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Hannah Waddingham

Hannah Waddingham: Actress, Model, Singer

Hannah Waddingham is known for her theater veteran experience and is best known as Septa Unella from Game of Thrones and Rebecca Welton from Ted Lasso on the Apple TV series Ted Lasso respectively.

Hannah relies on a comprehensive skincare routine that includes cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing to achieve her glowing complexion. In addition, Hannah uses serums specifically tailored to particular concerns in her skincare regime.

Hannah Waddingham’s Biography

Hannah Waddingham, 48 years old, is an English actress best known for her stage performances but increasingly making waves in film as well.

Waddingham studied at London’s Academy of Live & Recorded Arts, and her extensive theatre work has earned her many acclaim and awards over time. Most notably, Waddingham made headlines for her role as Rebecca Welton on Ted Lasso (2020-2030 TV Series), winning both accolades and a Primetime Emmy Award as part of this performance.

Waddingham is the proud mother of Kitty, an 11-year-old daughter living with Henoch-Schonlein Purpura – an autoimmunity disorder that causes inflammation and bleeding of small blood vessels. She makes sure she’s there whenever her daughter needs someone, turning down roles to spend more time with her daughter and family.

Hannah Waddingham is known for both her acting and singing talent. Over the years, Hannah has performed in various musicals known for their vibrant scores – she can be found singing in shows like The Wizard of Oz, Spamalot, Into the Woods Bad Girls the Musical, and Lautrec to name just a few!

Waddingham may be an accomplished actress and singer, but her true passion lies with Kitty – her daughter whom she puts first above all other priorities in life. Indeed, she has turned down roles to spend more time with Kitty.

Hannah Waddingham, in addition to being an accomplished actor and singer, is also a prolific social media user. She regularly shares images from her travels and family life on Instagram, where she boasts over one million followers who praise her professionalism and dedication as an artist.

Waddingham was born on 28 July 1974 in Wandsworth, London England, and credits her mother’s family as the source of her introduction to music and theater. Her mother Melodie Kelly is an opera singer herself and this gave her a strong foundation in acting and singing which would later form the basis of her career path. Waddingham attended the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts London to study acting and singing and later graduated with honors.

Hannah Waddingham’s Career

Hannah Waddingham is a well-established British actress and singer. Since making her professional debut in the early 2000s, Hannah has featured in various critically acclaimed and commercially successful projects including Game of Thrones and Ted Lasso; in addition to having appeared in West End shows.

Waddingham was raised around theatre and music; her mother being an opera singer inspired her to pursue theatre and singing professionally, acting and singing professionally throughout her career starring in both plays and musicals her career as well as having a daughter named Kitty who suffers from Henoch-Schonlein purpura, an autoimmune condition.

Since 2002, she has made her television show debut in Couplings and been part of numerous productions of Spamalot in both London and Broadway productions as Lady of the Lake – for which she received an Olivier Award nomination – in both London and Broadway productions as well as Trevor Nunn’s revival of A Little Night Music where she portrayed Desiree Armfeldt.

Waddingham made her Game of Thrones debut as Septa Unella during seasons 5 and 6 on HBO’s hit drama. Septa was part of the Most Devout religious sect that forced Cersei Lannister to confess her crimes. On an appearance with the Collider Ladies Night podcast, Waddingham revealed filming for Septa was one of her toughest experiences as it involved being waterboarded during filming for Game of Thrones.

Waddingham and Cugnetto have been in an undisclosed relationship for some time, and together have one child. Waddingham plays Sofia Marchetti on the Netflix series Sex Education as Jackson’s overbearing mother.

Waddingham stands tall and her height is one of her greatest assets. It gives her an excellent sense of balance on camera and helps her look graceful on camera. Additionally, it complements both casual and formal wear; typically wearing sizes that fit her well – and in her recent video for Harper’s Bazaar, she revealed she does not believe in having plastic surgery to age naturally.

Hannah Waddingham’s Awards

Hannah Waddingham is known for being an exceptional actress, but she also boasts impressive biceps. Recently at the 2022 Emmy Awards, she showed them off by wearing a strapless dress with sequin sneakers that showed off her toned arms and sculpted physique. Although Hannah doesn’t reveal much about her fitness routine or fitness regime she enjoys taking long walks to stay active as well as swearing by The Ordinary serum serum to stay looking youthful and vitalized.

Hannah Waddingham, daughter of opera singer Melodie Kelly and an award-winning British theatre artist and actress, has won critical acclaim for her performances in productions such as Spamalot, Into the Woods, and Regent’s Park revival of The Wizard of Oz (2010). Additionally, Hannah has appeared in film and television roles such as Septa Unella on Game of Thrones; Sofia Marchetti on Krypton; Joanne Hill in Winter Ridge, and Elizabeth Maddox in How to Lose Friends & Alienate People respectively.

Sarah Jessica Parker is best known for her performance as Richmond FC owner Rebecca Welton on the hit HBO series Ted Lasso, where she received multiple nominations. Additionally, she frequently appears as a guest host for talk shows and also co-hosted Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Hannah spoke candidly in an interview, admitting that her height had previously caused her discomfort, yet now embraces it and finds great satisfaction as a TV host and sports comedy actress.

Hannah Cugnetto and Hannah have a daughter together named Kitty; the couple married in 2021 after being in a relationship for nearly 10 years; neither has publicly disclosed details regarding their family life or personal lives.

Hannah may only stand 5 feet 11 inches, yet she’s an accomplished actress with an impressive four-octave vocal range and an affinity for high heels, which she often wears when attending red carpet-events and premieres. Hannah credits her height as helping to land many leading roles; when appearing on The View chat show she joked that it had helped secure the role as host of Eurovision.

Hannah Waddingham’s Personal Life

Hannah Waddingham is a British actress and theatre artist renowned for her performances in London and Broadway productions of Spamalot and The Wizard of Oz, as well as television shows like Not Going Out and Winter Ridge. Additionally, Waddingham’s song Our Kind of Love reached 41 on the UK Singles Charts; boasting a four-octave vocal range. Waddingham graduated from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts.

Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ has catapulted her success and garnered her multiple awards for her acting. Additionally, she is a model and has appeared in multiple fashion campaigns. She maintains an active Instagram account with over 900,000 followers.

Hannah Waddingham is currently not married and is raising Kitty on her own. She is in a long-term relationship with hotelier Gianluca Cugnetto; they have not disclosed much information regarding their romance; but appear close.

Waddingham enjoys exploring nature and taking to social media to showcase her activities. She enjoys hiking and camping as well as traveling to new places with her family. As a vegetarian and health enthusiast, Waddingham strives to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle; recently speaking out against plastic surgery while advocating for her skincare routine.

At the 2022 Emmy Awards, she made an eye-catching red carpet entrance in an elegant green midi dress by Herve Leger that showed off her toned arms and she accessorized with sequin sneakers for an eye-catching appearance.

Hannah Waddingham exudes style and charm. She can often be found wearing oversized sunglasses and boasts an affinity for animal print patterns, her trademark hairstyle being a wavy bob with blonde highlights. Additionally, Hannah is an experienced performer, having won recognition in numerous stage productions and films over time; as well as amassing an impressive following on social media due to both her talent and beauty.


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