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Bojana Krsmanović

Bojana Krsmanović: Model and Entrepreneur

Bojana Krsmanović, better known by her moniker “Bo,” is a model and entrepreneur. She has collaborated with various brands and been featured on multiple magazine covers – Maxim among them!

She has also appeared in advertising campaigns for Guess and Lise Charmel. Known for her striking curves, she is well-known as an attractive model.

This stunning model is currently single and has yet to share information regarding her relationship status. She holds Serbian nationality and hails from a white ethnical background.

Bojana Krsmanović’s Biography

Bojana Krsmanović is a Serbian model making waves in the fashion world. She’s best known for posing in partially nude photoshoots and appearing on Maxim magazine covers; plus advertising work with brands like Guess and Intimissimi Winter.

Krsmanović was born on March 1 in Belgrade, Serbia. She attended the Univerzitet of Dzon Nezbit in her home city and graduated with honors in 2016. Maja Krsmanović , another Serbian fashion designer is her sister.

Krsmanović started modeling at 14 thanks to her supportive family who encouraged her to pursue her dreams, so she went for it. Since then she has worked with various designers and magazines – most notably being featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2016. Since then she has also appeared in several advertising campaigns for brands like Lise Charmel and Guess.

Krsmanović is the first Serbian model to appear in Sports Illustrated magazine and lists Irina Shayk as her favorite model from this publication. While other models such as Erika Costell, Cara Delevingne, and Chase Mattson may come to mind, Krsmanović stands out by having unique features and curves of her own that set her apart. Additionally, she’s an athletic beauty who has competed in several sporting competitions herself.

Bojana Krsmanović’s Modeling Career

Bojana Krsmanović stands 5′ 11″. As an alluring model, she has participated in many fashion shoots and advertising campaigns for brands such as Guess and Lise Charmel – making an impressive mark since starting modeling at 14! Now an established model, her career has flourished quickly since beginning her journey as an emerging model.

She maintains her shape through rigorous workout sessions, eating healthily, and regularly jogging. Her confidence shines in photos taken of her; always looking presentable!

Krsmanović’s family is very supportive of her career and goals. Maja Krsmanović , herself a fashion designer, serves as an invaluable source of guidance and inspiration. Krsmanović possesses an eye for style with many fans often likening her to Cindy Crawford, Cara Delevingne, or Emily Ratajkowski as icons she looks up to for style inspiration.

Young model Bo Fashion House has quickly amassed an enormous fan base on social media and her impressive net worth speaks of her hard work in building it up. Bo Fashion House was established with her partner, an entrepreneur. As founder and entrepreneur, she founded several businesses related to Bo Fashion House as well as several modeling agencies; its impressive net worth also speaks of their dedication. Working alongside several brands and modeling agencies (Maxim, Vogue, etc), as well as promotional activities with Intimissimi Winter and Guess fashion brands is evidenced in her dedication.

Bojana Krsmanović’s Net Worth

Bojana Krsmanović weighs in at 139 pounds. Her beautiful hourglass figure boasts full breasts and a slim waist, making her 32D bra size an excellent choice for bikini and lingerie photoshoots. Additionally, Bojana adheres to a healthy lifestyle by eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, running regularly, and regularly attending gym sessions.

Bo is a strong individual with an iron will. She used any bullying she received as a child regarding her height or thin frame as motivation to achieve success in modeling. Bo maintains an upbeat outlook about herself and always reminds her followers that all women are beautiful in their unique way, encouraging them to embrace their curves while remaining self-confident in whatever outfit they wear.

Krsmanović is both an entrepreneur and a professional model. She founded Bo Fashion House and appeared in various ad campaigns; Emily Ratajkowski is her friend, while Krsmanović reportedly has an estimated net worth of around $1.5 Million.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is very active on social media, sharing pictures of her travels and other fun activities with her fans. Although no details about her relationship status have been disclosed publicly, it is believed she remains single without any known partners.

Height and Weight

Bojana Krsmanović has become an established model, having appeared in advertisements for Guess and Lise Charmel. Most recently she made an appearance in Maxim’s April issue. Krsmanović is still going strong as her fans enjoy seeing pictures of her perfect body – standing 5 feet 11 inches with a weight of 63 kg she works out regularly to maintain it. She maintains it by working out four times weekly!

Krsmanović was born on March 1, 1992, in Belgrade, Serbia. She has an older sister Maja who works in fashion design. As a child she faced bullying due to her height and slim figure; instead of withdrawing into herself or crying she worked tirelessly towards realizing her dreams of becoming a model.

Krsmanović currently boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million and remains active in modeling. She is also a passionate philanthropist, participating in numerous charitable projects as well as her latest project–launching a clothing line for women–that her fans eagerly anticipate seeing more of. Unfortunately, she has kept her personal life private by not sharing pictures with any potential partners online yet; due to frequent travel for work, she may well be single at present.

Bojana Krsmanović’s Body Measurements

Bojana Krsmanović, a Serbian model who has appeared in ads for numerous fashion brands such as Guess and Lise Charmel, as well as appearing in Sports Illustrated’s 2016 swimsuit issue is an alluring beauty with a height of 5 feet 11 inches and weight of approximately 63 kg; her bust measurements measure 35 inches while waist 24 inches, hips are 36 inches; keeping her figure slim by attending the gym four times every week is key to keeping it trim and toned.

Born March 1st, 1992 to parents unknown and belonging to Caucasian ethnicity, she has one sibling known as Maja Krsmanović who also models.

Bojana’s parents support and encourage her career, and encourage her to work hard and maintain positive attitudes about life. Bojana serves as an excellent role model for young girls who wish to follow in her footsteps and pursue their ambitions.

Bojana was born in 1992 under the sign of Pisces. Her life path number is 7. Individuals on this path tend to pursue inner knowledge and self-awareness while seeking truth, while also exploring new ideas, and exploring what motivates others. Bojana uses her platform as a model to bring awareness to these aspects. She has collaborated with multiple fashion designers as well as appeared on several magazines covers like Maxim and Elle US.

Bojana Krsmanović’s Ethnicity

Bojana Krsmanović , better known by her nickname Bo, became an internationally acclaimed model and entrepreneur after appearing in Sports Illustrated’s 2016 Swimsuit issue. She founded Bo Fashion House and advertised for fashion brands such as Guess and Lise Charmel. Bo is supported by both supportive parents, with Maja Krsmanović serving as a fashion designer herself.

Krsmanović hasn’t shared much about her personal life on social media, but it appears she may be single. Due to a busy work schedule and regular travel for work purposes, maintaining relationships may prove challenging for her – yet as an accomplished model and entrepreneur, she will likely meet someone.

With many followers on Instagram eagerly waiting to know whether or not she has found love soon; we look forward to more updates shortly from Krsmanović – visit her official Instagram page (also found on Facebook and Twitter for more info) for more information visit her official Instagram page (also find her on Facebook and Twitter for further info)


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