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Carly Foulkes

Carly Foulkes: Canadian Model and Actress

Carly Foulkes, a Canadian model best known for her T-Mobile 4G commercials, embodies natural beauty with an exceptional family background.

She began modeling at age 13 in Toronto and soon after graduating high school moved to New York where she continued modeling alongside having experiences modeling in Singapore and Europe.

Biography of Carly Foulkes

Carly Foulkes is a model and actress who has appeared in several short films. Her success as one of the top models has earned her a respectable net worth; however, this figure remains unknown since no details about her properties have been shared with the media.

She is a keen social media user, regularly posting updates about her daily life on Instagram. Due to her active participation on the platform and attractive personality, she has amassed quite a significant fan following.

Carly Foulkes has an incredible sense of fashion, frequently posting images of herself wearing the latest designer dresses on social media and earning from sponsored posts as well as appearing in photo shoots for magazines. She has become quite successful financially from this effort as well. Carly Foulkes is an extremely hardworking individual who has accomplished much in a relatively short amount of time for herself and the industry at large.

She has also appeared in short movies and music videos. In addition to modeling, she enjoys spending time with her family. Furthermore, she actively supports different charitable causes through charity work.

Carly was born August 4, 1988, in Toronto, Canada to Pauline and two of her three daughters Kimmy and Angie. She completed her schooling at Loretto Abbey Catholic Secondary School in Hogg’s Hollow, North York.

As a child, she developed a passion for acting and modeling which her parents encouraged. At an early age she began modeling commercials; best known for appearing in T-Mobile myTouch 4G commercials wearing pink and magenta summer dresses.

Carly Foulkes is an avid dog lover and frequently shares adorable pet pictures on her Instagram page. She boasts an attractive body and style, earning the respect and affection of many fans who appreciate her good looks and style. Furthermore, Carly Foulkes boasts a positive and caring nature which allows her to always listen and respond appropriately when responding to fans on social media.

Education of Carly Foulkes

Carly Foulkes is an internationally renowned model and actress best known for her roles in several short films. She also frequently appears in TV commercials. Born August 4 1988 in Toronto Canada of White Caucasian origin with Christian beliefs; Carly attended Loretto Abbey Catholic Secondary School here before making it big as an actress.

She began modeling at 13 after graduating high school. Once in New York City, she pursued her dreams of modeling professionally; quickly winning contracts in Singapore and Europe before appearing on the cover of Mexican Elle magazine and becoming well-known through T-Mobile myTouch 4G ads wearing pink or magenta-and-white summer dresses in commercials.

Carly Foulkes is known for her acting and modeling career; however, she also enjoys taking photographs. She regularly shares them on her Instagram account for everyone’s viewing pleasure. An animal lover herself, Carly loves sharing stunning shots of her beloved dogs with fans online. Additionally, Carly has a tattoo of some sort on her right wrist that features some sort of special mark or symbolism.

Carly Foulkes boasts many followers on her social media accounts and her photos are frequently reposted by other users. As a hard-working individual who believes success comes through hard work and dedication, Carly Foulkes takes great pride in cooking delicious meals quickly – she can also whip one up in no time at all!

Carly Foulkes is an immensely likable individual adored by her fans for her humor and sense of style. She enjoys art and design as much as anything, and frequently posts images of her favorite animal on her Instagram account; Carly also prefers pasta over any other food choice!

She maintains an active social life outside of acting and modeling as well, with strong ties to her fans on both Instagram and Facebook pages where she regularly updates them with daily updates, photographs, and news from film sets.

Career of Carly Foulkes

Carly Foulkes is an accomplished Canadian model, television commercial actress, and singer best known as the T-Mobile Girl due to her work for them. She has appeared in various commercials as well as modeling for iO Theater as an understudy model; moreover, she has represented brands like Olay Body in numerous advertisements while walking runway shows around Canada and making multiple appearances on American Idol as a performer.

Foulkes has amassed an estimated net worth of $3 Million through her career in modeling, earning this sum from her modeling agency work and brand endorsement for T-Mobile myTouch 4G. As their brand ambassador, she has appeared in 12 television commercials for them including a Super Bowl spot. Other commercials featuring Foulkes air on networks like Bravo, Fox, and The CW as well as being represented by Modelwerk and Sutherland Models agencies.

TikTok, a popular social media platform, has shown her in several short videos which have garnered millions of views, establishing herself with over 1.6 million followers on TikTok. As a professional singer-songwriter with two albums out, her fans have applauded both her talent and beauty as seen through these short videos.

Elle Mexico magazine featured her as well. With an alluring physique and stunning smile, she became an iconic figure among young women, serving as both a role model and dance instructor for many. Additionally, she can act and has participated in several film/TV projects including The Girl Next Door movie and TV series and also The Girl From Down the Block series.

Foulkes has a younger sister named Kimmy who also models. Kimmy currently works for Matix Lumber, a Home Improvement & Hardware Retailer employing 44 people. Carly began modeling at age 13 and has appeared in advertisements such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Artistry Cosmetics Express Gilly Hicks Kohl’s Macy’s Neiman Marcus Rugby by Ralph Lauren Tommy Hilfiger as well as multiple music videos.

She is a Songwriter

Carly Foulkes is a model, actress, and songwriter best known for her appearances in T-Mobile myTouch 4G television commercials. Additionally, she graced the cover of Mexican Elle magazine as well as modeling for Abercrombie and Fitch, Artistry Cosmetics Express Gilly Hicks Kohls Macys Neiman Marcus Rugby Ralph Lauren Tommy Hilfiger among many others. Boasting a slim built body and natural beauty qualities she is widely revered by fashion industry professionals.

Born August 4, 1988, and hailing from Toronto, Ontario with British-White roots. She spent most of her early life living with her mother Pauline Foulkes and two sisters Kimmie and Angie before attending Loretto Abbey Catholic Secondary School where she studied modeling for one year before enrolling at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre to learn both piano and guitar.

She began her modeling career on an auspicious note after signing with an agent in Toronto at age 13. Soon thereafter she appeared in several local and national television ads before quickly becoming known as the T-Mobile Girl; thus becoming widely recognized across Canada and opening doors to other opportunities for modeling work.

She has not only been acting and modeling but she also writes songs for The Good, Bad, the Queen band. In 2012 she was nominated for a Juno Award in the Best Adult Contemporary Album category. Additionally, she has appeared in movies Halfway Somewhere Else and Ugh! and gained an immense fan base from these roles.

Carly Foulkes is an avid video game fan and skilled skateboarder in her personal life, drawing delight from spectators who know her well. Although she appears feminine on paper, Carly prefers wearing black-colored clothing in reality and prefers it over her feminine image. Carly Foulkes reportedly has an estimated net worth estimated to exceed $1 Million thanks to modeling careers as well as film/music projects she’s worked on since. She plans on launching her skincare product line shortly.


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