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Carlacia Grant

Carlacia Grant: Actress, Model, Influencer

Carlacia Grant stars as Cleo in Outer Banks, and her character was recently elevated to regular status, meaning viewers will see more of Carlacia in future episodes.

Young actress Jayneah Coley has made appearances on television shows such as Roots, Game of Silence, and Greenleaf. With such impressive credentials behind her, she is bound for great things in the future.

Carlacia Grant’s Biography

Carlacia Grant is an acclaimed American actress known for appearing in multiple television series and movies. She first rose to prominence after making an appearance as Cleo in Outer Banks on Netflix; subsequent appearances have included Roots, Greenleaf, and Game of Silence as well as beauty pageant wins such as her sister Carlacia Grant herself!

The young actress is highly active on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok where she regularly shares photos and videos with her fans. On Instagram, she boasts over 1,5M followers where she regularly shares bold and glamorous posts while she is also known for posting lip sync and dance videos on TikTok.

Furthermore, this talented actress is an animal enthusiast and owns a pet dog; she frequently posts photos of him to social media accounts. Furthermore, she’s an avid traveler having explored different parts of the globe.

She remains single at present and is focused on her career. However, no information regarding her personal life has been made public to date; however, she frequently posts pictures with friends from ‘Outer Banks cast members on social media accounts such as Instagram. Additionally, she’s an avid volleyball and tennis player and regularly enjoys spending her spare time playing them both.

Carlacia Grant was born on January 18th, 1991, and is best known as an American actress, having featured in several televised series and movies. A former beauty pageant winner with an enormous social media following, Carlacia holds numerous beauty pageant victories.

As well as acting, she also models for several modeling agencies and has appeared in commercials for brands like Le Chic Couture, Lily Pulitzer, and Viola. Furthermore, she graduated from Uta Hagen’s Acting Technique and Eric Morris System programs.

Carlacia is an incredible Haitian-Jamaican actress and entrepreneur born and raised in the USA. As a Christian who follows family traditions, she works hard towards achieving her goals while encouraging young women and girls to follow their own. Carlacia has an extraordinary future ahead of her as an amazing and talented actress!

Carlacia Grant’s Acting Career

Carlacia Grant is an acclaimed American actress, model, television personality, theater artist, and social media influencer who has garnered widespread recognition through her exceptional acting abilities and modeling projects. Beginning her career as a theater actress before leaping to film and TV shows such as Roots (2016 TV Series), Grant first achieved widespread notoriety after her appearance. Since then she has gone on to star in other popular series such as Apollyon -The Black Awakening; Bae Night: The Little Black Book; Greenleaf on OWN; Game of Silence among many others.

Carlacia Grant was known as one of the premier models, modeling for Lily Pulitzer, Art of Shade, and Labella fashions among others. Born in Connecticut and raised in Coral Springs Florida where she completed high school education; Carlacia Grant began modeling at thirteen by competing in local beauty pageant competitions where she won Miss Junior Teen Miami Division before going on to represent Miami City at national pageants.

Carlacia Grant began her acting career by appearing in several stage plays and commercial advertisements. Additionally, she joined a popular dance team and has performed choreography for various artists and celebrities. Carlacia Grant is an exceptionally ambitious yet hardworking young lady, constantly striving to accomplish her goals in life.

Grant is currently involved with her latest project “Outer Banks”. She made her debut as part of season 2 as Cleo, the new Pogue character. Additionally, Grant appeared in one episode of The Resident (2021).

According to sources, Grant is earning a substantial income through her acting and modeling careers, yet prefers to keep both aspects of her life confidential; therefore she hasn’t made public their relationship status; preferring instead focusing solely on work.

Furthermore, this former beauty queen has kept herself healthy by exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet. Additionally, she is an animal enthusiast who finds great enjoyment in spending time with her dogs.

Carlacia Grant on Netflix

Carlacia Grant is a beautiful and tall young woman, known for her impeccable grooming. She boasts a toned yet slim body with dark brown eyes and black locks; Carlacia pays particular attention to diet and fitness workouts to remain slim. Carlacia currently stars as Cleo in Netflix’s Outer Banks Season 2 as she continues her modeling career.

Carlacia began modeling as a child. Since then she has appeared in commercials and modeled for fashion brands like Lily Pulitzer, Art of Shade, Le’Chic Couture, and Viola. Carlacia is well-known for having strong willpower and independence; she loves traveling a great deal while never giving up on her goals.

At an acting summer theatre camp in Texas, she made her acting debut as the lead in Robert Louis Stevenson’s play “Treasure Island.” Afterward, she trained at Esper Studios in New York. Since then she has appeared in multiple TV shows and movies; earning herself an immense following of fans! She has proven herself an extremely gifted actress.

In 2016, she made her breakthrough role on Roots as Irena, which earned her critical acclaim. Later, she appeared for eight episodes as Danielle Turner in the OWN series Greenleaf as well.

David Gordon-Larson had great praise for Grant’s performance in the series. He expressed that she is an outstanding actress with great promise who will become very popular over time; even giving her a role in his forthcoming film ‘The Miseducation of Cameron Post.

She has been extremely active on her social media accounts, regularly sharing pictures with the cast of Outer Banks. She enjoys an excellent on-screen relationship with them all. In addition, she has shared pictures with both her parents and sister.

She is currently unattached, preferring to focus on her career over anything else. Fans are eager to see more projects featuring this gifted actress who still has much potential in this arena.

Carlacia Grant’s Social Media

Carlacia Grant has amassed significant wealth through her acting career. Known for roles on popular tv series like Greenleaf, Headlines, and Apollyon – The Black Awakening; Carlacia Grant enjoys an enormous fan following on social media platforms including Instagram where she posts bold and glamorous pictures along with modeling content as well as advertising various beauty and fashion brands through her account; TikTok also plays an integral part in her lifestyle by posting lip sync dancing videos as well.

As a model, Grant has participated in multiple beauty pageants and won multiple titles and awards. She has worked with well-recognized agencies like Le Chic Couture, Lily Pulitzer, and Viola modeling agencies; also advertising campaigns with brands such as Pet Supermarket and Old Jamaican Ginger Beer. Furthermore, acting has also become her chosen career path.

Even though she’s new to the industry, the actress has quickly made a name for herself in her niche. She has appeared as multiple characters on popular tv shows such as Outer Banks and The Resident; also appeared in popular music videos “Ugly Duckling” and “Sick and Tired”.

Grant made her acting debut at age 13 with Treasure Island. Her breakthrough came with appearing as Irene in Roots (2016) mini-TV series Roots; since then she has played Danielle Turner in Greenleaf as well as Leesha from Game of Silence.

Carlacia Grant will make her Outer Banks debut this season as Cleo. Audiences have enjoyed watching her portrayal of this character; Outer Banks has provided many rising actors such as Carlacia with a platform.

Grant prefers to keep her personal life out of the public eye; currently single and unattached. A fitness buff, Grant keeps up a healthy diet. In addition, she is very active on social media sharing photos with the Outer Banks cast members.


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