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Top 33 Most Famous Black Models: Legends of the Runway

Black models have paved the way for change in the fashion industry by promoting acceptance and celebrating uniqueness through their work. The impact of their efforts cannot be overlooked as they continue to push for more diversity and inclusivity within an industry that has long been considered exclusive. Their contribution deserves recognition and appreciation.

Fashion has historically been notoriously inaccessible to Black models, yet recent gains toward inclusivity have meant they now receive recognition and success on the runway. Naomi Campbell to South Sudanese beauty Jourdan Dunn are just some of the trailblazing Black models who revolutionized fashion – we honor them here!

Brandford Models was one of the first modeling agencies dedicated to representing Black models when it was established in 1946. One of its founders included Bethann Hardison – an iconic supermodel and modeling scout at that time.

33 Most Beautiful Black Models

Diversity and inclusion are vital factors contributing to the growth of today’s ever-changing fashion world where equal representation is celebrated daily. Black female models continue to symbolize these pillars by defying conventional beauty standards with their unparalleled gracefulness, charm, charisma, and exceptional style on various runways worldwide. We take time today to commemorate the achievements of 33 outstanding black female models who’ve successfully inspired people globally creating change in generations yet unborn.

Naomi Campbell

At the beginning of our roster stands one of fashion’s most significant icons- Naomi Campbell- who has changed modeling forever with her game-changing contributions. Her striking allure, undaunted confidence on runways around the world, and unparalleled flexibility have secured her place as an incomparable figure in fashion.

Tyra Banks

Not only did Tyra Banks stun the industry with her remarkable looks. But she also propelled change by becoming an iconic figure and breaking barriers. As a result of being the very first African American woman to feature in top-tier magazines including Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret catalog.

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn captivated the fashion scene with her fresh vibe. Her sparkling smile, impeccable complexion, and innate talent to effortlessly nail both chic couture and urban attire have garnered her widespread recognition.

Alek Wek

Alek Wek’s exceptional physical appearance goes against what society typically defines as beauty. Her striking features, including her rich skin coloration and bald head, have made waves in the fashion industry and offer encouragement to those who aspire to join it.


The majestic aura and timeless allure of Iman have earned her a well-deserved place among the fashion elite. Her breakthrough as one of the inaugural black supermodels was instrumental in creating positive change in the industry empowering individuals to break down barriers and follow their dreams.

Joan Smalls

Notable for her elegance, confidence, and commanding runway presence Joan Smalls is a formidable figure in the modeling industry. Born to Puerto Rican and African parents. Her diverse heritage brings a unique richness to her work and has undoubtedly helped shape her influence.

Liya Kebede

Beyond her notable supermodel success, Liya Kebede’s efforts to raise awareness for maternal health and her Ethiopian heritage have earned her global admiration as a role model.

Duckie Thot

Duckie Thot has been noticed by major fashion brands for her striking features and glowing complexion. Her ascent to prominence owes much to her prominent social media following, which demonstrates the potential of digital platforms in modeling.

Grace Mahary

Through a combination of grace and individuality, Grace Mahary has landed illustrious modeling gigs for top-tier designers found on runways as well as well-known advertisements. Her unique look is matched by the richness of her ancestral background from Eritrea which enriches her profile even more strongly. Additionally, Grace’s involvement in social activism exemplifies not only devotion towards fashion but also simultaneously an effort for positive contributions within society.

Maria Borges

With her decision to wear her natural hair for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Maria Borges paved the way for change in an industry that has long prioritized Eurocentric beauty ideals. She has since become a beloved role model. Thanks in large part to her unwavering confidence and passionate advocacy for self-love.

Winnie Harlow

Recognized for her unique vitiligo pattern, Winnie Harlow embodies the spirit of empowerment and self-love. Her success has transcended expectations and broken down societal beauty norms, encouraging numerous individuals to celebrate their distinct features.

Adwoa Aboah

Adwoa Aboah’s striking appearance – highlighted by freckles and a shaved head – has helped her become a top model. However, she uses her platform to make a difference beyond fashion. Through Gurls Talk, she advocates for mental health awareness and fosters confidence.

Leomie Anderson

Leomie Anderson has cemented herself as one of today’s top sought-after models not only for her striking beauty but also due to her powerful persona that shines through on every runway appearance. However, what sets her apart from other supermodels is how she uses her influence positively to inspire future generations of female leaders through “Role Models.” With this initiative. She equips young women globally with confidence by imparting tools necessary for their success despite prevailing societal challenges they may encounter along their journey toward becoming role models themselves.

Ajak Deng

From enduring hardships in the confines of a refugee camp in South Sudan to achieving an almost mythic status by captivating audiences on some of the planet’s most prestigious runways Ajak Deng embodies what it means to possess fierce determination and unwavering resolve. With incomparable beauty and unwavering confidence. She has left indelible impressions on those who have witnessed her unparalleled magnetism.

Chanel Iman

Chanel Imans’ stunning features and elegant allure have endeared her to both designers and photographers. Her noteworthy collaborations with top-tier brands have established her as a veritable fashion icon.

Jasmine Tookes

It’s no secret that Jasmine Tookes is breaking barriers in fashion. As one of only three black models to ever wear Victoria’s’ Secret’s famed Fantasy Bra. She is blazing trails like never before. Her stunningly beautiful presence and steadfast dedication to spreading messages of body positivity serve as a beacon of hope for budding young models.

