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Arianne Zucker

Arianne Zucker: Actress, Model, Singer

Arianne Zucker is best known for her longstanding role as Nicole Walker on NBC’s Emmy award-winning soap opera Days of Our Lives since 1998.

Arianne is also an accomplished model, having booked several national commercials including Mazda and McDonald’s.

She boasts an incredible physique which shows she takes great care to maintain healthy living practices and workout regularly.

Arianne Zucker’s Biography

Arianne Zucker, three-time Daytime Emmy nominee, and Soap Opera Digest award recipient, is best known for playing Nicole Walker on NBC’s Day of Our Lives since 1998 – becoming a Soap Opera Digest award winner along the way. Additionally, she serves on the board of an independent theater company that creates opportunities for actors, playwrights, designers, and technicians to express themselves creatively via original playwriting.

Arianne has made appearances in several films such as Looking for Bobby D, The Last Resort and Mommy Be Mine; as well as television series such as CSI-Miami, De-Vanity Ex-Wife, and Web Cam Girls. With an estimated net worth of $6 Million, she prefers leading an affordable lifestyle.

Arianne began modeling at sixteen, after being discovered by It Models and traveling worldwide to Paris, Australia, Japan, and New York City. While attending Chatsworth High School she booked several commercials as well as taking acting classes at Pierce College and then Howard Fine Studio before finally graduating and taking more acting courses there.

In 2002, she married Kyle Lowder (Brady Black on Days of Our Lives). Although they initially separated in 2007, they reconciled in 2008 and produced one daughter together: Isabella Reese Lowder. However, on March 14, 2014, they announced their separation.

Arianne has also been active in charitable efforts and mentoring young actors through The Virtual Theatre Project, a non-profit that gives emerging artists opportunities to showcase their work through original playwriting and production. Arianne has always had an affinity for animal welfare issues; for 15 years now she has been vegan while supporting several animal protection organizations based out of Los Angeles where she currently resides with Buddy and Charlie her two beloved pups.

Arianne Zucker’s Net Worth

Arianne Zucker is a well-renowned American actress who has been part of the industry for more than two decades. She first gained notoriety as Nicole Walker on the Days of Our Lives soap opera and since has earned multiple awards and nominations for her performances, appearing in various television shows and movies as a model as well. According to Forbes estimates in 2017, her net worth stood at approximately $6 Million.

Arianne was born in Northridge, California to Barbara and Barry and raised as part of a Jewish family. After attending Chatsworth High School she pursued further study at Los Angeles Pierce College and Howard Fine Studio to further advance her acting career.

She is most well-known for her portrayal of Nicole Walker on the NBC show Days of Our Lives since 1998; this role earned her numerous awards and nominations including three Daytime Emmy Awards. In addition, she has appeared in various movies like Looking Bobby D, The Last Resort, and The Contractor.

Arianne Zucker has been married twice. In 2002, she first tied the knot with Kyle Lowder – known as Brady Black on TV series 24 – before they separated and reconciled again between 2007 and 2008. Together they had one daughter before officially divorcing in 2014.

Arianne Zucker has recently begun dating Shawn Christian, who plays Will Horton on the CW series Survivors Remorse. They can often be found spending time together and supporting each other’s work; furthermore, the two have taken part in charitable efforts together such as building houses for Hurricane Katrina victims.

Arianne Zucker is an inspiring actress who has dedicated herself to realizing her dreams. A fierce advocate of women’s rights and using her platform for various causes, Arianne is also known for her dedication to acting – something her fans adore her for! Her success and fan following have made her a beloved actress with a large following – truly making her an example for other aspiring actors to strive towards.

Arianne Zucker’s Career

Arianne Zucker is an American actress, model, singer, and podcaster best known for her portrayal of Nicole Walker on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives (she received three Daytime Emmy nominations). Additionally, Arianne is well-recognized as a podcaster; having been active in her field for more than two decades.

At 16 she began modeling, working in France, Australia, Japan, and New York City among others. Additionally, she booked several national and international commercials while co-founding Arrow-Heart Adventure Camps (a non-profit organization that strives to help teens realize their full potential) with her brother Todd.

She was born in Northridge, California, and raised in Chatsworth. Her family is middle class; Barbara Zucker is a lab technologist while Barry Zucker is a plumber – both had one brother named Todd whom they raised together. She attended Chatsworth High School before enrolling at Los Angeles Pierce College and Howard Fine Studio to further pursue acting studies.

As part of her school experience, she served as a cheerleader and made appearances in numerous commercials on TV. Following school, she auditioned for Nicole Walker on Days of Our Lives television show where she successfully received the role and has since then been working on it since 1998.

Arianne boasts gorgeous curly blonde locks which she wears in long waves. She boasts an infectious laugh, loves making people laugh, is an exceptional listener, and strives to uplift others through positive thinking and listening skills.

She enjoys a vast following on social media, with 100k Instagram followers. Currently, she is dating actor Shawn Christian; they share one son named Kameron. Before that, she was in a relationship with Kyle Lowder (an actor on Days of Our Lives) which resulted in their marriage (married in 2002 and divorced in 2014). They had one daughter together named Isabella Lowder.

Arianne Zucker’s Body Measurements

Arianne Zucker is an American actress, model, and voice-over artist best known for her role on NBC’s daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives as Nicole Walker since 1998; earning three Daytime Emmy nominations along the way. Additionally, she was once a fashion model before making television commercial appearances.

Born and raised in Northridge, California, she attended Chatsworth High School before enrolling at Howard Film Studio to study acting. Since 1992 she has appeared in numerous films and television shows such as Looking Bobby D, The Last Resort, Mommy Be Mine, and Web Cam Girls Ex-Wife Nightmare.

Apart from her acting career, she enjoys practicing karate and holds a green belt in Taekwondo. Additionally, she supports animal rights as a vegetarian, enjoys music (particularly the rock and roll genre), has many musical friends, and supports animal rights advocacy.

Her height stands at 5 ft 9 inches and she weighs in at 132 pounds. Her bra size is 34B while she wears shoe size 10 US; she possesses blonde locks and blue eyes and was born on 3 June 1974 with the zodiac sign Gemini.

Arianne Lowder was married twice and is the mother of Isabella Reese Lowder. Arianne began dating actor Michael Dietz in 1997 before later marrying Days of Our Lives co-actor Kyle Lowder in 2002; their separation was temporary; however, they eventually divorced each other in March 2014. Arianne is currently dating actor Shawn Christian.

Arianne has chosen life path number three. This number symbolizes creativity, inspiration, and communication skills as well as her social butterfly personality; this suggests she enjoys people and enjoys acting roles naturally. Arianne enjoys yoga, hiking, and playing the guitar as hobbies. We look forward to seeing what comes her way as we anticipate more movies and television shows featuring this talented actress!


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