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Chinese Models

Top 33 Most Beautiful Chinese Models

Chinese models continue to influence the world. Chinese model women can take part in big fashion shows with their beauty and talent. These charming women have managed to attract the attention of fashionistas. We have created a list of Chinese models for you.

Liu Wen

Liu Wen is the first Chinese model to walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She managed to be featured in famous fashion magazines thanks to her flawless style.

Ming Xi (Xi Mengyao)

Ming Xi is one of the favorite models on international catwalks. Most luxury brands find her convenient to work with.

Fei Fei Sun

Fei Fei is the first Asian model to appear on the cover of Sun Vogue Italy. Thanks to this, she became internationally known and became an icon.

Sui He

Sui He has a cool and charming style. Thanks to this interesting image, she managed to be on the cover of many magazines.

Xiao Wen Ju

Xiao Wen Ju is a very powerful icon in the fashion industry. She stands out among Chinese models because she has an unusual beauty.

Ju Xiaowen

Ju Xiaowen stands out with her delicate facial features. She is a model that has managed to be on the cover of quality fashion magazines.

Shu Pei Qin

Shu Pei Qin has appeared on international podiums and prestigious campaigns. Thanks to her timeless beauty, she has become an icon among Chinese models.

He Cong

He Cong is a model that pushes the boundaries. Thanks to this feature, she is preferred by original designers.

Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi is both a successful model and an actress. She has been successful thanks to her sophisticated and timeless beauty.

Liu Wenjing

Liu Wenjing is a prominent figure among Chinese models. She can effortlessly go out in different styles.

Zhang Xinyuan

Zhang Xinyuan has become a favorite of photographers and designers thanks to her unique beauty. She stands out among Chinese models with her confident attitude.

Emma Pei

Emma Pei is noted for her spiritual presence. She continues to captivate audiences around the world with her versatility.

Tian Yi

Tian Yi is one of the beloved figures of the fashion world. Thanks to her charm and talent, she has managed to appear on the covers of famous fashion magazines.

Li Xiao Xing

Li Xiao Xing is known in the fashion world for her graceful presence. Thanks to her talent, she has been featured on the covers of prestigious Chinese fashion magazines.

Jing Wen

Jing Wen is a favorite model among fashion designers. She has become an influential figure thanks to her sharp and elegant style.

Zhang Yanzhi

Zhang Yanzhi is an impressive Chinese model with delicate features. She can convey her innocence and charm very well to the audience.

Zhang Chujun

Zhang Chujun has managed to stand out thanks to her unique appearance. She has an appearance outside of traditional beauty standards.

Chen Lin

Thanks to her versatility, Chen Lin has become a favorite model of photographers and designers. She has managed to be an impressive model as she has a wide range of styles.

Li Xiaoxing

Li Xiaoxing’s ability to convey innocence and sensuality has made her a sought-after model in the Chinese fashion industry.

Bai Bai He

Bai Bai He is known for both her modeling and acting skills. Thanks to her natural beauty, she wins the admiration of fashionistas.

Liu Shi Shi

Liu Shi Shi first started acting and then modeling. Thanks to her grace, she became a popular figure in both sectors.

Zhang Zilin

Zhang Zilin was named Miss World in 2007. Thanks to her long length, she stood out among other Chinese models.


Angelababy managed to become famous as an actress, model, and singer. She has become an influential figure in the Chinese entertainment and fashion world.

Jing Tian

Jing Tian has become a prominent figure thanks to her acting and modeling skills. Luxury brands prefer to work with her.

Li Bingbing

Although Li Bingbing is a successful actress, she also has a career in the modeling world. She has managed to represent fashion brands thanks to her elegance.

Lin Chi Ling

Lin Chi Ling is one of Taiwan’s most successful models. She has become a popular figure in the fashion world with her poise and grace.

Zhang Lanxin

Zhang Lanxin is a model with an athletic physique. She is a model sought after by sports brands.

Maggie Cheung

Maggie Cheung has had a successful acting career. She is one of China’s most iconic models.

Zhang Jingchu

Zhang Jingchu is a successful actress and model. She has become a preferred model thanks to her ability to reflect different moods and styles.

Zhang Yuqi

Zhang Yuqi has stood out on the Chinese fashion scene for her courage and attractive beauty. Every time She takes the podium, she draws all the attention.

Tong Liya

Tong Liya is preferred by fashion brands thanks to her charm and energy. She is also a talented actor.

Lin Yun

Lin Yun has been successful in both acting and modeling with her energy. She is one of the most important representatives of modern Chinese beauty.

Zhang Tian Ai (Crystal Zhang)

Zhang Tian Ai is a successful model and actor. Her elegant aura makes her preferred by photographers and designers.


Chinese models entered the fashion industry with their stereotypical style. They left their mark in the fashion world with their Chinese-style texture. Thanks to Chinese models, the fashion world has diversified and the catwalks have been enriched.


Following the fashion trends and celebrities across the globe. I love writing about inspirational figures in entertainment industry. Apart from blogging over 10 years, I work as an event host in California. Feel free to reach out for any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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