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Daria Zhemkova

Daria Zhemkova – Modeling Career

Daria Zhemkova graces Blank Magazine August 2011 issue with a stunning beachside photo series that captures innocence, sensuality, and seduction.

She hails from Chita, Siberia. After becoming interested in modeling through social networks and being noticed for an invitational shoot in Russia, she relocated all her assets and made New York her new home.

Daria Zhemkova is a Russian Model

Daria Zhemkova has become widely renowned as a model due to her exquisite beauty and dedication to her craft. Additionally, she is also an active philanthropist supporting charitable causes while working towards improving the lives of those less fortunate. Daria’s professionalism has won her praise from colleagues and peers, and she advocates mental health awareness by encouraging people to seek help when necessary.

She speaks both English and Russian fluently, as well as having an acute understanding of her surroundings. She enjoys traveling extensively – her Instagram feeds feature images from exotic locales – while yoga, volleyball, and classical cinema are among her many passions.

Fashion professionals continue to appreciate her fresh and inviting appearance, which has resulted in magazine and ad covers featuring her. Mega Model Agency in Hamburg represents her, while IMG Models (Paris) and D Models (Athens) work alongside them as agencies that represent her.

Though she is widely recognized, she remains private about much of her personal life. She supports animal rights as a vegetarian and believes in respecting differences. Additionally, she has volunteered at homeless shelters.

This tall and slender brunette beauty wears dresses from Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, and Stella McCartney during her photo session with photographer Paul de Luna for Blank magazine’s August issue. Her measurements remain unknown to the public.

Daria was born in Chita, Siberia, and entered modeling via social media. Filmmakers quickly noticed her striking blue eyes and stunning features and invited her for shoots in Russia; however, she decided instead to relocate to New York instead of staying behind for another shoot there.

Daria’s career is free from known criticism or controversy and she has managed to maintain an outstanding standing within the fashion industry. She serves as an ideal role model and inspiration for aspiring models alike and actively participates in various charitable efforts including Ronald McDonald House and Make-A-Wish.

Fashion Shoot of Daria Zhemkova

Daria Zhemkova of IMG Model Management makes an appearance in this beautiful fashion shoot for Blank Magazine’s August 2011 issue. Photographer Paul de Luna captures her as she lounges along the beach like an alluring deity, her eyes piercing out like stars while her smile cast an aura of innocence and seduction into every shot. Stylist Fredo Montes dresses Daria in gorgeous outfits by Lanvin, Alexander McQueen Stella McCartney Vivienne Westwood BCBG by Max Azria; while makeup artist Ingeborg and hairstylist Lacy Redway complete this heavenly fashion shoot.

Daria Zhemkova of IMG Model Management shines in furs and metallic materials in this Italian Glamour shoot by Jimi Urquiaga for Schon! Magazine. She was styled by KT Auleta with pieces from Markus&Koala, Donna Karan, Tom Ford, and Salvatore Ferragamo courtesy of Markus&Koala, Donna Karan, and Tom Ford as well as Salvatore Ferragamo.

Daria Zhemkova as a Cover Girl

Daria Zhemkova is an internationally renowned model who has appeared on the covers and fashion ads of numerous magazines and ads, captivating fashion professionals with her fresh yet inviting appearance. Daria has even graced runway shows around the globe thanks to her Swiss modeling agency which promotes her work alongside various European agencies; V Magazine, Glamour Italia, and Harpaar’s Bazaar Argentina are just a few of her publications that she has appeared in.

Blue-eyed blonde hair and stunning features have made her a popular choice for photo shoots. Born in Siberia and entering modeling through social networking sites, she quickly rose through the ranks until filmmakers invited her for fashion shoots in Russia. Once out of Siberia and settled in New York she has gone on to land many covers.

Daria shines in this Vestal Magazine spread, sporting black-jeweled masks and lush lashes made up of black gems by makeup artist Fumi. Her dark lipstick and eyeliner, applied by Fumi herself, add a gothic beauty. Photographer Kevin Sinclair provides an alternate viewpoint in his editorial; Daria wears designs by Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, and Stella McCartney among other designers.

Russian Female Models

The Russians have an incredible work ethic that is unparalleled by any other nationality. Their professionalism, and the fact that they understand the rules of the business, allowed them to quickly become a “Russian wave” in modeling.

This model hailed from the eastern city of Omsk, is one of the most famous and sought-after models in the world. Her hot photo, in which she stands in a white dress, makes her stand out from the crowd of fashion stars, especially at the world’s top fashion weeks.


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