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Hannah Dodd

Hannah Dodd: English Actress and Model

Hannah Dodd, a British actress, and model, launched into acting soon after graduating high school, earning the lead role on Hulu show Find Me in Paris as well as appearing in the Lifetime miniseries Flowers in the Attic: The Origin.

She recently made her Bridgerton season 3 debut, replacing Ruby Stokes as Francesca. Corsets will play an integral part in this period drama set against Regency London high society.

Hannah Dodd’s Biography

Hannah Dodd is a popular British actress and model who has made her mark in the entertainment industry. With an independent spirit and no fear to take risks in her work, Hannah hails from a strong faith-based family who has strong convictions. Additionally, Hannah excels at dance as well as the arts – she is an exceptional dancer herself! Through hard work, she has built up quite an impressive social media following that speaks volumes about Hannah’s hardworking nature and career success.

Hannah began modeling professionally at age 16, thanks to Select Model Management who secured her an advertising campaign role with Burberry. Hannah developed an interest in acting, so decided to enroll at London Studio Centre from 2014 – 2017 where she completed her BA Hons Theatre Dance studies.

Dodd’s paintings of modest subjects read like field notes, recording her perception of her environment. Her works convey nature’s frenetic energy – its constant movement, transformations, and its insistence upon being alive with life – while Dodd approaches observation with extraordinary improvisation, discernment, and focus.

She uses wool and stitch to craft 3-dimensional felted designs inspired by the Peak District’s landscape and wildlife, including small animal sculptures and needle-felt jewelry. Additionally, she owns her shop where she displays her work before showing it at Gallery in the Gardens Buxton or Smithy Studios Glossop as part of High Peak Artists group exhibits.

Hannah enjoys traveling and chronicles her experiences and pictures on her Instagram account, with many admirers admiring her work. Additionally, Hannah provides classes in wet and dry felting techniques at her home studio.

Hannah Dodd’s parents are proud of what their daughter has accomplished throughout her life and have established a scholarship fund in Hannah’s name for students who seek higher education. It is an enduring way of remembering a daughter who lived her life with integrity and kindness.

Hannah Dodd’s Modeling Career

Hannah Dodd is a well-recognized model who has collaborated with some of the industry’s finest photographers and brands. She has appeared in magazines like Vogue and has even taken part in some ad campaigns; her work has proven immensely popular with young girls; furthermore, she is a respected actress who has appeared in television series and movies.

Hannah has appeared in multiple movies and TV series throughout her career, such as the Hulu teen series Find Me in Paris and the Netflix film Enola Holmes 2. Hannah is also an accomplished dancer, having trained in multiple styles. Hannah frequently posts pictures from exotic locales around the world on Instagram – such as India’s Taj Mahal and Himalayas, Mount Batur Indonesian volcano, Iceland’s Blue Lagoon lagoon, or Bali waterfalls!

Hannah is currently working with director Jess Brownell on a film due for release in 2022, featuring some of her favorite co-stars such as Romeo Beckham and Adjoa Andoh as co-stars. Additionally, Hannah is a professional fashion influencer with a significant following on social media.

Dodd has recently established herself as an actress through roles in films and television series. She has featured prominently in period dramas like Harlots and Flowers in the Attic: The Origins, as well as commercials and music videos featuring Romeo Beckham for Burberry.

Young British actress Daisy Ridley has an exciting future ahead. As an accomplished performer with many fans around the globe, her projects are eagerly anticipated by audiences around the world. Nominated for various awards already, Daisy continues to follow her path towards success and inspire people of all ages to follow their dreams and pursue them – she provides much to the industry and acts as an inspiring role model for younger generations alike.

Hannah Dodd’s Acting Career

Hannah Dodd, 27, is an established British actress and model with an expansive acting resume. After making her acting debut with a series lead role on Find Me In Paris in 2018, Dodd went on to recurring roles on both Harlots and Anatomy of a Scandal as well as the 2021 Marvel movie The Eternals. Additionally, Dodd maintains an Instagram account with over 190,000 followers where she posts behind-the-scenes photos and personal updates about herself and other projects she works on.

Dodd’s professional dance background has helped her in her acting career. She trained at esteemed institutions like London Studio Centre. Additionally, she has done modeling gigs including modeling for the Burberry holiday campaign in 2014. Graham and Carol Dodd are successful individuals, and Dodd is the youngest child of three siblings.

Dodd loves traveling and basking in the sun during her free time, most recently visiting India to view the Taj Mahal and spending time with family members. Additionally, Dodd has an avid interest in photography which she often shares through social media channels.

Francesca Bridgerton has been an unassuming figure in the series, only appearing briefly in seasons one and three. But it seems fans may get more of her in season four as production on it has already started. Dodd will take over her role from Ruby Stokes who recently left to film Netflix’s Lockwood & Co adaptation of Jonathan Stroud’s books.

Dodd has learned to perform in different styles as a dancer. Her experience has enabled her to adapt quickly to roles on the Bridgerton set; no doubt this experience will assist with managing multiple scenes simultaneously and various characters simultaneously. Furthermore, Dodd is also an accomplished singer and piano player.

Dodd has long enjoyed period dramas and excels at portraying characters. She played Sophia Fitzwilliam in Hulu’s Harlots from 2018-2019. Now Dodd looks forward to working alongside new colleagues on Bridgerton season three.

Hannah Dodd’s Travels

Netflix’s critically acclaimed Regency period drama Bridgerton may have introduced some surprises this season about Francesca being recast in season three. Ruby Stokes had to leave after becoming engaged in Lockwood & Co for Netflix; Hannah Dodd, best known for playing Sophie from Anatomy of a Scandal has taken her place as Francesca.

Dodd hails from Georgia in the US and has been acting since she was a teenager. She has made appearances in multiple TV shows and movies such as Hulu’s teen series Find Me in Paris and Netflix film Enola Holmes 2. In addition to acting, Dodd also enjoys traveling extensively and sharing photos from her adventures via Instagram with her followers.

She has traveled to Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines; most recently she posted about dining out in Tokyo with some friends. Additionally, the actress is an animal rights activist with various social media pages dedicated to her activism.

Dodd first rose to fame as Sophia Fitzwilliam in the Netflix shows Harlots, which was adapted from Hallie Rubenhold’s book ‘The Covent Garden Ladies. Unfortunately, however, after three seasons the show was canceled but not before developing Dodd’s acting skills further and helping her secure Francesca in Bridgerton.

Francesca, according to the show’s description, is something of a mysterious figure within her boisterous, outgoing family. While she made only two brief appearances during season one, Francesca will likely feature prominently during season three.

Dodd has been hard at work preparing herself for her new role on the show, without much information provided about what it entails. In May she posted a picture on Twitter of herself reading Bridgerton books which was immediately noticed and fans quickly complimented her for taking it seriously and giving it her full commitment.


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