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Chase Sui Wonders

Chase Sui Wonders: Actress, Model, Director

Chase Sui Wonders, daughter of fashion designer Anna Sui and niece to Lena Dunham’s 2021 HBO show Genera+ion star Riley; is an actress, model, and director with experience writing and directing projects. Recently featured in Bodies, Bodies Bodies. She also wrote and directed various projects.

She has been linked with actor Charles Melton, best known for his role in Riverdale on television, and they have been seen together on numerous occasions.

Biography of Chase Sui Wonders

Chase Sui Wonders is an American actress who recently gained recognition for both her acting career and reported relationship with actor Pete Davidson. She has appeared in movies and TV shows like Generation, Salami on White, Wake, and more; additionally, she also participated in fashion collaboration campaigns with her aunt designer Anna Sui. Chase Sui Wonders was born in Detroit.

Robert Sui and Jeannie Sui of Chinese descent raised Wonders. At Harvard, Wonders studied film production and studies while becoming active in both arts communities as well as writing humor articles for its humor publication. She later graduated magna cum laude with honors.

After graduation from college, Wonders launched her film career. Her film debut came in 2009 with A Trivial Exclusion; since then she has appeared in multiple movies such as Last Migration and Daniel Isn’t Real as well as having a small role in Sofia Coppola’s 2020 comedy-drama film On the Rocks.

Though Wonders appears fragile at first glance, she’s tougher than meets the eye. Growing up as a tomboy and playing ice hockey were among her many passions; once older however, her shyness faded and she gained the courage to pursue acting professionally.

Wonders has an impressive resume as an actor, writer, and director – writing scripts and films reflecting her own life experiences with great skill – as well as doing voiceover work for films and TV shows.

Wonders’ talent and hard work have paid off. She has been nominated for multiple awards and received critical acclaim for her performances; for instance, her portrayal of Riley on the HBO series Generation earned her nominations for multiple Golden Globe Awards; similarly, in Bodies Bodies Bodies she earned rave reviews from critics.

Wonders has quickly made her mark in the industry despite being new. Her performances have earned her critical acclaim and she currently has various projects under development, such as appearing as Samantha on City on Fire TV series.

Education of Chase Sui Wonders

Chase Sui Wonders may be new to the industry, but she has quickly established herself. Not only an actress but also a talented director, writer, and cartoonist – Wonders graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with majors in film studies and production as well as writing for their humorous publication the Harvard Lampoon (whose alumni include Conan O’Brien, Andy Borowitz, and B.J. Novak). Chase Sui Wonders Graduated from Harvard University

Since graduating from an Ivy League school, Wonders has made multiple film and TV show appearances. She co-starred alongside Pete Davidson in Bodies Bodies Bodies as an actor/actress/slasher film; additionally, Wonders will star in Neil LaBute’s thriller Out of the Blue and is set to make an appearance in the Apple TV+ series City on Fire.

Wonders first made her mark as an actor through student-directed short films. But her big break came when she was cast as Riley on HBO Max’s Genera+ion as a high school student exploring their sexuality – which unfortunately ended after one season but made quite an impression through Wonders’ performance.

Wonders has not only built her acting career but has also written and directed a feature-length film called Last Migration. Additionally, she is a regular at New York’s Metrograph Theater as well as having appeared as a guest-star in television shows such as CW’s Riverdale and HBO’s The Leftovers.

Wonders has already established herself as a formidable talent, working with notable directors and actors such as Judd Apatow and Sofia Coppola. She can be seen in movies like Daniel Isn’t Real and On the Rocks as well as City on Fire (based on Garth Risk Hallberg’s novel).

Wonders has an edge over most of her peers as a newcomer to fashion: her aunt is internationally-recognized designer Anna Sui, known for designing outfits worn by top models Naomi Campbell and Bella Hadid. Additionally, Wonders was chosen as one of Calvin Klein’s 2017 underwear models in their 2017 underwear campaign.

Acting Career

Chase Sui Wonders made her acting debut in 2021 with HBO Max series Generation on HBO where she portrayed Riley, a skateboarding cool-girl. Sui later went on to appear in Sofia Coppola’s On the Rocks film and HBO series Betty before landing Emma’s role in Bodies Bodies Bodies. Since then she has continued working on various projects until landing the leading role as Samantha “Sam” Yeung in City on Fire based on Garth Risk Hallberg’s 2015 novel and has her role based on Garth Risk Hallberg’s novel; city on Fire features her as Samantha “Sam” Yeung who gets shot during an NYU student partying in Central Park without witnesses or evidence; City is available exclusively on Apple TV+. She debuted in the film Bodies Bodies Bodie.

Sui has noted that she shares many characteristics with Sam in the show, including their shared ability to adapt to unfamiliar environments. Recently speaking with PEOPLE about the series, Sui shared that her experiences as an actress mirror Sam’s journey on-screen in surprising ways.

Wonders, who is the niece of American fashion designer Anna Sui, graduated with honors from Harvard University with an outstanding academic performance. While at school she participated in club hockey team play as well as directed student-directed short films. Furthermore, she wrote for The Harvard Lampoon newspaper.

Since then, she has appeared in two films, Bodies Bodies Bodies and The Shrink Next Door, and written and directed a short movie called Wake for Vogue China as part of an initiative supporting women in entertainment industry careers.

She has earned widespread acclaim throughout her career for her performances, earning critical acclaim for portraying complex characters while subverting the manic pixie dream girl archetype. Additionally, she has made television show appearances including The CW’s Harper Stern and Netflix’s The Painted Lady.

Bupkis co-starred Pete Davidson, and their on-screen chemistry is apparent in their real-life romance as well. They can frequently be seen kissing and cuddling publicly, as well as vacationing together in late January.

It may only be early days in their relationship, but it’s already evident that these two have great chemistry. We can only hope their real-life romance inspires other young couples to work hard towards reaching their dreams.

Chase Sui Wonders’ Relationship

Chase Sui Wonders has long been known for her stellar acting performances on film and TV, but more recently has made headlines for her romance with Pete Davidson. Both in their early 20s, fans and onlookers have noticed the spark between them; some believe theirs is an intimate partnership.

Wonders and Davidson first caused romance rumors in late 2022/early 2023 when they were frequently seen hanging out together in public spaces and visiting each other’s homes and taking vacations together. In February they attended the Daytona 500 race together as well as Martha Stewart’s farm in upstate New York; moreover they’ve been seen cuddling close while lying together on beaches in Hawaii as well as experiencing romantic getaways together in New York City.

The couple has kept a low profile, yet it is obvious they are very much in love. They have been seen together at several locations – including a chess shop in New York City where one photo shows Davidson leaning in to kiss Chase; also, holding hands at Universal Studios Hollywood while riding on Revenge of the Mummy attraction together and holding hands during a ride together at Universal Studios Hollywood (both photos show this).

Chase Sui Wonders is also a writer and comedian, having graduated from Harvard University with a concentration in film production. She wrote for Harvard Lampoon, their humor magazine; television programs; web series including HBO’s Generation; as well as writing books.

Chase is no stranger to being in the public eye, as evidenced by her appearance last week with Pete Davidson at Baba’s Perogies in New York. They appeared very content together as Chase even wrapped her arms around his shoulders while other customers watched them closely.

Fans have noticed the couple’s magnetic chemistry, with many noting its health compared to some of Davidson’s past high-profile relationships; Emily Ratajkowski being his former flame before they split in August 2022.


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