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Dascha Polanco

Dascha Polanco: Dominican-American Actress

Dascha Polanco, who plays Dayanara Diaz on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, has not let fame change her at all; rather she remains committed to giving back through activism and has made an active effort in giving back.

She’s an avid fashion enthusiast who adores designer apparel. Her confidence comes from fighting fear and accepting her curvier figure.

Dascha Polanco’s Biography

Dascha Polanco, best known for her role as Dayanara “Daya” Diaz on Orange Is the New Black on Netflix, has also featured in films and television series such as Unforgettable and NYC 22.

She grew up in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and Miami, Florida. From an early age, she wanted to become an actress but felt intimidated by auditioning due to her weight. Eventually moving back to America to pursue her dreams she managed to land multiple small roles on television and film sets.

Polanco first earned widespread acclaim with her portrayal of Daya in Orange Is the New Black. Since then, she has appeared in other films and TV shows; acting roles such as Carmel in Gimme Shelter; Sheila “Pressy” Wells from The Perfect Match; Jackie from Joy; Det. Lori Wieder in The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story; Elena from When They See Us and Beatrice from Russian Doll are just some of her credits.

Polanco manages to strike an excellent balance between her professional and personal lives despite her busy schedule, with particular attention paid to body positivity issues such as media representation of women. Furthermore, she recognizes the value of self-care and taking time for herself.

Recently, Polanco has been honing her acting skills at Break Into Hollywood Studios in New York City. She currently has various projects underway, such as an ongoing Netflix series and movie project.

She has two children from two separate pregnancies: Her daughter was born when she was 18 and two years later her son. In the past she dated a gum trainer; though this information remains secret; they say their partner loves and supports them both.

Dascha Polanco’s Net Worth

Dascha Polanco’s Net Worth has made her mark in Hollywood since 2011. Since 2011, she has made herself known through numerous shows and movies that have brought fame around the world. With an incredible fan base of millions worldwide, Dascha Polanco is considered to be one of the top Dominican actresses. Additionally, Dascha serves as an advocate for body positivity by encouraging self-love among female viewers as she takes part in various social causes to donate money directly to those less fortunate than herself.

Her parents were very encouraging of her acting dreams and permitted her to pursue it. At first, she struggled as she was very overweight and did not want to audition due to it, but after doing lots of hard work and losing a significant amount of weight she eventually started auditioning again and even worked shifts at a hospital while studying nursing to support herself while performing in several theatre plays to improve her acting skills.

After appearing in several minor roles on television, she finally received her big break when she was cast as Dayanara Diaz in Orange is the New Black in 2013. She became part of its main cast and stayed through to its conclusion – winning numerous awards along the way.

After being cast as Cuca in American Crime Story: Versace and Netflix show Russian Doll and When They See Us, she was soon seen on other drama TV series such as Unforgettable and NYC 22. Additionally, she appeared in films such as Gimme Shelter, The Cobbler, and Joy. Additionally, she made several guest appearances such as American Crime Story: Versace as well as the Netflix series Russian Doll and When They See Us as well as currently portraying Cuca in In the Heights 2021.

She has two children; Aryam and Dasany Kristal Gonzalez who appeared as younger versions of Dascha on Orange Is the New Black season 5. Unfortunately, however, no information regarding either husband or children has been divulged publicly by Ms. Gonzalez.

She is a highly focused artist with ambitions of becoming one of the top actors of her time. She has achieved considerable success as an actress while staying out of controversy and living a dignified personal life – serving as an example for women with mental health issues and inspiring young women alike. She has amassed an immense fan base. Additionally, she loves helping others in need and donated generously towards education for many in need.

Dascha Polanco’s Filmography

Dascha Polanco, born Dasha Sanchez-Torres in the Dominican Republic and currently living in Brooklyn New York, began her acting career on stage before branching off into films and television shows such as Orange Is the New Black (2013) where she was most famous for portraying Dayanara “Daya” Diaz. Other roles include Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2015), The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story (2016), and In the Heights (2021). Dascha currently has two children from previous relationships: she gave birth at 18 while two years later had given birth to her second-born son two years after giving birth.

Dascha Polanco’s Awards

Dascha Polanco, best known for her role as Dayanara Diaz on Orange Is the New Black on Netflix, also stars in the movies Gimme Shelter and The Cobbler. A native of Santo Domingo who was raised between Brooklyn and Miami by parents (mechanic and cosmetologist respectively), Polanco uses her fame to raise awareness for causes close to her heart through charitable organizations and her fame.

Dascha has donated to various NGOs and trusts, aiding many with education. She enjoys traveling and visiting new places; additionally, she’s an active social media personality on Instagram with a massive following. Dascha has two children named Dasany Kristal Gonzalez and Aryam who remain her priority in life.

The Dominican-American actress has earned several prestigious awards for her performances. She was nominated for both a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations and appeared in many TV shows and films as a guest star, becoming a strong advocate for women’s rights while mastering multiple languages and being an excellent cook.

She combines acting, singing, modeling, brand endorsement deals, and beauty as assets to attract millions in endorsement deals for various products.

Dascha is an accomplished speaker and has given numerous lectures and talks on various topics. She serves as an inspirational figure to her youth audience while championing self-love. Furthermore, Dascha boasts an immense social media following where she promotes different products on Instagram.

Dascha is not only known for her acting but is an accomplished singer as well, having appeared in various musicals and movies. Additionally, she has appeared as both model and model/actress in commercials as well as doing voice-over work for some television shows and movies. Furthermore, she studied nursing at Montefiore Medical Center where she also served as hospital administrator; later becoming hospital administrator herself with an estimated net worth estimated to be $8 Million and was an animal lover who has rescued many dogs over time.


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