Alecia Morais

Alecia Morais’ captivating beauty and commanding stature have earned her a spotlight in multiple runway shows and fashion advertisements. Her inclusion in the industry is a significant step towards encouraging diversity and inclusivity.

Herieth Paul

Tanzania’s own Herieth Paul exudes a striking natural allure and unwavering self-assurance. Her stunning smile and adaptable appearance have earned her coveted spots on the covers of top-tier publications, not to mention walks down the catwalks of esteemed fashion houses.

Beverly Johnson

Hats off to Beverly Johnson – she created history by becoming Vogue’s first ever African American cover girl that will remain etched in our memories forever! Her legacy is a source of empowerment and inspiration to upcoming models who aspire to break through barriers in their careers. There’s no doubt that she stands tall amongst industry stalwarts as an influential symbol of diversity and inclusion.

Anok Yai

Admiration is due to Anok Yai’s exquisite attributes and compelling charm that have thrust her into the uppermost tiers of fashion. Endowed with the distinction of being an African-American model inaugurating high-profile fashion events, she stands resolute in advancing inclusiveness.

Grace Jones

Grace Jones’ unparalleled style sense alongside an unflinching attitude have rightfully made her an icon of fashion. Strikingly enough, she redefined the industry with her radical approach during the late seventies to eighties era. Despite originally establishing herself in modeling circuits, it’s essential to acknowledge that her reach further extended into areas like music, film, and art.

Jasmine Sanders

Gaining widespread recognition under the moniker “Golden Barbie,” Jasmine Sanders embodies both sophistication and charm. Her active engagement on social media outlets combined with successful partnerships alongside top-tier companies has catapulted her to the forefront of the modeling scene.

Yasmin Warsame

From Somalia originally, Yasmin Warsame made headlines when she became the inaugural African-born individual selected to represent Estée Lauder as a model. Her captivating looks and intelligence have rightfully positioned her as an inspiring symbol for young hopefuls in the modeling industry.

Ajuma Nasenyana

Ajuma Nasenyana, a Kenyan woman, challenges conventional beauty standards with her striking dark complexion and expressive facial features. It is admirable to see her wholeheartedly committed to promoting African beauty and empowering young girls through the foundation she has established.

Karen Alexander

The elegance and allure possessed by Karen Alexander are nothing short of timeless. These attributes propelled her toward great success as a model back in the 1980s. In breaking barriers, as one of only a few black models at that time, she paved new roads for increased inclusivity within this line of work.

Veronica Webb

The world of modeling during the 1990s was not without its barriers – but Veronica Webb worked hard to shatter them all. With grace and poise that captivated audiences everywhere she went she showed us all what is possible with determination and dedication. By signing on as the very first black model to hold a major cosmetics contract she proved that anything is possible with persistence. Her legacy has inspired countless young women throughout history ever since!

Aamito Lagum

Aamito Lagum’s distinct features, like her striking gaze and elevated cheek structure, have earned her a place among the most sought-after faces in worldwide fashion shows. Her rise demonstrates the mounting call for diversity and inclusion within the beauty industry.

Sessilee Lopez

Sessilee Lopez’s outstanding personality and ability to adapt have earned her a prestigious position in the fashion world amongst the top models. Her boundary-pushing editorials and electrifying runway appearances have transcended through time, making an unforgettable mark.

Karly Loyce

Renowned fashion houses have taken notice of Karly Loyce’s enchanting beauty and unique features. Her ability to succeed as a black model in the industry is a testament to the growing demand for diversity.

Anais Mali

The modeling industry holds Anais Mali in high esteem for both her effortless style and undeniable beauty. Her ability to adapt to diverse fashion genres is enhanced by her diverse heritage, making her a popular choice among clients seeking exceptional talent.

Melodie Monrose

The modeling scene has been forever changed by Melodie Monrose’s entrancing allure and unique background hailing from the Caribbean. With her magnetic presence and captivating vivacity, she remains an esteemed favorite among fashion designers and enthusiasts.

Adut Akech

Adut Akechs’ remarkable features and undeniable charisma have propelled her to the forefront of the fashion industry. But what truly distinguishes her from others is the tremendous effort she invests in empowering young women through education. Hailing from South Sudan. She commands immense respect for being an outstanding role model for countless girls worldwide who cherish dreams of achieving success like hers.

Precious Lee

Precious Lee is part of an increasing number of curvier models making an impression in fashion. She’s signed with IMG’s esteemed modeling agency and champions diversity through fashion; walking runways for Balmain, Savage X Fenty by Rihanna, and Drake/21 Savage’s video “Spin Bout U.”


As we recognize the respective achievements of each one among them, these amazing & talented women represent something bigger- a brighter future for all aspiring talents across different spheres within Fashion. They challenged long-standing norms regarding conventional feminine beauty ideals with great finesse, breaking down barriers with courage persistently across boundaries. Thus, it remains pertinent that as we pause to honor their significant innovations, we sustain our commitment to empowering Black Models so that many more gorgeous faces can proudly join this vibrant community.


Following the fashion trends and celebrities across the globe. I love writing about inspirational figures in entertainment industry. Apart from blogging over 10 years, I work as an event host in California. Feel free to reach out for any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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