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Carolina Guerra

Carolina Guerra: Colombian Model, Actress, TV Presenter

Carolina Guerra is a model, television presenter, and actress from Colombia. In 2005 she was named Miss Bogota and has hosted shows such as Rock Dinner. Additionally, she has appeared in television series such as Da Vinci’s Demons.

She briefly married Colombian actor Diego Cadavid and divorced him two years later without having any children together. From 2011-2012 she also enjoyed an intense romance with Mexican musician Leon Larregui.

Guerra recently celebrated her first baby boy Rocco Reuben on December 24, 2021.

Carolina Guerra’s Biography

Carolina Guerra is an esteemed model and TV show host, having been active since 2005 in both industries. She first gained attention through Animal Kingdom on television. Born July 30 1986 in Bogota Colombia to Alvaro Guerra and Janeth Molina (nee Garcia Molina), Carolina’s interest in modeling became clear from an early age; studying at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and Colegio Gimnasio del Norte respectively before graduating. Natalia is her sister; two brothers share her DNA!

Guerra started modeling at 15 and soon after hosted shows like Rock Dinner and Colombia’s Next Top Model. Since then she has appeared in various movies and TV series including La Diosa Coronada as Raquel and Da Vinci’s Demons as Ima as well as co-starring with actors like Arap Bethke, Ellen Barkin, Scott Speedman Shawn Hatosy Dichen Lachman among many others.

David Reuben Jr. is an executive at a music company and the son of British businessman David Reuben. They first met each other while on holiday in Ibiza, Spain, and soon after began dating before getting engaged and marrying at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada in 2018. Today they reside together in Los Angeles.

Her husband is quite wealthy as the heir of an impressive fortune worth 24 billion dollars. They are deeply in love and working towards building a brighter future together.

She tends to keep her relationships close; however, she is well known for being particularly close with family and friends.

She has had various long-term relationships. In 2009 she married Colombian actor Diego Cadavid before divorcing four years later. Additionally, she had a substantial romance with Mexican musician Leon Larregui in 2011.

Carolina Guerra’s Early Life

Carolina Guerra is a Colombian model, actress, and television presenter. In 2005 she was crowned Miss Bogota 2005 and represented its capital city at her country’s national beauty competition. Carolina is best known as the hostess of MTV Rock Dinner as well as appearing as Raquel from La Diosa Coronada as well as Ima in Da Vinci’s Demons. Carolina is currently signed to Stock Models International Management as she hosts Colombia’s Next Top Model competition.

As her elder brother was joining a gang and encountering problems with the law, their mother moved them all to Tucson. Guerra then assumed household responsibilities while helping care for four younger siblings; on days when chores or schoolwork became overwhelming she sought solace through rigorous physical fitness to focus her mind and reduce anxiety.

Guerra persevered despite her upbringing in poverty to pursue her dream of becoming an actress in Hollywood. She moved to Los Angeles in 2015, landing two TV pilots. Unfortunately, however, her visa expired before production started and forced her to return to Colombia.

Guerra’s life experiences had prepared her for military service. While serving an 18-month tour at Fort Huachuca in Arizona, she learned the value of mentorship and what makes an effective leader. With this knowledge and her fair and direct style as a drill sergeant at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.

She has had various relationships, such as her two-year marriage with actor Diego Cadavid whom she later divorced. Since 2013, she has been dating musician and singer David Reuben whom she shares a son named Rocco Reuben.

Guerra learned the value of family from her upbringing. She is grateful for their support, encouraging young women to be strong in their unique ways and treating those they care for with dignity and respect. Guerra is an advocate for gender equality in society; as the founder and host of “Equality Means Love”, as well as being featured on YouTube series like “The Girl Talk Show”.

Carolina Guerra’s Career

Carolina Guerra is a model, actress, and TV show host from Colombia. Born July 30 1986 and now 33, she began modeling at 15 and soon after appeared on Rock Dinner and Colombia’s Next Top Model as well as movies and series like Animal Kingdom (telenovela) and El Cartel 2 La Guerra Total series; other notable roles she’s been cast as include Open-Hearted Mariana Scarlett Montecristo among many more.

Carolina has appeared in multiple American films and TV shows, boasting an attractive height of 5 ft 7 inches (1.75 meters). Her large yet slender figure, an oval face, blue eyes, and light brown hair makes her highly appealing – not to mention an amazing actress with many fans around the world who adore her acting skills! She holds her acting talent highly regarded.

Carolina has found great success as both an actor and volleyball player at the college level, winning the national championship with her team in 2021. Carolina possesses an engaging sense of humor while being friendly and willing to help and support others whenever needed.

Carolina is now enjoying her new experience of motherhood and recently gave birth to her son Rocco Reuben on December 24th, 2021, fathered by British billionaire David Reuben Jr.

She’s been active on social media, keeping fans up-to-date on her life via pictures with family and friends uploaded frequently to Instagram and Twitter. Her presence there has attracted an impressive following.

She is an immensely talented actress, model, and TV show host who boasts an illuminating future ahead of her. She serves as an inspiring role model to young girls everywhere.

Carolina Guerra’s Net Worth

Carolina Guerra has earned impressive earnings through her work as an actress, model, and television host. As of 2021, she boasts an estimated net worth of around $5 Million as a result of this income source as well as receiving income through brand endorsements and other sources.

She has made appearances on many popular television programs and films such as Animal Kingdom, Oro y Polvo, La Lectora Powder, and Gold as well as the Netflix series Devotion: A Story of Love and Desire.

She is active on social media and boasts an immense following on Instagram, where she boasts over 589,000 followers. Additionally, she is an excellent dancer and singer – she completed a four-month master class with Michele Modesto Casarin, home workshop classes with Cesar Brie, dance study with Isabella Peghin as well as attending Lorenzo Da Ponte Theater Academy as a two-year program participant.

Regarding her personal life, she remains extremely private. Currently in a long-distance relationship with Rodolfo Salustri and often posts pictures with him on her Instagram account.

She had previously been involved with actor Diego Cadavid before they tied the knot in 2009. Additionally, she was in a relationship with Leon Larregui, a Mexican musician.

At present, she is in a happy marriage to David Reuben Jr, an executive at a music company and the son of a British businessman. They met each other first time in Ibiza Spain before getting engaged shortly thereafter and marrying at Burning Man Festival later this year.

Carolina Guerra is an exceptionally beautiful and talented young lady, with an illuminating future ahead of her. We wish her all of our luck in all her endeavors and hope she finds great success. Carolina is generous to her fans and possesses an excellent sense of humor; we hope to see more of her appear in movies and TV shows shortly! Please keep visiting this page to receive all updates regarding Carolina’s progress – thank you for reading!


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