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Christine Tizzard

Christine Tizzard: Host of CBC’s Best Recipes Ever

Christine Tizzard has long had an avid interest in food, film, fashion, and television – as a model, actor, and host of CBC’s Best Recipes Ever series.

She brings an approachable, lively spirit into the kitchen as she creates homemade artisanal goods from scratch. Her media achievements include regular appearances on CityLine and Steven and Chris as well as monthly columns in Bamboo Magazine; culinary demonstrations at tradeshow events; and cooking classes.

Christine Tizzard’s Biography

Christine Tizzard of Newfoundland has long had a keen interest in food, film, and fashion ever since she was discovered at 15 modeling in a mall fashion show. Since then she has gone on to train as an actor for both film and television roles appearing in high-profile productions such as HBO.

She’s also a cookbook author, food stylist, recipe developer, and ambassador of Love Food, Hate Waste (a zero-waste initiative in Canada). Additionally, she hosts the hit CBC television program Best Recipes Ever where she chooses from Canadian Living’s Tested-Till-Perfect recipe library to showcase them all across Canada coast to coast.

Tizzard never lost her passion for cooking during her successful television career in front of the camera, enrolling in George Brown College’s Chef Training program to pursue this interest again. Today she can often be found crafting homemade artisanal goods or hosting culinary media events and food demos in Toronto.

Her down-to-earth and lively personality is truly captivating. Through her cookbooks, YouTube channel, and public appearances she advocates the benefits of back-to-basic cuisine – with emphasis on healthy fresh meals full of flavor that are quick and easy to prepare – which make the journey less daunting for home chefs. As a mother of two children living in Toronto, she offers authentic yet uncomplicated culinary advice that everyone can find inspiring.

Christine Tizzard’s Food Philosophy

Christine Tizzard of Newfoundland-born Toronto model Christine Tizzard never compromises on quality when creating quick snacks for her two children or preparing meals for herself and friends, sharing the joy of cooking while saving money and decreasing food waste. In Cook More, Waste Less she shares her zero-waste culinary philosophy as well as teaches readers how to maximize all ingredients stored in their fridge.

Tizzard remembers her mother teaching her to create a simple cake from scratch when she was still young, sparking an interest in cooking that has only grown stronger as her interest in modeling has expanded. After becoming professional models themselves, Tizzard realized she required further kitchen training so enrolled in George Brown College’s chef training program where she eventually graduated with honors.

After years of cooking meals on camera for cameras and in front of an audience, Tizzard realized she could help people reduce their footprint by tackling food waste. With food ends up in landfills creating greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. Cook More, Waste Less is the first book that shows readers how they can decrease household food waste with smart shopping strategies and by turning leftovers into nutritious meals without stressing out about waste disposal.

Cook More, Waste Less is a cookbook to optimize organic ingredients from root to tip to lower our carbon footprints. Packed full of recipes that showcase all parts of a vegetable – from leftover roast chicken carcasses to stems – Cook More, Waste Less inspires how best to utilize all parts of it and inspire readers to use everything from leftover roast chicken leftovers to cauliflower stems in their food prep plans.

Christine Thornley exudes upbeat, humble, and lively energy that’s infectious. You may recognize her from CityLine or Rogers television; Bamboo Magazine; trade shows or cooking classes around Canada – she lives in Toronto with husband Ian Thornley and their two sons Ozzie and Sophia; or any of their appearances across Canada!

Media Accomplishments

Christine Tizzard can often be found crafting homemade artisanal goods in her kitchen. But when it comes to culinary media events, you might also spot her conducting food demos at trade shows or teaching cooking classes, she makes everything look effortless thanks to her natural blend of down-home personality with expert culinary technique.

She has made regular guest chef appearances on daytime TV shows like Rogers Cityline, CTV Marilyn Dennis, and Steven and Chris. Most recently she was thrilled to join CBC Television’s BEST RECIPES EVER for two seasons of broadcast.

She has hosted radio and TV commercials as well as being a spokesperson and brand ambassador for various companies such as Philips, Dairy Farmers of Ontario, and Bonne Maman. Additionally, she authored two cookbooks through Penguin Random House Canada called Cook More Waste Less and Honest to Goodness respectively – currently working on creating her own YouTube cooking channel where she will share how to prepare family-friendly, homemade meals that anyone can make easily!

Personal Life of Christine Tizzard

Christine Tizzard has been passionate about food, film, fashion, and television since being discovered at the age of 15. This Newfoundland native who was found modeling international beauty campaigns and co-starring with Tom Selleck has since found herself living a hectic city life while remaining true to her roots. Christine now regularly guest chefs on daytime TV shows Rogers Cityline, CTV Marilyn Dennis and CBC Steven and Chris, Bamboo Magazine food column and culinary demonstrations; YouTube cooking channel as well as brand-new cookbook Honest to Goodness are just some of Christine’s accomplishments.

Tizzard has an engaging, warm, and vibrant personality which is infectious. She believes in feeling great from within, sharing her passion for great food and healthy living with everyone she encounters. Currently based out of Toronto with her husband and two children.

She serves as an ambassador for the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and speaks about her experiences living with a brain tumor. Her experience speaks volumes to those living with brain cancer but is fearful to share their story publicly – just like she was. Her advice: stay true to yourself and surround yourself with supportive, encouraging individuals who will lift you back up when times get difficult.

Christine is known for her vibrant personality and dedication to living a balanced lifestyle, but what sets her apart maybe her resilience in the face of difficulty. Christine’s determination and perseverance have become an inspiration to so many and will likely remain so for years to come.


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