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Chloe Cherry

Chloe Cherry: Actress and Model

Chloe Cherry, 25, made her television show debut this year as Faye in Season Two of HBO’s Euphoria. Before her TV role, she worked as an adult film actress.

Euphoria’s fandom has shown her much love, but some critics have aimed at her use of lip filler.

Chloe Cherry’s Biography

Chloe Cherry is an American actress and model best known for her appearance as Faye on the hit HBO series Euphoria. Since then, Cherry has appeared in movies like The Girl in the Spider’s Web and The Lighthouse as well as appearing as Faye in popular TikTok and Instagram accounts with over two million followers – her distinctive anime-influenced aesthetic setting her apart from other performers.

Cherry was born August 23, 1997, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and is currently a film actress. As a Virgo and certified Gen Zer, which she describes as being like an “aging millennial”, Cherry spent most of her time growing up in a conservative town where she helped produce their school yearbook and read morning announcements before eventually leaving home at age 18 to pursue adult film acting as her career goal.

Cherry began her adult industry career in 2015 at Hussie Models Agency and appeared in over 200 adult movies.

In 2022, she made headlines as Jules Vaughn in a pornographic parody of the HBO shows Euphoria with fellow adult film actress Jenna Foxx playing Rue Bennett – an endeavor that proved an immense success and propelled her career into the adult entertainment industry.

Cherry is also a fashion model and has made numerous runway appearances, most recently during New York Fashion Week in February 2022 for designer LaQuan Smith. Cherry’s passions lie with art and photography as well as active social media use to share pictures from her travels, fashion looks, or behind-the-scenes photos from acting roles.

Chloe Cherry’s Early Life

Chloe Cherry has quickly made waves in the adult industry thanks to her stunning beauty and stunning features. Born in Pennsylvania and is currently based out of Los Angeles, where she works as a model. She has been featured on multiple adult websites and films like Girlsway Originals and NubilesET while making an appearance on the popular HBO series Euphoria as Faye (an addict who uses drugs).

In her free time, the star enjoys traveling and spending time with her friends. She has expressed a passion for music by posting videos to TikTok and Instagram showing off her singing and dancing abilities. Furthermore, she has spoken out about her philanthropic efforts, showing that she truly wants to make an impactful difference in this world.

Before becoming an actress, Cherry was better known by her previous name Chloe Couture. She made her debut shortly after graduating high school, quickly becoming popular among fans.

In a recent interview, actress Amiee Caron revealed her early life and struggled with body image issues as a teen. She discussed wanting to leave conservative Pennsylvania and found the adult industry as an opportunity to fulfill her dreams. Caron also talked about losing her father who died of cancer when she was only eight years old.

Cherry has overcome her initial obstacles with grace and determination, following her dream to become an actress. Her dedication and resilience have propelled her to success as she inspires others to follow their dreams.

Chloe Cherry’s Education

Chloe Cherry holds an educational background in art. She attended Lancaster Area High School before leaving to enter the adult industry through Reality King’s website at 16. After losing her virginity at 16, Chloe became actively involved with the adult film industry and has appeared in many adult movies since joining this site in 2015. By 2022 she had become popular due to being cast for Faye in the HBO drama Euphoria series as well as being a model, TikTok star, and OnlyFans user.

Cherry has amassed millions of followers across social media accounts. She posts seductive photos and videos of herself, with fans often commenting on her body. Cherry also has an endearing personality which has propelled her to fame on social media; she enjoys making people laugh through humor.

Cherry is an aspiring actress looking to break into the entertainment industry. She is currently single and focused solely on acting. Cherry dreams of one day becoming a major movie star and are working on Tuna Melt with Eddie Huang.

Cherry is an extremely gifted young woman who has worked tirelessly to reach her goals. She serves as an example for other women that with hard work, they too can reach their dreams.

Chloe Cherry’s Career

Chloe Cherry has become an international superstar through her role in Euphoria. The American actress boasts a huge following on Instagram and performs regularly on OnlyFans; her style stands out with its mixture of sexy and quirky elements outside the show; while her charismatic charm draws fans from Gen Z generations alike.

Cherry was born August 23rd, 1997 as a Virgo and is well known within the adult entertainment industry. She signed her first contract with Reality Kings in October 2015 and since then has starred in multiple exploitation films as well as amateur DVDs.

Cherry currently stars as Faye on HBO’s Euphoria. Cherry has amassed many supporters who back her career in the adult film industry.

She enjoys spending her free time socializing with both her friends and family as well as traveling; having already traveled to places such as Australia and Malaysia.

Cherry has an avid lover of music and movies, accumulating over 511k followers on Instagram alone. Her posts typically cover her travels, fashion looks, as well as backstage pictures from her acting roles.

At 18, Cherry dreamt of leaving Pennsylvania and moving to Los Angeles. To achieve her goal, she entered the film industry under the stage name Chloe Couture; during this period she appeared in over 200 adult films before changing it to Chloe Cherry in 2017.

Chloe Cherry’s Personal Life

Cherry has amassed a strong following on Instagram as an adult actress and model, starting her career in 2015 and appearing in over 200. Additionally, she owns and operates OnlyFans as an adult entertainment website where she shares sexy pictures and videos with subscribers who pay $4.99 monthly to access it.

Cherry has seen her popularity soar since making an appearance in the hit HBO series Euphoria. Her charming mix of ditziness, sugariness, and anime-influenced aesthetic has attracted fashion designers who have begun designing clothing specifically tailored for her. Recently she walked the runway for LaQuan Smith and is expected to appear in campaigns for Steve Madden this fall.

Cherry was an enthusiastic theatre and dancer as a teenager, excelling both onstage and before the camera. She told Grazia she has always felt comfortable around people and never gets nervous onstage, having studied improv to develop her acting abilities further.

Cherry’s breakthrough role on Euphoria has opened many doors for her in the industry and now she is expanding into new creative outlets. Not only has she made waves through acting but she is also a fashion model (for Guess, Forever 21, and Macy’s campaigns) as well as a singer/rapper who has released three songs on SoundCloud.

Cherry was born on August 23rd, 1997, and is a Virgo. Both her parents are artists, which helped foster her creativity. After the early death of her father, she left the conservative Pennsylvania neighborhood behind for good – developing passions in music and art and even attempting collage creation herself!


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