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Eiza González

Eiza González: Mexican Actress and Singer

Eiza González has made her mark as an actress across film, TV, and theatre. Born to former model Glenda Reyna at 12 years old, Eiza lost both parents at that age.

Her success in Lola: Once Upon a Time (Lola, érase una vez) was immensely popular and opened doors for further opportunities.

Eiza González’s Biography

Eiza González Reina was an accomplished Mexican actress who excelled in films, television, and theatre with equal panache. Born and raised in Mexico City with a top model mother such as Glenda Reyna as inspiration, Eiza started acting at an early age starring in Lola: Once Upon a Time (Lola, érase una vez). From there she moved on to teenage drama Suena Conmigo where she soon made an impactful statement as an individual actress.

In 2009, Gonzalez earned the Best Newcomer award at the Nuevo Cine Latino Awards and three Favorite Actress nominations at Argentinian Golden Globe Awards. She made regular appearances on the Nickelodeon Latin America series telenovelas as well as singing. Later that same year she made an English-speaking role debut in the American horror TV series From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series as Santanico Pandemonium played by Salma Hayek – her first English-speaking part ever!

After debuting as Sheila “Jetta” Burns in 2015’s Jem and the Holograms film, she has gone on to appear in numerous films and television shows since. Since then she has continued working hard at building up her career and amassing a substantial net worth.

Her most recent film project is the 2022 action movie Ambulance, where she stars alongside actor/photo model Jason Momoa (she and he may be dating in real life).

Eiza has also recently become an ambassador of Neutrogena skincare products, taking great care in managing her health and eating healthily. She understands the value of having an exercise routine as part of a balanced lifestyle and understands its significance.

Behati Prins has enjoyed several romantic relationships and even had an affair with D.J. Cotrona from From Dusk Till Dawn, among others. Other partners have included singer Alejandro Fernandez, actor Josh Duhamel and soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo; in 2022 she was also linked to Timothee Chalamet of Argonauts fame; more recently though she has been seen dating Aquaman actor Jason Momoa.

Eiza González’s Filmography

Gonzalez first began making waves on Mexican television before heading west to pursue her dreams of becoming a successful actress. Since then, she has appeared in multiple high-profile films – indie dramas as well as blockbusters. Her performances in movies like Baby Driver and Alita: Battle Angel have garnered critical acclaim while commercial successes such as Almost Thirty and Jem and the Holograms have received great critical acclaim and commercial success respectively.

Eiza González was born in Mexico City, Mexico to actresses Carlos Gonzalez Reyna and Glenda Reyna. Having endured her father’s passing at age 12 as well as experiencing depression since Eiza turned to act and joined a drama school to combat this pain.

Most recently she has appeared alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in Michael Bay’s Ambulance as two adoptive siblings who become bank robbers before hijacking an ambulance carrying first responders hostage and grossing over $50 million worldwide. Critic reviews for Ambulances have ranged from positive to positive while grossing over $50 million worldwide gross.

As well as acting, she also enjoys music. She has released several studio albums both in Mexico and the United States and speaks fluent English and Spanish – her debut album being entitled Contracorriente which came out in 2009.

Gonzalez is an animal rights activist and has worked with various organizations to protect animal welfare. She owns an adopted shelter dog named Madagascar whom she now considers part of her family, as well as many charitable works and recognition from multiple organizations for them including an award nomination from the American Academy of Actors and Directors recognizing these efforts. Furthermore, she currently dates Jason Momoa – the star of Aquaman and King Kong remake films who has long been speculated upon in media reports.

Eiza González’s Personal Life

Eiza González has had an eventful romantic life. The actress has been involved with various men throughout her life including singer Alejandro Fernandez, actor Liam Hemsworth, businessman Pepe Diaz and soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. Additionally to acting, Eiza has also made waves in fashion by appearing on numerous magazine covers and appearing as a model in several fashion campaigns.

Gonzalez was raised in Caborca, Sonora State in Northern Mexico by her mother who was also an established model, so it came as no surprise when she encouraged her daughter to pursue modeling as well. Tragically, however, Gonzalez lost both parents in motorcycle accidents when she was only twelve, which profoundly changed her outlook on life and ultimately led her to move to Mexico City and enroll at Televisa’s acting school Centro de Educacion Artistica under actress Patricia Reyes Spindola where she studied under the expert tutelage

Her performance earned her recognition, leading her to appear in multiple telenovelas and TV shows such as Mujeres Asesinas, Suena Conmigo, and Miss XV. Additionally, in 2008 she began pursuing a solo music career which resulted in Contracorriente being released as her debut album in 2009.

In 2014, Gonzalez relocated to Los Angeles to expand her English-language project portfolio. Her move paid dividends, with her being cast in Santanico Pandemonium on From Dusk Till Dawn by FX which garnered her additional exposure. Following that appearance she featured prominently in Baby Driver and further strengthened her career growth.

Since then, Gonzalez has had multiple short-lived relationships. She previously dated actor and photo model Josh Duhamel until they parted ways in 2020. Since then, Gonzalez has been romantically linked with Colombian singer Daniel Perdomo; they’ve been seen together on various red carpet events, spending much time together, holding hands, or kissing openly in public places, and are frequently seen cuddling close in public spaces.

Eiza González’s Plastic Surgery

Eiza González has long been one of the best-known Mexican actresses outside her homeland. She has made appearances in multiple telenovelas and films like Baby Driver and Hobbs & Shaw; but, it is her beauty which has gained the most notoriety; over time, Eiza has undergone multiple facial transformations due to plastic surgery procedures.

As one of the only celebrities to openly acknowledge getting a nose job, she wasn’t trying to conceal it by offering excuses like weight loss or gym work as reasons why.

She has undergone other cosmetic surgeries to alter her appearance, including jawline changes that appear less square and wider, along with potential filler injections to make her cheeks appear fuller. Furthermore, her teeth have also been altered to better align with the new features of her face shape.

Some of these changes could be attributable to her age and weight loss; others could have played a part as well. Rumors swirl that she might have undergone other cosmetic procedures than just a nose job as Dr. Marina Peredo suggested during an interview with Hollywood Life. She believes she might have undergone additional treatments as well.

Her fans may have been taken aback to see her with such an altered appearance, but that was her choice and it has proven successful. Whether it was to enhance her career prospects or simply enhance her natural beauty is ultimately up to her – whether for career reasons or otherwise is no matter; regardless she remains one of the most beloved Mexican actresses worldwide today and that should make us all proud. Admitting something you had done for yourself takes courage; even more so when they do so publicly.


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