and accomplished as well as enjoying continued success going forward.

Heidi Gardner’s Marriage

Heidi Gardner has been married to writer, Rob Fleischman since 2010. They met while studying improvisational comedy at The Groundlings and now both work at Marvel, with him also having written for Robot Chicken. Since 2010, the couple have welcomed two children. Heidi posts regular updates of her family life on Instagram as well.

Midwesterner Ashley Gismert, 38 years old and from Indiana, has quickly become a beloved fixture on Weekend Update with her relatable mini segments and realistic-sounding characters such as YouTube Teen Film Critic Bailey Gismert and Angel (Every Boxer’s Girlfriend from Every Boxing Movie Ever).

Her characters are grounded in truth and humanity, and her voice work is outstanding. In the sketch that pokes fun at New Orleans tourists, she and James McAvoy donned authentic NOLA accents as Deirdre and Reynolds from Deirdre & Reynolds fame – making us laugh while feeling empathy towards her character as she tells a tale about an illegal voodoo ceremony that most likely resulted in theft.

In one sketch, she also makes viewers want to reach through their TV screens and slap her in the face. Her lively, smart-mouthed manner and quick wit have quickly earned her fans on the show.

Gardner remains true to her roots by regularly promoting Kansas City, giving fellow native Paul Rudd a gift of Jones Sisters sauce on the final episode of SNL’s 43rd season, and boasting about Gates Bar-B-Q as a culinary sensation in Kansas City.

SNL star Leslie Knope has seen much of the world, appearing as a guest on various talk shows. She remains particularly fond of her birth city of Chicago and frequently returns there; performing at sold-out comedy shows there.

Gardner excels both on camera and on stage, offering her trademark down-to-earth demeanor and Midwest charm that makes her easygoing presence a pleasure to be around. On an unhurried phone call from New York, she quickly exchanges witty banter while being an attentive listener.


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