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Gelila Bekele

Gelila Bekele: Actress, Model, Activist

Gelila Bekele is an actress, model, and activist from Italy. She identifies as a vegetarian and was raised by her grandmother after both of their parents passed away.

Gelila is an activist working for access to clean water and education in her home country of Ethiopia as well as globally. She has produced multiple documentary films as well as published the book Guzo! (Groundwater in Space!).

Gelila Bekele’s Biography

Gelila Bekele is an internationally acclaimed Ethiopian model, activist, author, and documentary filmmaker with a thriving portfolio that includes appearances in international magazines and campaigns. Her beauty has won her widespread admiration from the public as she gives back in various forms to society.

Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital city, she began traveling at an early age. This led her to Europe where her family relocated and where she quickly established a successful modeling career for major brands including Levi’s, L’Oreal, Diesel Anna Sui, and Michael Kors among many others.

Gelila, in addition to being a model, is also an accomplished social worker and humanitarian. She uses her platform as an influencer of change for girls’ rights as she advocates for improved access to education and clean water sources – she supports Scott Harrison’s Charity: Water organization as a proud supporter as well. Adding further to this impressive resume, Gelila practices vegetarianism while leading an active lifestyle by exercising four times every week – she even hosts her speaking engagements!

Gelila Bekele’s Modeling Career

Gelila Bekele is a model, documentary filmmaker, social worker, author, and traveler who travels between Europe and America to pursue her many talents. She provides motivational inspiration to young women and girls to pursue their goals with determination.

Her work has been featured in global publications, including Vogue magazine’s cover. She works with brands like Tory Burch, Anna Sui, L’Oreal, and Pantene as well as being involved with humanitarian projects in underdeveloped countries – she even directed and wrote a documentary called Guzo!

She practices vegetarianism and lives a healthy lifestyle, exercising four times per week to stay in good condition and prevent body shaming. Furthermore, she strongly opposes body shaming; every woman should have the freedom to choose what clothing fits them no matter their size or age; she strongly stands up for her beliefs and doesn’t hesitate to voice them to those around her; in particular, she supports Scott Harrison’s charity Charity Water and Glimmer of Hope foundation.

Moved to Europe

Gelila Bekele was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As a model, social worker, and writer she travels the world making a difference for African people through her work as well as acting as a documentary filmmaker and appearing on many fashion magazine covers.

Elite Model Management in New York and Premium Models in Paris represent her. She has modeled for numerous companies and brands. Furthermore, she has produced and directed multiple films; most recently it’s Mai: Life Is Not Honey that showcases young girls living in Ethiopia; she also wrote the book Guzo which means Journey.

Gelila Bekele is an Ethiopian-born philanthropist and activist who advocates for female education in Ethiopia. She works with numerous charities such as Charity Water and Glimmer of Hope; in addition, she promotes leading a healthy lifestyle and opposes body-shaming as part of her advocacy work.

Moved to the United States

Gelila Bekele has made waves in each career field since beginning modeling professionally in 2006. Since then she has worked for some prestigious brands. Additionally, she has created two documentaries MAi: Life is not Honey and Model Activists as well as written one book called Guzo.

Gelila’s activism aims to support equal rights for women and girls. She uses her connections in modeling to give back to both her community in Ethiopia as well as several organizations like Charity Water and Glimmer of Hope.

Gelila Bekele had been in a long-term relationship with American actor, producer, director, and singer Tyler Perry (born November 30th, 2014) until their divorce in 2020. They shared one son: Aman Tyler Perry who was born on November 30th, 2014. However, the couple eventually separated.

Internationally-Recognized Model

Gelila Bekele is an internationally-recognized model, humanitarian, writer, and documentary filmmaker primarily active in Europe and North America. She has even appeared on various magazine covers! Additionally, she wrote the book ‘Guzo! ‘.

Gelila remains committed to charity work despite her busy schedule, working with various organizations such as Charity Water to bring clean drinking water to developing nations. She also participates in various philanthropic events like traveling to Ethiopia to support women’s empowerment.

Gelila is currently represented by Elite Model Management in New York and Premium Models in Paris, and she has been modeling for more than a decade – becoming adept in front of the camera as she matured as an artist. Additionally, Gelila ventured into movie production and has produced three movies since 2016. Additionally, Gelila is an activist working both domestically in Ethiopia as well as globally to increase access to education and clean water resources.

Gelila Bekele’s Personal Life

Gelila Bekele has moved beyond modeling into activism. She works tirelessly on various humanitarian projects and has an immense passion for giving back. Using her fame to raise awareness about human rights issues and environmental conservation issues as well as educate girls – she now specializes in girls’ education.

She has amassed an extensive following across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts and her followers have come to appreciate her devotion to causes she supports – often posting images from humanitarian trips abroad such as Ethiopia or other countries – she leads an active lifestyle as a vegetarian with balanced eating habits and leads an organic lifestyle.

She is a strong supporter of several charitable organizations such as Charity Water and Glimmer of Hope Foundation, in addition to modeling. Additionally, she wrote the book Guzo! and appeared on various high-profile fashion magazine covers. Additionally, she is in a relationship with Tyler Perry (an American actor, producer, director, and songwriter who she met at a Prince concert back in 2009) with whom they share son Aman – currently living together in New York City.

Gelila Bekele’s Acting Career

Gelila Bekele is an impressive individual who has excelled in multiple career fields with great success. She has worked as both model and actress; while her filmmaking achievements have garnered widespread acclaim. Furthermore, her tireless advocacy work for women’s rights earned her immense esteem from those around her.

Bekele has earned widespread acclaim as a documentary filmmaker, receiving critical acclaim for her work on three movies including Noir (2020), Anbessa (2019), and Mai: Life is not Honey.

Bekele is an accomplished social activist, working for various charities such as Charity Water. In her daily life, Bekele practices vegetarianism and follows a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, she enjoys traveling to exotic locales while showing off her stunning body in photoshoots that highlight both long black hair and deep brown eyes – traits that create an aesthetically pleasing image for Bekele.

Gelila Bekele’s Relationship

Gelila Bekele has established herself as an accomplished writer, publishing numerous works that have been showcased in several popular publications. Additionally, her writing has been utilized by prominent photographers and brands. Furthermore, Gelila Bekele also excels as a model but is best known as a social activist/philanthropist; her efforts focus on helping girls in Ethiopia access basic education and clean water supplies.

Gelila has appeared in various fashion magazines and modeled for major brands like Levi’s, Diesel, Tory Burch Anna Sui Pinko Nespresso Pantene L’Oreal over her career. Additionally, she wrote Guzo – an account of six Ethiopian tribes’ cultures beliefs traditions customs

While best known as a model, Gelila Bekele is also an accomplished photographer and director. She boasts an expansive portfolio that includes portraits of young children as well as having her work displayed at galleries around the world. Additionally, Gelila currently shares a relationship with American actor/filmmaker Tyler Perry, with whom they have one child together named Aman Tyler Perry.


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