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Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson: Actress, Voice Actor, Producer

Ashley Johnson is a renowned actress, voice actor, and producer known for her roles in video games, television shows, movies, and other media platforms. Additionally, she founded Critical Role – an innovative independent media company dedicated to world-building and storytelling – where she holds her role as one of its founding members.

She played Ellie in The Last of Us video game series and has participated in the Critical Role Twitch show and podcast to play Dungeons & Dragons with friends.

Ashley Johnson’s Biography

Ashley Johnson is a talented actress with extensive experience in film, TV, and voice acting. She has appeared as FBI Forensic Specialist Patterson on NBC’s Blindspot and Gracie Wallace in ABC’s sitcom Maybe This Time; in video games such as Ellie in The Last of Us franchise, Gordys in Tales From the Borderlands and Teen Titans/Go! Terra/Terra in Teen Titans/Ten Titans Go! Gwen Tennyson/Petra (Minecraft Storymode/Minecraft Storymode/Gracess) or various animated shows/movies including Petra in Minecraft Storymode/Grace Recess plus various Nintendo games!

She is an active artist specializing in painting and drawing. Her art has been showcased at many exhibitions and publications, including a solo show at Flight Gallery in Buffalo. Additionally, she participated in the Buffalo Art Walk as well as Albright Knox’s Public Art Initiative during the Covid-19 lockdown, working out of her Buffalo studio from where they provide one-on-one coaching to other artists.

Ashley loves playing games with her friends and hosting her dungeon master roleplaying show on Geek and Sundry. Ashley is a big Star Wars fan and speaks both fluent Spanish and French fluently, singing her way around French class at school while taking classical piano lessons; additionally, she can play violin and guitar!

Ashley is both an actor and voiceover artist but also runs her own photography company called Infinity Pictures. With an immense passion for travel, Ashley has visited over 40 countries – she even shares an older sister named Haylie who was previously an actress!

Ashley began acting at an early age, starting in television shows at six. She first gained fame acting in the ABC sitcom Growing Pains from 1990-1992 as Chrissy Seaver before going on to star in both Returns of the Seavers and Phenom for one season each. Since then she has appeared in various films and TV series such as Drunk History, Fast Food Nation, What Women Want and The Avengers among many more.

Ashley Johnson’s Filmography

Ashley Johnson began acting at an early age and has starred in countless films and TV shows since. She has played various characters over time and provided voice acting services for video games, TV shows, movies, and animation projects. Ashley can often be found playing recurring characters like Blindspot on NBC as well as appearing in Dollhouse Dirt Drunk History What Women Want Richard Linklater Fast Food Nation Richard Whedon Much Ado About Nothing among others; moreover, she’s appeared in Crazy Love (2007), and Roswell FM (2013) films as well.

In that movie, she plays Claire – a waitress at a radio station in Roswell, New Mexico – a supporting role. Additionally, there are deleted scenes that expand upon Claire’s character’s story arc on the Blu-ray edition. Furthermore, she has had roles in films based on books or novels.

Ashley has long been known for her outstanding voice-acting work on various television and video game shows. She provided the voices for numerous characters including Ellie in The Last of Us franchise and its sequels; Gwen Tennyson in Ben 10 Alien Force; Terra in Teen Titans Go! and Omniverse; Petra in Minecraft Story Mode and Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10 Alien Force as well as Petra from Minecraft Story Mode; King of the Hill’s Gretchen Grundler from Recess; among other animated shows.

She also provides voice-acting services for video game franchises like Skylanders and Disney Infinity. Her YouTube channel boasts an enormous fan base where she regularly does voice work for popular games such as Skylanders or Infinity.

Ashley is also an acclaimed musician with her own production company called Infinity Pictures. She plays violin and piano as well as singing. Ashley regularly posts her music to Soundcloud where it can be found, and plays alongside Haylie – her older sister and successful actress!

Ashley Johnson‘s TV Shows

Ashley Johnson has been acting since she was a young girl and it’s evident that she is highly skilled at her craft. She has acted in numerous films, TV shows, and video games; in 1991-1993 alone she received three Young Artist Award nominations from 1991 to 1993 for her performances in Growing Pains TV show; other film and TV appearances include Lionheart (1987), Nine Months (1995), and What Women Want (2000).

Her career as an actor has expanded to encompass voice work. She has appeared as numerous voices on TV shows and video games such as Ellie in The Last of Us series, Gordys from Tales from the Borderlands, Terra from Teen Titans Go! and Ben 10 Omniverse as well as Gwen Tennyson in Ben 10 Alien Force/ Omniverse/ Tulip from Infinity Train/Petra from Minecraft Story Mode among many other projects. Additionally, she provides Gretchen Grundler’s voice in Recess as well as appearances on NBC Blindspot/Drunk History among many other projects.

Johnson voices several prominent roles on TV and web series such as Hulu’s Spooked web series; Alhambra and Dead of Winter from TableTop board gaming video series; Pike Trickfoot from Critical Role media company’s flagship show and its companion podcast Talks Machina respectively; Yasha Nydoorin in Talks Machina by Critical Role media company’s flagship show/podcast Talks Machina respectively. Her musical background includes playing violin, piano, and guitar as well as learning ukulele for practice purposes.

Ashley is best known for her role as Ellie in The Last of Us video game series, where she brought an amazing amount of emotion to the role. Fans were deeply moved by her performance. Unfortunately due to age she can no longer perform it herself but seems happy that Bella Ramsey was able to assume it in her place.

Johnson is undeniably beloved among her fans and will always live on in their hearts even after she no longer plays Ellie in a major role on screen.

Ashley Johnson’s Voice Acting

Ashley Suzanne Johnson first gained prominence for her two-season role as Chrissy Seaver on Growing Pains but quickly established herself as an impressive voice actress. Notable roles she’s voiced include Ellie in The Last of Us video game franchise and sequel; Gretchen Grundler from Recess; Peter Shepherd in Jumanji animated series; Terra in Teen Titans Go!; Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10 franchise and Tulip Olsen/MT from Infinity Train.

Johnson has provided both voice and motion capture for numerous characters in Triple-A video games, providing her versatile voice to portray various personalities and genres, from serious drama to quirky humor or tomboyish charm. Johnson excels at portraying strong female leads such as Terra and Ellie – their performances were especially noteworthy.

Johnson can currently be seen portraying Morgan from Geek and Sundry’s web series “Spooked”, while she also remains an active participant of Dungeons & Dragons at Critical Role – their weekly sessions often bring laughter as they craft stories in Exandria!

Johnson has continued playing Critical Role via Skype or when back in Los Angeles; even creating hilarious one-shots such as the incredible “Telephone.”

Johnson is not only known for her acting and voice work but is also an accomplished musician who excels at violin, piano, guitar, and cello. She maintains her music studio at home as well as performing regularly live.


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