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Blanca Soto

Blanca Soto: Mexican Actress and Beauty Queen

Blanca Soto is an actress and beauty queen best known for starring in the television dramas Eva Luna and Porque el Amor Manda and winning the Nuestra Belleza Mexico beauty contest in 1997. Additionally, Blanca Soto has appeared in Deep In The Valley and Regresa as an actor.

Christoper Esqueda entered her life shortly after her divorce from Jack Hartnett the previous year.

Blanca Soto’s Biography

Blanca Soto, born January 5, 1979, in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon is an actress and model best known for her roles in Eva Luna and Porque el Amor Manda telenovelas as well as Deep In The Valley and Regresa films. Blanca won the Nuestra Belleza Mexico beauty contest at age 18!

Soto was honored with the “Renacer Award”, an accolade bestowed annually upon former pageant winners for their efforts in upholding human values and the representation of Mexican women at beauty contests.

Erin is well-known for her appearances in advertisements for GAP, Venus Swimwear, LensCrafters, Avon, and Foleys. Additionally, she can be found in Billy Currington’s music video “Must Be Doin’ Something Right”. Erin has participated in stage plays as well as being an accomplished dancer.

Her first role as an actress came in La Vida Blanca, co-produced with then-husband Jack Hartnett. She won her first acting award for this performance – one she considered to be one of her finest moments – before going on to appear in several telenovelas and films such as Divina Confusion, Deep in the Valley, and Dinner for Schmucks.

Soto made her return to telenovelas in 2012, when she was cast as the lead of El Talisman: Resurrection by Juan Osorio and, later that same year, co-starred alongside Fernando Colunga in Porque el Amor Manda.

Blanca Soto is an exotically beautiful woman with raven locks who exudes life’s joys. As the heiress to a fortune amassed through modeling and acting careers, Blanca Soto possesses an estimated net worth of $10 Million. However, she prefers living an unassuming and modest lifestyle. Being Capricorn herself she holds herself accountable both in personal and professional relationships while always striving for excellence in both areas of life and work.

Filmography of Blanca Soto

Blanca Soto is an accomplished Mexican actress best known for her work in television, radio, and cinematic production. In 1997 she won the Nuestra Belleza Mundo Mexico beauty pageant title and became a beauty pageant titleholder.

Soto debuted as an actor with her co-produced short film ‘La Vida Blanca’, co-directed with ex-husband Jack Hartnett. Shortly thereafter, she made appearances in movies such as ‘Divina Confusion’, ‘Deep in the Valley’ and ‘Dinner for Schmucks in America; Venevision telenovelas such as Eva Luna Regresa El Talisman also featuring Soto as well. Finally, in 2011, Soto also appeared as Juan Osorio Telenovela Porque El Amor Manda.

As a model, Soto has appeared in music videos for artists including Billy Currington and Enrique Iglesias as well as endorsements for multiple brands such as GAP, LensCrafters, Avon Charriol Yellowbook Garnier Budweiser.

Soto has been married twice and is currently in a relationship with Fernando Colunga; both are set to star together in the upcoming telenovela “Malverde: The Patron Saint.”

Soto is a household name in Mexican media and enjoys an immense fan base across the nation. She has gained notoriety as an Instagram influencer with 8 million+ followers; on Facebook, she boasts millions of fans. Yet despite this fame she prefers keeping her private life under wraps; instead she devotes much time and love to spending quality time with her children.

TV Shows of Blanca Soto

Blanca Soto is a Mexican actress and model best known for her roles in telenovelas and movies as well as music videos and advertisements. Blanca won the Nuestra Belleza Mexico beauty pageant in 2010 as well as representing Mexico in international competitions. Blanca has been married twice and is a mother to two children.

Blanca Delfina Soto Benavides was born January 5, 1979, in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, and went on to win Miss Mexico World 1997 before transitioning into modeling and acting careers. Her first short movie La Vida Blanca co-produced by her ex-husband was produced as her start; since then, she has participated in movies like Divina Confusion and Deep in the Valley.

Soto has appeared in television shows like Love Rules and Eva Luna. Additionally, she has made appearances in music videos by Billy Currington and Enrique Iglesias and worked in advertisements for Lens Crafters, GAP, and Avon Venus Swimwear Andrea. Additionally, she produced I Won’t Be Your Mirror as well as served as executive producer on the 2013 short film Sovereign.

Soto is not only known for her acting but has also hosted various events. She has appeared as a guest on television programs such as The Wendy Williams Show and X Factor; radio shows including Radio America Latina and Todo Para la Mujer; her net worth stands at $10 Million thanks to her earnings as an actress and beauty pageant winner; she currently resides in Miami and has two children of her own.

Blanca Soto’s Personal Life

Blanca Soto was born on 5 January 1979 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon Mexico under a Capricorn zodiac sign and now counts herself among one of Mexico’s most beautiful women. Blanca won the Nuestra Belleza Mundo Mexico beauty pageant titleholder back in 1997.

Since her entrance into acting, Blanca has starred in multiple movies and telenovelas. Her initial success came with La Vida Blanca, co-produced with former spouse Jack Hartnett – which won her her first acting award! Subsequent films she appeared in include Divina Confusion, Deep in The Valley, and Dinner for Schmucks as supporting characters; Blanca also stands out with her work on popular telenovelas like Tampa Jai Alai Regresa Un Reino Sin Fronteras

Talented actress and dancer, Tierra Blanca’s dance company was founded by her in 1996. Over her career, she has danced with internationally acclaimed companies including Ballet Folklorico del Instituto Cultural Cabanas, Floricanto U.S.A, and Los Angeles Mexican Dance Company – in which she served as Director and Choreographer respectively.

Blanca, an exotically beautiful Mexican actress, has earned numerous awards and recognition in her film career, such as winning Best Actress at Festival Internacional de Cine del Pacifico 2008. Additionally, Blanca has found success as a fashion designer having designed for brands such as LensCrafters, GAP, Venus Swimwear Avon & Garnier.

Blanca has been married twice, both ending in divorce. Her first marriage lasted only eight months with Bill Holefelder before he died of Melanoma in 2004. Later she married actor and producer Jack Hartnett for five years but they eventually parted ways and began living apart again. Now, Blanca has found love again with Fernando Colunga from telenovelas; their chemistry on-screen makes their romance evident to media outlets worldwide.


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