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Emma Myers

Emma Myers: Actress, Model, Dancer

Emma Myers is an American actress primarily active in TV and film. She is best known for her portrayal of Enid Sinclair in the Netflix series Wednesday.

Myers began acting at an early age and has appeared in films like Letters to God, Crooked, and Glades TV series as well as short films such as Girl in the Basement and A Taste of Christmas.

Biography of Emma Myers

Emma Myers, an emerging American actress, gained prominence through her performance on the Netflix series Wednesday. Since then, she has also appeared in Girl in the Basement and The Baker and the Beauty. Additionally, Emma Myers is also known as an Instagram influencer and model with millions of followers following her account on social media.

Born on 2 April 2002 and practicing Christianity as her faith, Myers is an Aries who takes great pride in her talents. Both parents, Jeremy, and Nicole Myers, recognize her talents and encourage her to focus solely on her career path. Growing up in Orlando, Florida she started off acting with commercials and voice-over work; later moving with her family to Atlanta she secured some film and television roles as well.

Her first movie debut came at age eight in Letters to God as an uncredited extra simply known as “Girl on School Bus.” Since then she has appeared in Crooked, Baker & Beauty, Dead of Night, and several short movies before landing roles as Enid Sinclair on both Girl in the Basement 2021 and Wednesday (2022).

Myers excels at both ballet and gymnastics. She has participated in multiple competitions and won numerous awards for her performances; according to Myers’ parents, both activities help strengthen her acting skills. Myers enjoys listening to music and singing as well; Seventeen and BTS are some of her favorite singers; she loves animals too and has her pet cat!

As she worked on Wednesday, she quickly formed a close bond with co-star Jenna Ortega. Working on this show proved to be an amazing experience – from traveling to Bucharest in Romania, working alongside an outstanding cast to sharing pictures from the set on social media.

Net Worth of Emma Myers

Myers’ net worth has been estimated between $600k-800k as of 2022). She is an experienced actor, model, TV personality, dancer, and social media influencer who makes a good living from her profession. Myers is actively present on her social media accounts as well as having collaborated with various fashion brands.

Movies by Emma Myers

Emma Myers is an established American actress, model, television celebrity, dancer, and social media influencer. Since becoming involved with entertainment at an early age, Myers’ career has flourished after landing roles in movies and TV shows; moreover, she has modeled for popular brands and shared photos from modeling shoots on her social media accounts.

Myers made her cinematic debut with Letters of God (2010) and was soon recognized by viewers and critics for her outstanding performance. Two years later she made an appearance in Crooked as part of an acting troupe and again captured hearts everywhere through both talent and beauty.

Myers first made her mark as an actress when she appeared in two horror drama films in 2021: Girl in the Basement and Deathless. Both roles garnered widespread praise. Following that success, in 2022 Myers won her big break – playing Enid Sinclair in the Netflix series Wednesday; this role featured her character as a werewolf/student attending Nevermore High alongside her counterpart Wednesday Addams who was played by Wednesday Addams as an integral component.

Myers also featured in two episodes of Dead of Night, an online television series shot on Snapchat about teenage girl Alivia who survives a zombie apocalypse. Additionally, Myers made her Hallmark Christmas movie debut as teenage BeeBee Jordan in A Taste of Christmas.

Myers is an animal lover and has a cat named Charlie that she adores. She also enjoys spending time with her family, having grown up in Orlando, Florida while being homeschooled throughout her education. Myers has an avid passion for acting and enjoys taking on projects with various projects; her sense of humor makes for an engaging performance.

Myers is an introvert with an affinity for K-pop music and Star Wars and Lord of the Rings films. She maintains close ties to both of her parents – her father is a businessperson while her mother works as a homemaker – as well as being grateful for all she has achieved in her career.

TV Shows of Emma Myers

Emma Myers began acting professionally as a child actor in 2010 and began her professional acting career at 16. Since then she has appeared in multiple movies such as Southern Gospel, A Taste of Christmas, and Girl in the Basement.

Myers’ role of Enid Sinclair on Wednesday has proven to be her breakout performance on the show, marking it with her bold portrayal as not simply another sidekick for Wednesday Addams but instead a strong, independent woman who helps Wednesday break free of her shell and form strong relationships with both Thing and Wednesday Addams. Her performance was widely acclaimed and Myers has already confirmed she will return for another season of this beloved TV series.

She also has several projects underway. In 2021, she will star in Love, Innocence as Rachel; an individual returning home after experiencing horrific events and is faced with keeping their identity and maintaining her sanity while being subjected to their violent father’s punishments.

Myers is also active on social media, garnering an impressive following on Instagram. She frequently shares lifestyle content and modeling photos as well as K-pop music and fan art from Seventeen, whom she declared her favorite band in an interview with Teen Vogue 2022; in addition, Myers loves The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars franchises.

Myers currently attends California State University Northridge and is majoring in Musical Theatre. She lives with her homemaker mother and younger sister Isabel; unfortunately, she has yet to share anything about who her father might be or what his job may entail.

Social Media of Emma Myers

Emma Myers is an American actress known for her appearances in various movies and television shows from a very young age. Her breakthrough performance came when she appeared as Wednesday on Netflix 2022 series Wednesday; since then, Emma Myers has garnered considerable popularity and amassed over 11 million followers on Instagram alone.

Emma is an enthusiastic K-pop enthusiast and considers herself to be an introvert. Since childhood, she has loved animals – specifically Minnie the Cat! Additionally, she adores watching Dan & Phil and even purchased their merchandise as gifts!

Myers maintains an extremely active social media presence, engaging with her fans and followers frequently on various platforms such as Instagram. Her account boasts pictures and videos featuring both onscreen and offscreen images and videos of Myers; additionally, she boasts over 11 million followers on TikTok!

Talented actress, Nicole Cassimatis has an incredibly supportive family who are extremely proud of all she has accomplished at such an early age. Both Jeremy and Nicole Cassimatis provide her with all of the encouragement she needs in her professional endeavors.

Her father Jeremy is an esteemed lawyer, having worked for various renowned firms in his past career. Jeremy enjoys an impeccable professional standing, boasting an excellent track record and great success throughout.

Her mother has always been supportive of Emma’s acting ambitions and was instrumental in helping Emma pursue them successfully. She constantly encouraged Emma to become the best version of herself while being an incredible source of advice throughout her journey as an actress.

Myers has appeared in several movies and television series such as Letters to God, Crooked Baker & the Beauty & Dead of Night as well as numerous commercials/voiceover work. Her hard work and commitment have allowed her to find success in her acting career.

At 21, she found her breakthrough role as Enid Sinclair on Netflix’s Wednesday series and was highly acclaimed by critics and audiences for her performance in it. Since then she has also worked on a body swap movie for Netflix as part of its Family Leave project alongside Jennifer Garner.


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