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Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter: Actress, Singer, Voice Actress

Ariel Winter, who plays Alex Dunphy on Modern Family, is also an acclaimed singer and voice actress. She has been working in this industry since she was only two years old – becoming highly successful during such an early timeframe.

She has appeared in several films such as Duress, Opposite Day, Nic & Tristan Go Mega Dega and One Missed Call as a leading lady or voice actor. Additionally, she provided voices for Phineas & Ferb and Sofia the First animated television shows and movies.

Ariel Winter’s Biography

Ariel Winter, an extraordinarily talented American actress, singer, and voice actress who has attracted international acclaim at an astoundingly young age, is best known for her portrayal of Alex Dunphy in Modern Family as well as appearing in numerous other movies and TV series.

Born in 1998 to Chrisoula and Glenn Workman, Winter Workman is one of three siblings: actors Shanelle Workman and Jimmy Workman as well as being of Greek and German heritage. A prominent feminist and body positivity advocate, Winter has spoken out against body shaming while opening up about her experiences with it herself as well as discussing depression openly.

In 2012, she found herself locked in a custody dispute with her mother and sought protection through the Department of Child and Family Services after alleging emotional and physical abuse at her mother’s hands. Her sister eventually was appointed guardian.

Apart from acting, she has also contributed her voice to several animated productions. For instance, she voices Sofia the First in Disney Junior as well as Penny Peterson from Mr. Peabody and Sherman (2014).

She has also made appearances in television series, such as One Life to Live, Nip/Tuck, Crossing Jordan, and Criminal Minds, in addition to many film roles including Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Speed Racer Duress, and Opposite Day.

Winter is an avid reader with a strong drive to learn new things. She is environmentally aware and often speaks about the need to protect the earth. Additionally, Winter practices taekwondo.

Winter has had several relationships throughout her life. She previously dated actor Levi Meaden, 11 years her senior. After they parted ways in 2016, Winter went on to date actor Laurent Claude Gaudette until their relationship fizzled out and they ultimately separated in 2016. Additionally, Winter is known for being outspoken against social media trolls who target her for her appearance and body image on social media; these attacks she’s strongly condemned as well. Recently though she moved out of Los Angeles but continues acting projects.

Ariel Winter’s Net Worth

Ariel Winter has made waves in Hollywood with her acting prowess and has become an inspirational figure for her fans and advocates for body positivity and mental health awareness. Her story proves that success doesn’t rely on height or weight alone but rather on talent, determination, and hard work ethic – as evidenced by Ariel’s success story.

Ariel was born January 28, 1998, in Fairfax, Virginia to parents of Greek and German heritage and adheres to Greek Orthodox faith. At just four years old she made her acting debut in a Cool Whip commercial – quickly going on to become one of the most acclaimed child actors ever with recurring roles on shows such as Listen Up!, ER, and Freddie; additionally beginning work as a voice actress on Robot Chicken and Phineas and Ferb.

In 2017, she made headlines as the star of The Smurfs: The Lost Village, earning over $197 million at the box office – surpassing its $60 million production budget! Additionally, she guest starred on television series such as Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

Ariel Winter can currently be seen on the Fox reality show Stars on Mars, pitting celebrities against each other in various challenges for a cash prize pool of $12 Million. Ariel has an estimated net worth of $20 Million.

Over the years, she has made several investments. In 2016, she purchased a Sherman Oaks home for $1.5 million; then in 2021, a Studio City mansion at an asking price of $2.8 million.

Star has been working tirelessly to establish her name in Hollywood and she is quickly emerging as one of its brightest lights. Looking ahead, she plans to broaden her horizons through movies and TV shows – including Zombieland Double Tap where she will play Maggie (a zombie slayer).

Ariel Winter’s Movies

Ariel Winter is an emerging talent who is steadily making her mark on Hollywood royalty. Beginning her acting career with small roles on ER, Bones, and Nip/Tuck TV series before landing the role of Alex Dunphy on Modern Family – she has also appeared in movies such as Duress, Opposite Day, and Speed Racer among many others.

Winter has seen great success as a voice actress in her career. She has provided voices for various animated productions such as the Ice Age series, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and ParaNorman as well as lending her talents for Disney shows such as Sofia the First and most recently the hit film Mr. Peabody & Sherman.

Ariel Winter has made several short films over her career that showcase her acting talent and storytelling ability, not unlike some of her larger projects. While these shorts may not reach as wide an audience, they nevertheless demonstrate her acting chops and her storytelling prowess.

Some of her most widely watched short films include A Girl Named Christmas, Ariel’s Gift, and award-winning The Best Thing About Me. Ariel’s Gift follows the journey of a teenage girl as she attempts to navigate an uneasy relationship with her new stepmother; nominated for an Emmy award and won the Shorty Award for Best Short Comedy at Cannes this year; currently, it has amassed over three million views on YouTube alone!

One of the many unique aspects of Ariel Winter is her remarkable talent as both an actress and a singer. She has posted multiple songs and covers to YouTube, becoming a popular choice for voice actors seeking someone to sing the soundtrack for their projects.

Ariel Winter is a passionate activist, involved with various charities and organizations such as No Kid Hungry, GLSEN and WWE’s Be A Star anti-bullying initiative. Additionally, Winter regularly shares advice for living a healthier lifestyle as well as inspiring young people to pursue their goals through social media posts such as hers.

Ariel Winter’s Personal Life

Actress Ariel Winter is best known for her portrayal of Alex Dunphy on the hit TV series Modern Family. Additionally, she has appeared in other shows and movies, such as Disney animated series Sofia the First and Opposite Day. Additionally, Ariel Winter advocates for animal rights while openly sharing her struggles with depression and addiction.

Ariel Winter leads an active social life outside of acting, boasting numerous Instagram followers who love following her adventures and attending red-carpet events where her unique looks often turn heads.

She has become known for wearing bold outfits ranging from black leather pants to floor-length gowns, including breathtaking strapless gowns at events like the Golden Globes that showcased her incredible curves, as well as at events like Girl Up GirlHero Awards with just a hint of cleavage showing through. In 2014 she stunned attendees at both ceremonies wearing stunningly striking attire – from black leather pants and floor-length gowns to floor-length gowns! In 2014 she made an impactful entrance at both awards shows, stunning everyone at both events by wearing strapless dresses which showcased her jaw-dropping curves front and center while making an entrance at both events. She did just that year at both awards shows with blue gowns which displayed just enough skin for viewers who were watching from home!

Winter has also been very active in the music scene, singing backup for various artists as well as releasing several albums of her music. Additionally, she is passionate about animals and actively involved with several dog rescue groups; even creating her own Facebook page where she posts pictures of homeless canines she helps find new homes for.

Ariel Winter has had various relationships but has yet to settle down. Recently she spoke out about leaving Los Angeles to live a quieter life away from the paparazzi and their flashing cameras. In an interview with Julie Bowen (her onscreen mom), Winter revealed her desire for change: she wanted more privacy from being constantly scrutinized by media sources.

Ariel Winter was born January 28, 1998, in Fairfax, Virginia to Chrisoula and Glenn Workman; her older sister Shanelle Workman Gray. Ariel began acting at an early age and quickly received praise for her performances; by 2010 she made headlines by becoming one of the main cast members on ABC sitcom Modern Family; for which she received four Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations for this role.


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