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Calista Flockhart

Calista Flockhart: American Actress

Calista Flockhart is best known for her role in Ally McBeal, for which she received both a Golden Globe Award and three Emmy nominations. Additionally, she starred in Brothers and Sisters as well as Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream film adaptation.

She married Harrison Ford in 2010 and together they have a son named Liam. Since then she has taken time away from acting, including scaling down her involvement in Supergirl to recurring.

Calista Flockhart’s Biography

During her early years, Calista Flockhart played several small parts on television and Broadway. She made her television debut in 1989 with an episode of ‘Guiding Light’ and also starred in the stage productions ‘Beside Herself’, ‘Darrow’, and ‘Naked in New York’. In 1994, she appeared in the film ‘Quiz Show’ alongside John Turturro and Rob Morrow.

The year 1997 brought about a series of events that changed Calista Flockhart’s life. She was approached by David E. Kelley who asked her to audition for the starring role in his hit Fox television show Ally McBeal. Initially, she refused due to the contract that would be required of her, but she was eventually convinced to take the part.

Ally McBeal was the story of a Boston-based lawyer who believed in love and found herself in a constant state of relationship turmoil. She was portrayed as an overly sensitive and intelligent woman who had trouble letting go of the past and moving on with her life. Her character, Ally, was always searching for her soulmate and often had hallucinations about a dancing baby.

In the first season of Ally McBeal, we see her joining Cage and Fish law firm along with a colleague named Richard Fish (Greg Germann). Her first day at work is an emotional one because she realizes that her ex-boyfriend Billy Thomas (Gil Bellows) also works at the company. The trio’s professional and romantic relationships form the basis of most of the episodes in the first three seasons.

In the season four finale, Ally and Billy reconcile their feelings and begin dating. The relationship soon becomes complicated though because Ally’s other ex-boyfriend Glenn (played by Larry Paul) also works at the firm. The two couples compete for the attention of firm partner Nelle Vessey (Courtney Thorne-Smith). Nelle hires Ally to defend her father, Stephen (Wilson Cruz), against an extortion case. The sexy legal drama was the most popular show on television during its run and received critical acclaim. The cast included Lisa Nicole Carson as Ally’s roommate Renee Raddick and Jane Krakowski as her co-worker Elaine Vassal.

Calista Flockhart’s TV Series

Calista Flockhart first rose to fame as Ally McBeal on the Fox series of the same name; later she transitioned into the drama genre when Brothers & Sisters debuted on ABC’s prime time series that year and competed against Desperate Housewives. Flockhart played Kitty Walker McCallister – Sally Fields character Nora’s oldest daughter was played by Rachel Griffiths while Nora and Sarah McCallister (Sally Fields and Rachel Griffiths respectively) gave birth. Flockhart won both Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild nomination for her performances as Kitty Walker McCallister.

After making her New York stage debut in productions such as “Beside Herself” and “Wrong Turn at Lungfish,” Flockhart made her television debut in 1989 on an episode of Guiding Light. Subsequently, she appeared in TV movies such as Darrow”, Naked in New York”, and Getting In”, Darrow” before becoming one of Robert Redford’s major starring characters for Quiz Show (1994).

As illustrated by Nora and Kitty in Brothers & Sisters, siblings’ relationships can often be fraught. Theirs was no exception as each sister vied for attention from their respective parents (Sally Field and Rachel Griffiths respectively) throughout the series; tension escalated in its final season when Kitty started dating Kevin’s brother Scotty and exacerbated tension further between Nora and Kitty.

Though Kitty and Luc eventually parted ways, their final episode on May 11, 2011, saw Kitty announce she had found love with Luc and was now pregnant. Their relationship strained further when Rebecca experienced a miscarriage during Season 5.

As soon as Veronica Mars was canceled, Flockhart made guest appearances on Law & Order, Grey’s Anatomy, Lie to Me, and 30 Rock as an actress/writer; additionally, she is involved with Public Schools Arts charity and promotes breast cancer awareness as an activist voice against animal cruelty while advocating environmental causes.

Calista Flockhart’s Acting Career

Calista Flockhart returns to network television as Cat Grant on Supergirl, which stars Melissa Benoist. Based on DC Comics, Flockhart will bring a brand-new character onto the big screen; as well as reconnect with writer-executive producer Greg Berlanti – a longtime collaborator on Brothers & Sisters.

Benoist plays Kara Zor-El, who discovers she inherited her cousin Superman’s powers and decides to embrace her destiny as the hero of Planet Earth. Additionally, she works as an assistant of Cat Grant (Flockhart), an unafraid media magnate who made herself into an international media powerhouse by starting as a reporter before growing her company into a global power.

Flockhart will bring to the show her signature blend of a sardonic corporate climber with an Ally McBeal-like persona and Devil Wears Prada-esque sensibilities, creating a formidable opponent for Benoist’s Kara. Her character should provide ample opportunities for comedy — making for an exciting watch!

Supergirl was created by Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler for Warner Bros. Television and The CW and will debut its first season on Oct 10th on their respective networks.

Superpowers, role models, and success were topics of discussion during Melissa Benoist and Mehcad Brooks’s (Jimmy Olsen)’s sit-down interview with KPIX 5’s Frank Mallicoat in downtown SF’s studio for an interview on Supergirl. Both could barely conceal their excitement about its return in October!

This show follows an Earth-born cousin of Superman with extraordinary superhuman strength and speed who can fly, manifest wings, and project fire vision. She works at CatCo Media Conglomerate owned by Cat Grant (played by Flockhart in full Devil Wears Prada mode).

Flockhart had initially planned on being cast as a regular for the first season but was downgraded after production moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver. She has however been recast for The CW’s second season of Supergirl TV show.

Calista Flockhart’s Movies

Calista Flockhart, an American actress, has appeared in countless movies and TV shows over her long career, earning multiple acting awards along the way. Additionally, she and her husband Harrison Ford remain extremely discreet about their personal lives and raising their son Liam.

Before becoming known for her role as Ally McBeal, Flockhart made a living working as a waitress and doing theater and Broadway productions. Over time she would garner minor roles in several films and TV shows including Guiding Light soap opera. In 1989 she co-starred with Melissa Joan Hart in the Circle Repertory Theatre production of Beside Herself; that same year saw she make her film debut with Darrow; after appearing in other movies such as Naked in New York and Getting In, Robert Redford gave her one final big film role which would cement her status with him forever in Quiz Show.

She remains an acclaimed actress today, appearing in movies such as The Glass Menagerie and television series such as Brothers and Sisters and Supergirl. Furthermore, in her personal life she advocates for public school arts while acting as a national spokesperson for Peace Over Violence; furthermore supporting numerous charities.

In the early 90s, she met Harrison Ford and they soon married privately. Since their union, the couple welcomed Liam into their lives on January 21, 2001; recently seen attending his graduation from Amherst College.

Although Flockhart is a widely respected actress, she remains secretive regarding her personal life. Rarely interviewed and lacking social media accounts, she tends to spend weekends by the side of her husband. Additionally, Flockhart has participated in several charitable causes over time and supports breast cancer research initiatives.

Recently, it was announced that Flockhart will no longer appear in the final season of Supergirl; she will be replaced by Eliza Helm who will portray Cat Grant. At present it remains unknown if Flockhart will act in any additional projects.


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