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Dasha Nekrasova

Dasha Nekrasova: Actress, Director, Writer

Dasha Nekrasova is a Belarusian-American actress, director, writer, and co-host of the podcast Red Scare with Anna Khachiyan. She gained notoriety in 2018 following a viral interview on InfoWars; additionally, she is recognized for her roles in Wobble Palace and Succession on HBO.

Dasha Nekrasova’s Biography

Dasha Nekrasova was born in Minsk, Byelorussian SSR of the Soviet Union on 19 February 1991 to parents who worked as acrobats. At four years old she immigrated with her family to Las Vegas, Nevada, and attended Las Vegas Academy of the Arts before going on to Mills College for sociology and philosophy studies.

She is an actress, writer, and co-host of the podcast Red Scare with Anna Khachiyan. She rose to prominence after her interview with right-wing media outlet InfoWars went viral; due to her humorous yet pointed responses and wearing a sailor fuku while answering their questions she soon earned the name “Sailor Socialism”.

She then made her feature film debut with Wobble Palace and has made numerous guest appearances on the television show Succession, in addition to featuring in music videos for alternative band Yumi Zouma and appearing as herself in the television show Succession. Furthermore, Nekrasova is currently writing and directing a horror film inspired by Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

Nekrasova, 30, was busy juggling work at both ends of the country: in Los Angeles shooting for HBO series Succession while also in New York to promote her movie, The Scary of Sixty-First. Additionally, she recorded her media commentary podcast Red Scare as well as promoted upcoming horror film projects.

Dasha prefers living alone and has an estimated net worth of about $5 Million. Her hobbies include reading, photography, learning, traveling, and internet browsing – not forgetting animal lover Dasha who often posts images of her pet dogs online!

Dasha Nekrasova’s Education

Dasha Nekrasova is an accomplished actress and director. She achieved prominence through her work in Wobble Palace and Succession; music videos for Yumi Zouma artists also feature Dasha’s talents. Born in Belarus and moving to Las Vegas at four, Dasha attended both the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts and Mills College before going back into acting – winning several acting competitions along the way.

Anna Khachiyan co-hosts the Red Scare podcast with her, while also appearing as PR maven Comfry on HBO’s Succession. In 2020 she made her directorial debut with the horror movie The Scary of Sixty-First which was inspired by Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

Political views of Nekrasova can be difficult to ascertain from her podcast and perceived friendships with right-wing pundits, making it hard to ascertain her political leanings. Rumors persist that she may even be dating Louis C.K., recently disgraced over sexual misconduct allegations.

As part of her career, she has appeared in multiple films and TV shows such as PVT Chat, The Serpent, Steps, and more. To date, she has appeared in more than 20 films/series to date and is well known for her acerbic humor and sharp tongue – as well as being recognized by critics for her acting talent.

Anna Khachiyan and 30-year-old actress Natalie Garza co-host Red Scare, a satirical media commentary show with biting commentary that explores culture and politics ranging from corporate feminism to #MeToo. With their sharp tongues and willingness to use derogatory slurs as part of their show’s format, these duos have garnered a loyal following amongst listeners and viewers.

Dasha Nekrasova’s Movies

Dasha Nekrasova is best known as co-host of the Red Scare podcast alongside Anna Khachiyan. Additionally, she appeared in several movies and TV shows such as Eugene kotlyarenko’s Wobble Palace which deftly captures millennial ennui; made her directorial debut with Eyes Wide Shut-like creepiness in 2021 with The Scary of Sixty-First; District Terminal is another notable film about a world turned toxic by pollution and lethal viruses;

Dasha Nekrasova’s TV Shows

Dasha Nekrasova is an accomplished actress, having appeared in various short films and music videos. Additionally, she has appeared in TV shows and one movie. Dasha’s amazing talent lies in portraying different roles with ease – always impressing everyone with her acting abilities! Having established herself in acting circles already, Dasha strives to reach new heights of success within the field of acting.

Born in Minsk, Belarus in 1991 to parents who worked as acrobats, she and her family immigrated to the USA at four. Attending Las Vegas Academy of the Arts before enrolling at Mills College to study Sociology and Philosophy was part of her path to fame as an actress.

After graduating college, she started making low-budget shorts and music videos for artists such as Antwon, DJ Dodger Stadium, Yumi Zouma, and Future Death. In 2018, she made her feature film debut co-writing the film Wobble Palace alongside director Eugene Kotlyarenko; later that same year, she appeared on several television shows including Mr. Robot, Cake as well as Dickinson & The Serpent episodes.

Dasha can also be seen starring in the Netflix series Bad Behavior. Dasha is widely recognized for her cultural commentary podcast Red Scare with Anna Khachiyan; this show has found an avid following, standing as an advocate of “Venmo Feminism” while criticizing capitalism – featuring prominent liberal artists and social commentators such as Angela Nagle, Vanessa Place Simon Reynolds and Juliana Huxtable among its ranks.

Dasha Nekrasova’s Personal Life

Dasha Nekrasova is a Belarusian-American actress, filmmaker, and podcaster. She co-hosts the political show Red Scare alongside Anna Khachiyan, born February 19, 1991, as a Pisces. Dasha attended the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts before attending Mills College to study sociology and philosophy.

In 2018, she made headlines after appearing in a viral video mocking an InfoWars reporter by donning a sailor fuku and dressing like Sailor Socialism, earning herself the name. Shortly afterward, Sailor Socialism launched its eponymous podcast along with Khachiyan which draws upon similar cultural energy as other high-Trump-era podcasts like Cum Town and Chapo Trap House while covering politics, feminism, and socialism.

During interviews, she often poses softball questions to her guests while employing what Review described as “positronic pre-disappointment.” As such, she’s become something of an internet cult figure belonging to what’s commonly referred to as the “dirtbag left.”

Owing to her impressive podcasting and acting talents, she is also an impressive director. She made her directorial debut with Eugene Kotlyarenko and Paige Elkington’s movie Wobble Palace which she co-wrote, co-starred, directed, produced, edited, and co-wrote alongside Wobble Palace director Robert Townson. Additionally, she acted in music videos for Yumi Zouma as well as numerous films and television shows (such as Succession on HBO), where she recently had a recurring role of Comfrey; currently single and with an estimated net worth estimated between $5.


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