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Dara Tomanovich

Dara Tomanovich: Model, Actress, and Businesswoman

Dara Tomanovich is an acclaimed model and actress, as well as a respected businesswoman with an affinity for design. Over her career, she has amassed considerable wealth estimated to be around $10 Million.

She began modeling while visiting Paris, then studied acting at William Esper Studio in Manhattan where she learned Meisner techniques.

Dara Tomanovich’s Biography

Dara Tomanovich started modeling at an early age. Since then, she has modeled for well-known fashion houses like Chanel and Chloe; appeared in magazines like Marie Claire and Vogue; as well as appearing in several TV commercials. With an attractive face and an hourglass figure that makes her ideal for modeling jobs.

Dara was born in Toronto, Canada as a Christian with white ethnicity. She currently resides with her husband and two children in Toronto City itself. Dara prefers keeping to herself and has not shared much information regarding her family or siblings.

Bill Hemmer became her partner in 2005, and they enjoyed an intensely romantic relationship – often visiting the Empire State Building together and often going up together on dates. Their social media profiles depicted them together everywhere. After dating for five years they parted ways in 2013. When their breakup occurred she did not explain and shortly after was seen with Britain’s Prince Andrew but an agency representative refused to comment.

Alongside her modeling career, she is also an accomplished actress. She has appeared in movies and television shows like Bio-Dome, Perfect Target, Secret Agent Man, Being Flynn, and Family Affair; thanks to her acting talent she has established a niche for herself within Hollywood’s acting scene. Furthermore, she enjoys tremendous fame among models with an estimated net worth of $10 Million!

She stands 5 feet 8 inches, has hazel eyes and brown hair, and hails from the Sagittarius zodiac sign. She has an amazing personality and works very hard, loves traveling and has a good sense of humor; loves spending time with friends and family; is active on Instagram posting photos of herself with them; an avid social worker with an exemplary heart of gold; has amassed an enormous fan following; serving as a role model to many young girls.

Dara Tomanovich’s Education

Dara Tomanovich is an esteemed model and actress with an enormous fan following. Involved with numerous charities that focus on helping humanity, as well as numerous high-profile relationships such as her dating Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer or Prince Andrew from Britain – all hallmarks of success that will only grow stronger with age! Her social life is equally impressive. She once dated Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer, while Prince Andrew from Britain even graced their presence.

She possesses an attractive physique and dynamic personality that complements her acting career perfectly. Known for roles such as Bio-Dome, Prefect Target, Secret Agent Man, and Being Flynn; her acting performances in these movies have won her multiple awards; having been active for over two decades she has earned much respect in the film industry.

She stands 5 feet 8 inches and maintains an appropriate body weight, sporting brown eyes, and long locks to enhance her beauty. She has been involved with several projects and received payment for acting – this alone has contributed to an estimated net worth of $10 Million which she also earned from modeling work and other professional endeavors.

Not only is she active in acting, but she is also involved with fashion as she has worked for brands like Lakes, Van Cleef, Olay, and Pentene – including their French and British releases of Marie Claire and Vogue magazines. Furthermore, she holds an avid passion for photography as well as traveling.

She is highly educated, having graduated with a BA from UCLA’s Print and Broadcast Journalism program as well as studying acting at William Esper Studio in Manhattan, New York. Additionally, she boasts an eye-catching style; always dressed according to the most current fashion trends.

Dara Tomanovich, born and based out of Canada, is best known for her roles in movies like Being Flynn and Family Affair. With an attractive figure and warm personality that endears herself to audiences worldwide, Dara enjoys traveling, spending time with friends, vacationing, and being generous by giving away her wealth for good causes.

Dara Tomanovich’s Acting Career

Dara Tomanovich is a businesswoman with an expansive network of friends and connections. As CEO of Innovative Projects and Model, she has made an impressive name for herself in both industries. Additionally, Dara has become an influential voice on Instagram and has amassed an estimated net worth estimated to be in the vicinity of $10 Million.

Born in Toronto, Canada, and beginning her modeling career in Paris, this model traveled to New York City and attended The William Esper Studio where she received training in Meisner approach acting. Since then she has made appearances in films like Bio-Dome (1996), Highlander (1997), Mortal Kombat: Conquest (1998) Family Affair (2002), and Being Flynn (2012).

She holds assets and properties in Los Angeles and New York, is an avid traveler on her Ducati Monster motorcycle, and loves running, surfing, horseback riding, and playing tennis – among many other activities! Additionally, she supports numerous charities that focus on helping those in need.

No one knows Dara’s current relationship status; her Instagram profile suggests otherwise, however. On it, she states she is dating Mauricio Rivera Kirschner of Design & Plan Firm LLC who regularly posts pictures with Dara on his page with captions reading: “With My Love”, while Dara posted one with an interesting question mark: “Who Kissed Who First?” Their photos created speculation among fans.

She enjoys traveling to various countries and meeting prominent figures, like former Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer (often seen together publicly until they parted ways in 2013).

Lingerie model and accomplished entrepreneur, she recently established The Secrets of the Seduction fashion line. Additionally, she’s an active charity worker supporting Up2Us, St Jude’s, and His Royal Highness Prince Harry’s Sentebale Foundation.

Dara Tomanovich’s Net Worth

Dara Tomanovich has over twenty-five years of experience as an entrepreneur. Her special talent lies in creating new businesses quickly, as well as her strong network of associates which she employs for support during her business endeavors. Dara specializes in real estate investing and modeling – she has made quite the name for herself within those fields over time.

Tomanovich is an actress and model who has made appearances in countless movies and TV shows since her career began in the 90s. Since then, she has amassed an immense fortune – her net worth as of 2021 stands at $12 Million!

She enjoys traveling, taking pictures of animals, and spending time with friends in her free time. She owns several pet dogs whom she brings on vacation with her, sharing pictures from these trips via her Instagram profile.

Tomanovich has worked for brands including Lakes, Van Cleef, Olay, and Pentene. Additionally, she was featured on the cover of Marie Claire France and in advertisements for Fiat alongside George Clooney. According to her Instagram profile, she is currently dating Mauricio Rivera Kirschner.

Tomanovich may not have won any major awards, but her work has inspired countless young women and her success is proof of her talent – she even featured as Columbo!

Tomanovich lives with her son in Maine and owns several properties there, with an eye toward waterfront properties. Additionally, she is known for being active with charities and known for being generous.

Tomanovich recently tried to avoid arrest by giving former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s name as a reference and threatening that any officer who did not let her go would be fired or transferred, according to police reports. She reportedly smelled of alcohol and failed two Breathalyzer tests.


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