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Bryana Holly

Bryana Holly: American Model and Influencer

Bryana Holly was born in Huntington Beach, California to Claudia her mother is famous as a Playboy Model known for her flawless body and attractive looks. She models for several prominent fashion brands and works with some reputable talent agencies such as One.1 in New York; No Ties Management in San Diego and Wilhelmina Models of Los Angeles/Miami.

Bryana Holly’s Biography

Bryana Holly is a gorgeous model known for her alluring figure. Beginning modeling at 14 and after being discovered by one of the top talent agents, Bryana began working for local brands before transitioning into larger projects such as Wilhelmina Models in Los Angeles/Miami and No Ties Management San Diego; additionally, she poses for various lingerie and bikini brands.

She graduated from Huntington Beach High School and is of American nationality, although details about her father remain unavailable at this time. Claudia is her mother’s name while there have yet to be any details released regarding his identity. Claudia enjoys traveling and exploring different parts of the world during her free time – she especially likes hanging out near oceans! Additionally, Claudia also has an eye for photography which often finds its way onto Instagram as posts by users.

Since 2017, she has been dating British actor Nicholas Hoult. They have managed to keep their romance private; only those closely following them know of it.

Recent posts feature her son in several social media photos. She even posted a sweet snap with an adorable message wishing her baby boy a happy first birthday!

She has previously dated celebrities such as Kim Kardashian’s brother Brody Jenner and Ashton Irwin from the 5 Seconds of Summer Pop band; however, their relationships did not last long.

Holly is a fitness enthusiast and strives to maintain her lean physique by visiting the gym four times each week and eating plenty of green vegetables.

A stunning hourglass body type and 5 feet 7 inches. She sports black hair and green eyes and has made waves online due to her irresistibly attractive looks and stunning physique. Lingerie and bikini shots posted to her Instagram account earned her many followers; additionally, she became the face of the Solkissed Lingerie brand as well as being featured in Fit for Fun lifestyle magazine.

Bryana Holly’s Social Media

Bryana Holly personifies “beauty with grace”. An American model and social media influencer, Bryana Holly is best known for appearing in Playboy and being one of the leading influencers on Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, she works as a brand ambassador for companies such as Reef, Carl’s Jr, and Rip Curl – where she earns money while becoming a brand ambassador. Through modeling career alone she has made millions and amassed numerous followers – becoming an international icon thanks to her incredible physique.

She has earned recognition through working with top modeling and talent agencies such as Wilhelmina Models Los Angeles/Miami, One. 1 New York, and No Ties Management Company (San Diego). Additionally, she modeled for Gypsum winter 2013-14 season catalog photoshoot as well as Zooshoo Fall 2013 lookbook shoots – and was even selected Instagram Girl of the Week by men’s magazine Maxim. Now with over 1.6 Million followers, she is well on her way toward success in this competitive industry!

Holly has had several relationships throughout her life. In 2015, she had a long-term relationship with actor Ashton Irwin that ultimately ended. Soon thereafter, in 2017, Holly began dating English actor Nicholas Hoult; this couple now shares one son and appears to be happy in their union.

Holly was born in Huntington Beach, California of Russian, Hawaiian, and Slovenian heritage and her family are huge supporters of her dreams. Unfortunately, she has yet to share much about them on the Internet; thus it remains unknown whether there are any siblings involved.

Holly graduated from an unidentified institute, although it remains unknown which field she majored in. But clearly, she must have done well as she has achieved great success as a model – having made millions through modeling contracts and endorsement deals, as well as by regularly posting bikini photos to Instagram!

Bryana Holly’s Personal Life

Bryana Holly, an American model and social media influencer with millions of followers on Instagram and other platforms such as social media accounts such as One.1, is well-known in her industry due to her stunning looks and seductive profile. She has worked for some of the top modeling agencies such as Wilhelmina Models, No Ties Management, and One.1 among others.

Holly has appeared on various television programs and advertisements. She has also been showcased by Playboy Magazine and other prominent publications.

Claudia has been a pivotal influence on her life, often appearing in photos posted to her Instagram account. Claudia has also performed charitable work by raising money for different causes – most recently raising almost $1000 within days for Aaliyah who was about to be euthanized. The campaign proved extremely successful.

Holly Hoult and British actor Nicholas Hoult have been in a relationship since March 2017. The couple prefers keeping their personal lives out of the limelight and seldom appear together publicly. Joaquin, their son together with Holly are very close. Holly also strongly supports the Black Lives Matter movement by posting political pieces regularly on her Instagram page.

Holly is not only an accomplished top model but an avid traveler as well, having visited many exotic locales throughout her lifetime. When not modeling or traveling she enjoys spending her free time at the beach while taking great pride in maintaining a slim and toned figure through regular workout sessions.

The lovely diva is also an animal lover and passionate surfer with an avid following on her social media pages where she regularly uploads photos of herself with her pets. Additionally, she frequently donates to various charities while being an inspiration to many for her positive attitude and sense of humor. Her fans regard her as an icon whom they look up to as a role model.

Bryana Holly’s Modeling Career

She has worked with some of the premier modeling agencies, known for her enviable figure and stunning pictures. This American beauty also participates in various projects and is in high demand as a lingerie model.

Holly began modeling at an early age, with support from both her mother and Wilhelmina Models in Los Angeles/Miami/San Diego providing the foundation she needs for success. At first, she modeled local brands but as her popularity grew she started receiving larger gigs with Wilhelmina in Los Angeles/Miami/San Diego as well as No Ties Management Company/No Ties Model Agency in San Diego; these representatives have her represented. Holly has appeared in retail advertisements such as Zooshoo’s Lookbook/Gypsum as well as commercial ads from Solkissed/Fede swimwear.

As a model, she is immensely successful, boasting over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, and regularly seen in bikini photos. Maxim magazine recognized her as their Instagram Girl of the Week in January 2015. Furthermore, this beauty is highly in demand for both lingerie and swimsuit shoots, having been hired by high-profile clients to pose.

She has been linked with 5 Seconds of Summer drummer Ashton Irwin since Christmas of 2014. They spent Christmas together that year, and the romance became publicized shortly thereafter. Additionally, she has been photographed alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

We can expect to see more of this beautiful and talented star in the coming years. Her talent and work ethic has propelled her into one of the industry’s brightest stars; no doubt her star will only continue rising through modeling’s ranks to become a household name. Her love of the beach lifestyle shows through in how she treats herself physically while taking great pride in her appearance; this young beauty also supports charitable organizations through her volunteerism efforts.


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